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Publication numberUS1866100 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1932
Filing dateMar 16, 1928
Priority dateMar 16, 1928
Publication numberUS 1866100 A, US 1866100A, US-A-1866100, US1866100 A, US1866100A
InventorsHach Clarence Albert
Original AssigneeWestern Electric Co
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Coating apparatus
US 1866100 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet l Filed March 16, 1928 HHIHHIHHHI July 5, 1932. c. A. HAcH 1,866,100

COATING APPARATUS Filed March 1e. 1928 2 Sheets-Sheer. 2

Patented July 5, 1932 n Y I,-

CLARENCE Atenei: neon, en oen eeiemtmnors; eseieieon nnnenino COMPANY, mconpcnnmn'p, en NEW Yonx, n. Y.; A .Conn-@Amon onunw V"ftnl' n COATING -nr'ruem-li'rusL Appneat'iqg mea Maren 1e, 1925.1 seria; No.. 262,116,

`lhis. invention relates tonoating annata.-

tus,-end more Partien-lady to .apparatus for -Y circular objeots, snob. as .eablehreels rllie objeet'of this invention to preyide. anzanparatns for eeonornioally, ellioiently-and expeditiously Coat-,ing an ertiele, wlrieh. `.also proteetsthe operator .frornenPoe-n-re to spray ln aoeordanee with one embodiment .of the present invention, there ievprovideda `spraying booth open iat both iendst .nolndillg as nai-r. of: opnoeitelndienosed, .spray eens mounted ona-rrnswliiehare pivotallee .mounttire snntaoe-to be ena-tedio quietly 'snbjeoted to the coating medium. Mean@ fogexhgust ing Weste vapor ane also .snnoliod'nlrfieliexhaus-ting `nieane finolndes destrnetilole. vloailleo l disposed at en angle. snelitliat' .their .snrtaeowill be peroendienler to the direction et the defleetodv spray and-throngl-.i wliieli the vapor loden eXhalisted- Y 1.

.Other toeter-es and advantages of. the

-ven-tionwill beeome apparent fro-nnthe following detailed deeeriotionthereot taken .in connection with the Loc.ornpefnyiA-Igitjr xnewf ingsnwliie-ll@ f .t

Fig,1- yins e. fronteleygtton 0i a. spraying apparat-ns .embodying the teatii-ees ofi-this invention; Fig. `2 is e. plan view ofthe opreying en? params-with the toptloereot remove-d.;

Fig 3 is al .fragmentary seetional view.

- thereof taken `ori-the line of Fig; 1 Llook-3- in-g in. the direeton indicated by the* .ar-roue Fig l is a .fragmentary seotionalnlew-i thereof taken on therli-ne l'ffl' oit-.Fig .2 leek?.

in in thedreQtiQn indicated thea-ironie;

hand-lever and .the Sorano-rene; o

Sonie, .and

The ...sor-ey are.

illustrated bythe drawingsisn` v`cableree' 'ige' .5 isfan enlarged fragment-arnhemeleYat-onafl View of the mechanism for panting;k a relatye.: movement-between `gti- 1e- Figi? is elevational nifaino.dfilifed4 form of baie which anaratus2 c he anparatns'llnetrated by the d.rtwsfinnge is 'designed for theeininltaneons painting lot` thefeateror Sniffer-roof the lleadsvoa Cablereel, but it is to be understood that the' in;

f Venton is not liinited to eny-nantienler use Referringlto the drawings. .in which Alike neierle11'c-ev chelna'lctersdesignato likte, parts' throughoutthe .several views,- 'the numeral y maybe employed in the y 10 vvlesigna-tes generally aipant `spire-ying boothhaving` Side Walls :L1- Tf1l-support'ng.vv

auroof 12., yllountecl adjacent the lll; are a motor 13 and e tranemisson4 .deniee 14:` ofV any Well-,known type driven ytherebyV t0 4Whie'lr geared a shaft l'forming-an extension ojiaroller 16.; The-roller 1.6. and a eompan-.ionroller (Fg- 2). are rotatably` mounted transversely ofthe booth with ,the tops thereof leveljwith. the oor ot the'boothand theprellers are connected by any suitable? meanssuoh Vaes.proeket and chain drive-indi.- cated generallyby the lilumeral 18 for .transemtting power from the roller' -16' `tothe roller 17. vThe rollers 216 and-17 are equipped-.withguide ifngesr-QO and 21 topos-ton the .objectto be coated which inthe spenfcembediment" Y 22 lian-ing anges 19e-19. o Y A Vertical supporting rod 24 (Eig. se-` cured to the oonin `front of ,and'neal :the-

elld .0f the :booth: 10 and scoured to the booth: bymeansiof va? bracket 25,. has en arm 26.-.

