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Publication numberUS1866143 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1932
Filing dateJun 11, 1930
Priority dateJun 11, 1930
Publication numberUS 1866143 A, US 1866143A, US-A-1866143, US1866143 A, US1866143A
InventorsWilley William E
Original AssigneeWilley William E
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Permanent golf tee
US 1866143 A
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July 5, 1932. W E, WILLEY 1,866,143


Application filed June 11,

rlhe invention relates to improvements in golfing equipment and particularly toan improved permanent golf ball vtee and mounting.

An object of the invention is to provide'an improvedl permanent golf ball tee which may be employed on indoor or outdoor golf courses. Y p n Another object is. to provide an improved device of the character referred to with means Vfor detachably securing,V selectively,l tees of different heights. l p

Another object is to provide a permanent tee constructed to stand abuse, such as is encountered by inadvertent-ly striking it with a golf club, or the like.

Another object is to provide an improved permanent tee mounting that will not tend to retard or deiiect the swing ofa golfclub, or the Eight of a golf ball therefrom.V y 1 Another objectl is to provide ,a device of the character referred tc, with means adapted to be embedded in a floor or in the ground, and means for readily securing it in place.

Another object is te provide an improved tee and permanent mounting, simple in operation and inexpensive to manufacture.'

The foregeing and such other objectsof the invention as will appear hereinafterf as the description proceeds, will be more readf ily understood from a perusal of the following specification, reference being had to the .accompanying drawing, in which Figg lis a perspective View of thev im-V proved tee mountedin ka floor, shown with a" golf ball thereon. .Y y

Fig. 2V is a central longitudinal vertical sectional view through the device.

Fig. 3 is a verticalV sectional view taken on line 3 3 of Fig. 2. l y

Fig. 1 is an inverted horizontal'sectional View..

Fig. aperspective view oftheim- 'rproved tee and mounting, shown mounted for outdoor use. p y Y The improved permanent tee structure preferably includes a substantially rectangu-i lar Aplate 11-having a, longitudinal slot'12 therein formed with an enlarged end 13.' Bearings 14 preferably areformed integral 1930.5 sei-,iai Nojeeaei. I

withjtheiplate lllfandexten'd downwardly therefrom. These bearings are, arranged one on each sideof'slot 12, adjacent ,its narrow end, andare integral. with a downwardly eX- Ytendingconnecting wall 15 adjacent one end Y of the slot 12.k A. pin 16,'` journaled` in the bearings 14, provides a-rotatable mounting y for a hub 'memberflr extending between. the

bearings 14'.y One face 18 of the hubmembery 17 is flat 'and is provided'wtih a tapped Vopening 19to-receive .the threaded end121 offay.

tee or golf ball` sup`port22.

lVhen thetee 22 is positioned1f0r'use,it eX-` i tends substantially lvertically upwardly through theslot 12, and a golf 'ball 23 is posisaid tee. `Properv vertical.V alignmentV of y, the tee 22 preferably is attained by manipulaticn by a loclrnut 26,A

To mount thedevice in a building, an" opentione'dv upon the concave upper vend 243015 ing 27having a rabbet 28 is cut in the floor 29. i

The plate 11-is lplacedfupon the rabbet 28,'

whiclris offsufcient depth to dispose the top face of the plateflush-with the floor. A suit- Y abl'efreceptacle`31, preferably formed of sheet metal,'is held in, place beneath the plate 11 by flanges 32, extending outwardly of each end wall thereof and overlying the .rabbet 28. Screws 33, oriother suitable means retainthe v plate 11 and the receptacle 31:" in place. If desired,i'a rubbermator carpet 34 (Fig` 4) y having a cut-Out portion' 35 conforming in shapetoslot-12, may

stantially vertically, and a golfball ispesiti'oned thereon, as' described'in the' foregoing.

Uponstrilrin'g the golfball with aclub,the "if 1 tee 22, together with hubl17, rotates about pin y Y be placed over the floor. and the floor plate 11.

16, ,the tee enteringthe'receptacle 31 through i slot 12.` A suitablev U-shaped step 36 is are ranged vbeneath the. plate 11 to limit the drop ,x

ofthe tee and. provide a support to hold it in an accessible-position; The tee maybe raised vertically'by grasping its end through the enlarged portion 13 of the slot and'swinging it ,n i?

about pin 16. Y i

v When the improved structure used on an.; y

outdoor golfcourse, the plate 1l preferably is mountedl upon the upper end of va hollow v box-like structure', having upwardly in- Y y clined walls.

The member 37 also is provided with an anchoring flange 38 around its bottom edge which flange, together with the inclined walls, serves to securely anchor the device yin the earth at such depth as to dis- POSQ the'top pla-ne of the plate l1 at ground level. f Y c -Any desired number of plates 171, havingv a tee pivotally'mountedv therein, may be ar- Y ranged in multiples upon a single mounting" 37, as shown in Fig. 5. -In this instance, each l plateis. provided with a tee 22a of differentV An arrangement of this characterV height.

- ispreferable, as diierentindividuals favor tees ofdiferent heights. The plates v1l also may be arranged in multiples for indoor use.

Where asingle unit is provided, the tee 22 may readily be removed and one of the desirable height inserted. Y l

It can readily be understood that Vthe device described in the foregoing specification and illustrated in the accornp anying. drawing may embody variations in'detail structure without departing from the spirit ofthel 'invention or the scope of the appended claims.v l .I claim:

lJAnl article'ot the class described vcom-V 'i prising, `in combination, a plateA having aligned bearings thereon, a wall connecting said bearings, a hub rotatablyrmounted bei tween said bearings, a golf ball support re'- g movably mounted in said hub adapted to eX- tend substantially vertically through a slot in said plate, means forsupporting said supportinv a non-vertical position, and a stop threaded for adjustment in said wall to limit movement of the support in'onev direction.

2. 'A golf tee comprising, in combination, a plate having a slotted opening therein, aligned bearings extending downwardly from saidplate one on each side of the slot adjacent one end of said slot, a wall connecte ing'said bearings at the end ofsaid slot, a hub rotatably mounted vbetween said bearings, threaded means in said 1 wall adjustable to limit rotation of the hub in one direction, va

.golf ball support` adjustably mounted in said Y hub adapted toextend substantially'vertically through the slot when said'hub is against said threaded means, and a yoke `beneath said slot Y enga geable bysaid support to limit movement oit the hub away from said threaded means.

Y In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature i I at Urbana, Illinois.` Y Y WILLIAM E. VILLEY.'

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