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Publication numberUS1866493 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1932
Filing dateDec 1, 1931
Priority dateDec 1, 1931
Publication numberUS 1866493 A, US 1866493A, US-A-1866493, US1866493 A, US1866493A
InventorsStaats Harry B
Original AssigneeRusling Wood Inc
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Advertising display carton
US 1866493 A
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July 5, 1932. H, B STAATS 1,866,493

ADVERTISING DISPLAY CARTON Filed Dec. l, 1931 2 sheets-sheet 1 RWE \musus REA DY TO EAT wlTNE-ssEs INVENTOR 5mg@ f ATTORN EY July 5, 1932- H.v B. sTAATsf. 1,866,493

ADVERTI SING DISPLAY CARTON Filed Dec.v l, 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 ATTORN EY Patented July 5, 1932 Unire STATES P'Arr 'ri HARRY B. sinners, or MOUNT'KlsOo, NNW YORK, AssisNon To Bustine Woon iNo.,

or NEW YORK, N. Y., a CORPORATION or NEW YORK ADvEa'rrsING DIsPLAY' 'oArt'roN Appiieetien fried December 1, i931. seriei No. 578,366.

` This invention relates to display cartons and particularly to an improved advertising display carton, the object being to provide a simplied construction wherein a carton may v be used for display and advertising purposes as well as for'the purpose .of vending an advertised article. Y Y Another object of the invention is to provide a display carton wherein a carton body is presented usable as a vending carton and along with the body is provided portions of `igures of animals,'people,- or other Objects, capable of interlocking with the carton to present grotesque figures without detracting '1o-from the advertising feature of the carton.

A further object, most specifically, isto provide a combined display carton and toy wherein-'the cartonco-acts lwith sections of animals, or other objects, inV such a way that 2e the carton forms part or all of the body of the animal or other object.

In the accompanying drawings f Figure 1 is a perspective view of a complete display carton disclosingV an embodi- 245 ment of the invention.,

Figure 2 is a side view of the front part ofV the animal shown in Figure 1.

Figure 3 is aside view of the rear part of the animal shown iii Figure 1. Figure 4 is a perspective view of the carton body shown in Figure 1. 4

- Figure 5 is a front elevation Ofa modified structure to that illustrated in Figure 1. l

Figure 6 is a detail front elevation of one of the arms shown in Figure 5.

Figure 7 is a detail front elevation of one of the legs shown m Figure 5. Y

Referring to the accompanying drawings by numerals, 1 indicates a rectangular boxf Y of desired physical structure designed to contain breakfast foodsand other articles. This carton is adapted to be sold to'grocery storesV and other places to be vended one at a time or several at a time. VIn order to, produce 45 a peculiar and attractive appearance a car- .is viewed'from the front. rEhe front face 6 f vwhereupon there will .bepresented 'a unique appearing toy for ra child. The stoiekeeper Vdren, will quickly. notice thev animal feature tions or portions 2 and 3 may be placed, in-A lside of. the carton 1` before it is sealed, or may be left eXter'iorly thereof, andr sold in connection therewith so as to be'laterapplied.

When the carton 1 is to be vended with 55 breakfast foods or other articles, itis sealed throughout in the usual way for cartonsof this kind, but special marks 4 and 5 are provided, said marks being at certain predeter mined places, mark 4 being vapproximately midwaybetween the top and bottom on one edge,while mark 5 is arrangedl on the top-- near the front left end corner as theV carton of the cartonzis adapted to be provided with legends? setting forth the contents of the carton, a manufacturers name and any other desired advertising or other information. After the box has pbeensold, and opened at the home of the consumer,the sections 2 teriorly thereof, the consumer may make a slit along the marks 4.and15, and then inf Y sert the tabs 8 and 9, as shown in Figure 1, 7""5*1 in advertising the goodsmay'take one box and slit the lsame Vand apply' thesections v2 and 321s shown in Figure 1. The. complete advertising` carton Vmay then be placed in the Window, shoW-Case,.or elsewhere, so as to attract `the Vattention .of purchasers. Ghill of` the device rand will imp ortune their Aparents to buytheV carton, thuscausing the sections 2 and. 3 to act as anadvertising feature for the goods lcontained in the carton.V

In constructing the section 3, for instance, the lines'10 `and 11 would form a straight 90 single line if tabV 8 wasremoved, said lines beingat right anglesto line 12. This is desirablerso that p art. of the section 3forming lines 10T and 11 may rest ontop o f the carton 1 whiletheY lower part along line'12 lmay rest against one edge, thi'is'prevent'ing any wobbling. of section 3".vk Section 2is made so thatthelines 13 and 14 will rest against the edge of the box though the hip vportion 15P is deflected lslightly so as to slide in front of part of the carton 1, and thus produce a pinching or resilient action and causing the section 2 to be clamped in place.

The carton may not only include a carton body and animal sections, as shown in Figures 1 to 8, but may includes a carton body 1, as shown in Figure 5,y with other objects associated therewith. In Figure 5 certain sections in connection With the carton 1 are presented, the entire formation presenting a grotesque clown With the carton 1 acting as the body. The sections 17, 18, 19, 2O and 21 are all removable. Figures 6 and 7 illustrate how these are formed and how they may be removed. From these figures, it will be seen that the arms and legs have tabs 22which iit into suitable slits in' the carton .body 1. Where the carton body is to be converted into a clown, 'as shown in Figure 5, the same is marked at the proper places similar to the lines 4L and 5, but the length and position to properly receive the tabs 22 of the receivable arms, legs, and head of the carton. lt will be noted that the'tab 22 or" the head 17 extends through a centrally positioned slot, While the other tab extends through slots positioned in proper places to permit the arms and legs to be properly positioned so as to assimilate the correct position of a human body.

It will be understood that all of 'the cartons are sealed so that the contents-Will be protected against the elements, and therefore, they must be slit in the places indicatedv before the respective figures may be added to the carton body.

I claim:

1. Anadvertising display carton compris-y ing ay carton body formed With marks thereon at predetermined places, said marks acting as guides for slitting the carton body, and sections of iigures formed with means adapted to be inserted into the slits when formed, the arrangement being such that when said sections are correct-ly positioned, the sections andcarton body will present a grotesque appearance ofan animal or other object.

2. An advertising displaycarton including a carton box having openings therein, some being on the sides and some on the top, and sections of animals co-acting with said openings, each of said sections having a tab adapted to be inserted through certain animal, the carton body acting as the body of the animal. f

5. An advertising display carton including a rectangularv carton body, means forming the head, neck and front leg of an animal, said means having a notch With the respective Walls at right angles to each other whereby said carton body may iit into said notch,and a rear portion of the same animal" 4formed With a part adapted to fit against one edge of said carton body and a part adapted to overlap the front of said cartonv body, said last mentioned part pressing the carton body so as to produce a pinching actionfor holding the respective parts in position. A

6. An advertising display carton including a carton body, means forming the head, neck and front part of the animal, said means having a right angle notch so as to receive part of said carton body, said'carton body being rectangular, and means forming the rear part of the same animal, said means being mounted at the bottom and on the opposite side of the carton body to said head.


of said openings, said sections and carton Y A body presenting a grotesque appearing animal With the carton body Vactingvas the body thereof. V

3. An advertising display carton including a carton body formed With slitable sections arranged nearl one face of the body and sections of an animal formed vto fit against the top and side edges of the carton body, each of said sections having a member adaptedrto be inserted through the Walls of the

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U.S. Classification40/312, 229/116.3, 446/79
International ClassificationG09F1/00, G09F1/02
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