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Publication numberUS1866048 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1932
Filing dateSep 24, 1930
Priority dateSep 24, 1930
Publication numberUS 1866048 A, US 1866048A, US-A-1866048, US1866048 A, US1866048A
InventorsMarine Field R
Original AssigneeMarine Field R
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Protective device
US 1866048 A
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F. R. MARINE 1,866,048


Filed Sept. 24, 1930 l I s i l i HAS ATTQRNEY,

Patented July 5, 1932 n..mnmn or" anni, INDIANA 1 i rnoirncrrvn nnvrrcn nppneatmnmed september 24,1;93of'segia1n. 484,226.

`This invention :relates to lcertainnovel improvements `1n protective devices, and has for its principal object the provision of an n1` .proved construction of this rcharacter which 5y will `be highly ieicient inuse and economical @in manufacture.

It is `among the several objects vof this invention to provide `an improved device for fprotecting asperson against hold up or other forms of attack.

- Anothernbject of the invention is to `provide a device which is particularly `adapted for protection against attack in which the arms .of the :person attacked will be raised sincethe device is so arranged that the act of the person .attacked in raising hisor her Lamis `releases `a Vstream `of suitable protective `gasesuch7 for example, as tear gas. y An Aaiilditional object lof the invention, ancillary to .the `foregoing iobject, isrto provide La device whichfis so :arranged that when the person held up orattacked Araises his or her arms `electric signal` alarm may be actuaated therebywhile a stream of `protective gas may be simultaneously released there- "tion A furtherobject of `the invention lis the :provision of an improved anti-'attack device with, thereby providing a double .protec- `without inconvenience to the wearer "so that jywhenythe wearer `is not in a place where the electricsignal actuatingmeans may be con- ,nected to an electric alarm the gas protective l `device'unbodiedin therinvention willbe available forl protection against hold up and other formslof attack;

`A still further objectfoflthe invention is 'to provide an improved anti-hold up device .40 which is particularly adapted for theuse `of `persons working in banks and like places.

Other lobjectswlll appear hereinafter.4 The :invention consists inathe ,novelV combination andiarrangement of` parts to be f 5 `hereinafter described Aand claimed.

U v Fig. lis 1a perspective viewshowingthe fstantially `on the line 5-5 in Fig. 4.

Securedto the housing 18 by means of screws 24 orthe like is a' housing IadaptedtOfbe filled with a suitable protective invention in lpositionto be Worn about a persons body;

Fig. 2 isa side elevational view `of a -preferr-ed formoflconstruction of the gas con- I, itainer and means 'associa-ted therewith for '65 releasing the gas from the container-andthe :means for actuating an electric signal when the arms are raised into the `position of Fia l;l Y

Fig. 3 is a sectional detail view taken sub- 60 =stantially on the line 43--3 in Fig. 2;

y Fig. 4 is a sectional detail view taken substantially on the -line 4-4 in Fig. 3*; and

ig. V5 is a sectional detailview taken sub- 565 i Referring to the drawing wherein-the preferred embodiments of lthe invention are depicted, there is indicated at lOvabodyencir- Aclingbeltior strap from which the invention is supported in a manner to be described presently, and this belt has provided thereon a buckle structure 11. Adapted toextend'over fthe shoulders and to be attached to the belt 10 at both ends thereof are straps 12 and 13in which `are provided buckle structures 14 and 5 AYlfit being apparent that `the buckles 11, 14

and 15 are intended to permit the `straps 10, 121-and 18 to be adjusted in position on the body in the manner ldepictedin Fig. 1. 30 `which .maybe fworn underrthe outerelothing Generically indicated at 16 is a gas eon- 80 .tainen `Removably mounted onjthe container 16 so that the depending flange 17 are provided' KspringV clips -19 and 20. There 85 are Yprovided on the walls of the container '16 lugs `21 and 22 which are adapted to be engaged by Athe clips 19 and 20 so as tosus- `pend the container 16 from the housing 18. lThere is secured to one wall of the housing 18 in any suitable mannera clip 23 which is fadaptedto-engage the-strap 10 so as to supportthe device therefrom as shown in Fig. 2.