- pivotally mounted inkv a' $10.623 ein slotted.

junction member 27 `threaded to 'theupper` and lQWer'pLoIt-ions .ofthe rod-.24Minnternledetetsfends, which arm .sup-portee" spray gun 28 to @which theV .coating mteieilf such 4paint:and ein under-pressurefmay he-eunplied-thno@exble tubes 29and= 3135 respeogtyeliye 82 rotatably mounted- ,ill bearings iz located on bracketsv extend-mg LOlltw:1.1161137 4fr onn :the ffmc' -ofxthe A hanger carriage designated generally by the numeral 39, the construction of which is clearly shown, is mounted upon the rod 32 and movable longitudinally thereof, being supported thereon by means vof rollers -46 havingV concave peripheries -which conform tofthe surface of the rod 32. There is rotatably mounted in the Vhanger carriage 39 a collar 41 vlongitudinally slidable onthe rod'32/,and keyedV thereto by means of ai key 43 which is'slidably positioned in av slot 44 in the -rod 32 near the right hand end Y thereof as viewed in Figs. 1 and 2.

Depending from the carriage'39 and fixedv thereto is a vertically disposed rod 45 which is slidably mounted at its lower end between` two oppositely disposed channel irons 46-46 mounted in the floor and having their'tops level therewith.v At a point intermediate the lends?` of thev rod 45 there is pivoted in a slot 42 of a slotted junction member 47 threaded tothe? upper and lower portions'offa rod 45 aniarm 48, similar' to the arm 26 described hereinbefore, which carries a spray gun 49 to-Ywhich paint and air under'pressure may besuppli'ed by means of flexible tubes 50 and 51, respectively, and which is attached to 'the' collar41by means of-a link 153 pivo'tally secured to an arm 54 extending from the collar "41. A manually operable lever 5 5 'is' connected to the arm '48 Vthrough a worm 57" controlled` by a hand wheel 58 f mounted on'the bottom of the lever 55, and

a worm gearv59- which is an extension of a pin 61'to which the armV 48 is secured kby means of pins 62-62 andv simultaneously' controls the movement ofthe arms 26and 48 since the arm 26 is 'indirectly connected to" the arm 4 8 by means ofthe linkv 53, the

varmV 54, the collar 41,l the rod 32, the collar 38fand the link 36.' The worm and gear arrangement described'hereinbefore makes possible .the ladjusting of the angle between the ha'nd'lever`55randr the arms 26 and48, facilitating the painting of reels of various sizes.

type connectedto exhaust-ducts 67-67 which communicate with exhaust Vchambers 68-68 disposed within thebooth at the rear and on each side thereof. These chambers 68-68 are faced alonga4 portion thereofadjacent thei rolls 216 and 17l with removable, destrucltible exhaustbaliles 69'-69 extending fromV lthe iioor to the root` of the-booth and di'sy The arms 26- and 48 .have .counter weights 1631-63 mounted at the end thereof posed at such an angle that the spray ejected from the guns 28 and 29 and defiected from the reel 22 will impinge directly upon them. Similar removable, destructible exhaust baffles 70-70 are also positioned on the face of the chambers 68-68 and located at the rear' of the booth immediately in back of the set of baii'ies 69-69, parallel to the sides 11-11 of the booth and extending from the floor toa point substantially half way up to the top of the booth.

The baiies 69-69 and 70-70 are made in Vsections as shown in Figs. 1 and 4 and are rem'ovablyattached to the face of the exhaust ducts., These sections are constructed of somedestructible material, such as paper,

cardboard or the like and are formed with a plurality of vertical slots 71471 in the ma--l terial. Inthe preferred form ofthese'bales as shownl'in Fig'. 4 cleats 7 3 7 3 are inserted through the slots 71-71 vin a manner such thatth'e strips 74-74 formed by cutting the slots 7l-71 in ther paper .or like material are staggered, alternately passing'over and Vunder the cleats73-73. Another kind of baiiie'is shown in Fig."7 wherein the baffle is made of cardboard, :papier-mch or some likematerial which is cheap enough to warrant its destruction when it-becomes saturated with `paint toV such an extent as to interfere with'its effectiveness. rIn this kind of baffle the alternate concave and convex strips instead of being held in place by cleats, as

in' `the form described hereinbefore, are formed by'moldingthe material and then baking it or dryingv it sothat the baille will retain its shape. v f