25. It will be seen,` therefore, thatthe container 16 maybe removed from the housing 18 fby releasing the spring'clips 19 and 2O from the lugs 21 and 22, and this container' 16 is ,um

extends therethroughv as shown in Fig. 1;

An opening is provided in one walll of the housing 25 and disposed in this openingis 'a ring 31 which is intended to prevent abrasion.

of the cord V28. The oord 28 passesthioiigh the ring 31 andlis' Vwound around a small reel 32. One end of the cord'28 is attached to the guiding flange 52 of the reel32as at 53 and vthis reel is of the spring actuated type so that 'when'the arm of the person wearing the device is raised into position as in Fig. 1 the vcord 28 will be unwound from the reel 32 and when the persons arm isloweredthe reel will automatically rewind the cord 28.; n

The reel 32is rotatably mounted on a 'shaft 33 which hasone end thereofrigidly secured Yto a sliding plate 34 as at 48. Woundy about Y the shaft 33 and having one end thereof secured to this shaft, as at 50, isl a coil spring 51, the :other end of which is secured 'tov a `guiding-flange'52 4provided on thereel so as to facilitate guidingthejcord 28 aboutv the .reel 32. A flange 54 is provided on the vreel 32, opposite the flange 52, and. secured to this flange 54by1nieans of screws`55 is alcover plate 56. A collar 57 is 'provided on the Y shaft 33 between the flange 52 and the plate 34 and this collar 57 acts asa bearing for the reel 32. Y l Y acoil spring36, the other end of which is se-V cured to the hooked portion 37.015 a plate 38. .The plate`38 is attachedrto thetop-wall 39 of Y the housing 18'in any suitablemanner suchas by soldering.` A nose 40 isprovided ori-'the -plate 34 at the end thereof opposite, the :hooked portion 35 for reasons to be made apparent hereinafter. Guiding flanges 41 and 42 are provided on the side edges of the plate 38asl best'shown in 'Figsf2 Vand 5, and the plate 34 isslidab-le in these flanges; 'Y l There is provided in the top wall 39 of the vhousing 18 a depression 43 which provides a valve-seat f'orYreasons toV be made apparent presently. Having the upper endportion thereof slidable in anopening inthe seatf43 Aisla plunger 4-4 which carriesa mushroom plunger head 45; An annular shoulder y46 is provided on the plunger A4,4 below thevalve `seat 43 and oarriedby thisfshoulder146'in the bottom side thereof is a ringV 47 of insulating material. i' Y 'Y :Mounted in lone wallfofthe housing-18m provided a signal of any approved type, such as a burglar alarm signal. f f l Y An annular shoulder 63 is provided on the plunger 44 below the insulatingV ring 47 and V:disposed"around the plunger 44 below this shoulder 63 is aicoil spring 64. The plunger 44 is slid'abl'e throughman opening 68 in the bottomwall 69 of the housing 18,.andthrough -an aligned opening vin a platey71'which is secured to the top wall 72 j of thefcontainer 16 in an suitable manner. An opening 73 isforinedin the topiwall 72 of the container.

Extending around the periphery ofthe wall 72 which defines the opening 73 is an annular flange 744Wliichis provided on a` valve housing -75 so as to suspend the housing 75 from the wall 72. A gas valve struCture,generi-f .cally `indicated Yat 76 Vis provided in the housing 75 and this valvef76 may be of any `approved type "so as to control the port 79 on Ydownward movement of the plunger ln the present instance, the valve-structure 7G is provided with an elongated plunger 77 .which is vslidalole through the cap 78. and the port 79 and this valve :plunger 77 carries the `valve head 80 which Vis normally Vurged into seating positionf'afgainst the valve seat vided b-y the constricted portion 81 ofthe barrel 82 by the actionrof the Vcoil spring 83 which carried the cap 7 8,"it being understood Y that the barrel 8 threaded int-o ithe housing p Providedon one end of the plate 34 is-an 75 Y i 'upturned portion which provides 4the vhook kHaving one end secured to the hook 35is threaded into this boss, through the wall'of the housing., isa tubular'- plug 85which 'communicates through an opening 86 with the interior of the housing. 75. The plug 85 wis threaded eXte-riorly so to receivea union 187 which isconnected in any approved man- Vvner toy a flexiblergas conducting conduit 88.