' The operation of the coatingmechanism is'as follows: A cable reelv 22 is rolled in at the front of the booth 10 and onto rolls 16 and 17 with Vone of the ianges of the reel positioned between the guide flanges`20-20 and 21-21 on the rolls 16-and 1'( and the motor 13 is started whereupon the rolls y16 and 17 larecaused to rotate through the transmission 14, the shaftl' and the chain and sprocket drive 18 thereby causing the cable, reell 22 to be rotated in the direction shown' by the arrow in Fig. 3. The carriage 39 isV then moved along the rod 32 until "the spray gun is substantially the same distance from'the reel as is the Vsprayl gun 28 andthe spray guns' 28 and 49 mounted on the arms 26v and 48g are adjusted to accommodate a reel of the particular` diameter which it is desired-)to coat. The adjustment of the angle between the lever 55 and lthe arms 26 and 48 is accomplished by turning the hand wheel 58 which turns the Yworin 57 f and the worm andis'imultaneously therewith the4 arm 26 will also be moved through the link'553`, the

rod 32 and the link 36 in a manner similar to that described hereinbefore in connection with the operation of the arms 48 and 26 by means of the lever 55. After the arm 48 has been adjusted according to the width of the reel and the arms 26 and 48 have been adjusted according to the diameter of th-e reel, paint and air under pressure are supplied to the guns and the lever 55 is moved outwardly from the booth 10, thus simultaneously moving the arms 26 and 48 from a point near the center of the reel 22 toward its upper edge. Since the reel'is rotated by the rollers 16 and 17 as the spray guns are actuated, the outside faces of the reel are completely painted simultaneously.

During the painting operationthe spray from the guns 28 and 49 is directed at the reel 22 at an angle andy the deflected spray will be directed at such an angle as to im-v pinge directly upon the baffles 69-69 while y any excess spray not drawn against thebaliles 69-69 will be picked up by the baiies 7,0-70. When the painting operation has been completedthe reel may be rolled out of therear of the booth and the operation repeated until the exhaust baiies 69-69 and 70-70 are saturated or clogged with paint when-they may be removed, new baflies linstalled and the operation started up again. Y n

Frorrpthe foregoing description it will be seen that the coating apparatus embodying the invention provides an expeditiousand eliicient means for economically applying coating material to an article which at the same time protects the workman from the disagreeable and unhealthful spray vapor.

What is claimed is:

l. In a mechanism for'applying coating material to circular articles, a hood open at front and rear ends, means for rotating an article to be coated within the hood, oppositely disposed arms carrying spraying means Jfor applying coating material simultaneously to both sides of the article, both of the arms being movable simultaneously across the article, means for adjusting the relative position of the arms to accommodate articles of different widths, means for adjusting the position of the arms to accommodate articles of different circumferences, and exhaust means equipped with removable, destructible bailles disposed at an angle such that spray ejected from the spraying means and deliected from the article will impinge directly upon them. f

2. In a mechanism for applying coating material to articles, supporting means engaging the periphery of the article to be coated,

ing said arms, means for varying the position j both sides of the article comprising coating members and arms for supporting the coating members, means for pivotally supporting'said arms, means for varying the position of the arms relative to said pivotal means for i varyingV the positionof said coating members relative to the article, means operatively connected to .said pivotal supporting means vfor actuating said` arms and said coating members, and means for varying the relative.v

positions of said arms and coating members. 4. In a mechanism for applying a coating material to articles, supporting means engaging the periphery of the article to be coated, means for actuating'said supportingr` means for' imparting a rotative movement to the article, means for. coating the article comprising a coating member and an arm for supportingthe coating member, means e for pivotally supporting said arm, means vfor varying the position of said arm relative to saidV pivotal means for varying the position of saidkcoating member relative t0 the article,v

Vand means operatively connected to said pivotal supporting means foractuating said arm and saidfcoa'ting member.

',Inwitness whereof I hereunto subscribe my name this 6th day of March, A. D. 1928.


means for actuating said supporting `means for imparting a rotative movementV to the article, means for simultaneously coating both sides of the article comprising coating members and arms for supporting the coating members, means for pivotally support-

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