A perforated member, which inV theVV present instance is inthe shape of a star, is connected Atothe tube 88 at the cuter end thereof and this l boss 84 isprovided .onithe housing 75 and star 89may be attached to'tlie'outer` clothing `ofthe' user of theY device in suitable inan- .n`er. 'Y n y @The'operationf of .the'device is as follows:

Theedeviceiis intended to be carried beneath the-outer clothing of the luser,in the manner depicted in Fig 1l, so as to be concealed from Then theuser Of'thefdevice is attacked, asvin ahold up,ksothat he or she is compelledto f raise the arms, it is apparent that the cord28will unwind from. the reel A3v2=before the arm-'carryingfthe'band26 is freely' raised. VAfter the cord28 'has been wound f from the 4reel 32,"furtherupward movement of the arm carrying the band 26 will act through the cord 28 to pull the slidable plate 34 against the action of the spring 36, so that the nose 40 of the plate 34 will engage themushroom plunger head 45 to @depress the plunger 44 against the action of the spring 64.

The device may be used with or without the cord 66 and attached plugs 65 and 67 but when'the cord 66 is connected by means of plug 65 t0 socket 58 and the plug 67 is counected to a suitable electric signal such as a -burglar alarm, the downward movement ofi plunger 44 will cause the insulating member 47 to engage arm 33` lwhich will engage contact 62 with contact 61 and thereby close cir- `cuit to an electric signal device such as those used in banks.

` 8O fromthe valve seat 81, thereby permitting the gas, such as tear gas, to escape from the cartridge or container 16, through the port 79, through housing 75 and valve barrel 82, through port 86, outlet 85, tube 88 to the star 89 from which the gas will be radiated so as to repel the attacker. It will be seen that downward movement of the mushroom plunger head is limited by the seat 43. Manifestly, any suitable gas may be used in the cartridge 16, and since the cartridge 16 is readily removable from the housing 18 by releasing the clips 19and 20, the cartridge 16 may be filled and recharged by attaching a gas pressure tank outlet to the plug 85.

When 'the arm carrying the,` band 26 is lowered, the spring 51 will rewind the cord 28 onto the reel `32 while the spring 36 will retract the sliding plate 34 so as to disengage the nose 40 from the mushroom plunger head 45 thereby causing the spring 64 to force the plunger 44 upwardly. It is apparent that as the plunger 44 is forced upwardly by the action of spring 64, the spring 83 will force the valve head 80 against the seat 81 to close passage through the valve barrel 82 and thus further escape of gas is prevented. Upward movement `.of the plunger 44 will likewise release member 47 from arm 60 which will disengage contact 62 from contact 61 and thereby open the circuit to the electric signal alam with which the device may be associate From the foregoing description of the invention it `will be seen ,that I have provided an improved protective device which may be worn comfortably about the person during )the daily routine when an electric signal device adapted to be associated with the inven- `tion cannot be used, and it will likewise be seen that the invention provides a double protection when used by persons engaged in banks, and the like, where danger of hold up is frequent.

While I have illustrated and described the preferred form of construction for carrying my invention into effect, this is capable of variation and modification, without departing from the spirit of the invention. I, therefore, do not wish to be limited to the precise ldetail-s of construction set forth, but desire to avail myself of such variations and modifcationswas Ycome within the scope Vof the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention what I claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:

1. A protective device for the human person comprising a gas containing cartridge, a valve in the cartridge to control the escape 0r gas therefrom including a movable element, a slidable member adapted to be engaged with said valve element to move the latter into gas-releasing position, a member rotatably mounted on the slidable member, and a flexible member windable upon the r0- tative member and having one end attached thereto whereby a pulling force exerted on said liexible member will first rotate the rotative member to unwind the flexible member therefrom whereupon continued force exerted on the flexible member will Vmove the rotative member and the slidable member together therewith and the latter into engagement with the movable valve element to release the gas from the cartridge.

2. A protective device for the human person comprising a gas containing cartridge, a. valve in the cartridge to control the escape of gas therefrom including a movable element, a slidable member adapted to be engaged with said valve element to move the latter into gas-releasing position, a member rotatably mounted on the slidable member, and a flexible member windable upon the rotative member and having one end attached thereto and the other end attached to a limb of the person wherebya pulling force exerted on said flexible member by movement of the persons limb will rst rotate the rotative member to unwind the flexible member therefrom whereupon continued force exerted on the flexible member will move the rotative member and the slidable member together therewith and the latter into engagement with the movable valve element to release the gas from the cartridge.

In testimony whereof I aliix my signature.


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