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Publication numberUS1866643 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 12, 1932
Filing dateJan 14, 1932
Priority dateJan 14, 1932
Publication numberUS 1866643 A, US 1866643A, US-A-1866643, US1866643 A, US1866643A
InventorsGreear Everett B
Original AssigneeCalvin B Stallard
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Boat drain valve
US 1866643 A
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July 12, E, B GREEAR Filed Jam 14. 1932 grt/007% Patented July 12,1932

Latest UNITED. STATES PATENT or-'FlcE manta' n. Ganan, or maoNnaLn, :remnant-assioma or ONE-nenn 'To GAL- vIN B. STALLARD, or sHA'noNDALu KENTUCKY Boar :DRAIN vanvnA Application led January 14,1932. SerialNo. 586,562..

This invention relates to draining devices, and more particularly to a draining valve for use in a boat to drain the blge through the bottom of the boat.

An object of this invention is to provide a.

1 means for readily draining the water or bilge from the bottom of the boat when it is lifted out of the water and providing means whereby the boat will not be sunk when replaced in the water due to the loss of the draining plug as is frequently the case.

Another object' of this invention is to provide an exceedingly simple draining valve construction which can be mounted at the desired point in the bottom of the boat and which is provided with means extending through the floor for operation of the valve.'`

The above and various other objects and advantages of this invention will in part be described in and in part be understood from the foliowing detailed description of the present preferred embodiment, the same being illustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein Figure 1 is a vertical section partly in detail taken through the longitudinal center of a device constructed according to the preerred embodiment of this invention and showing the device mounted in a boat which is shown in fragmentary sectional form;

Figure 2 is a sectional view partlyin detail taken on the line 2-2 of Figurel.

Referring to the drawing wherein like numerals oi reference designate corresponding parts throughout the several views.l the.

ietter i3 designates generally the bottom of a. boat and the letter F designates a door disposed upwardly from the bottom B. A sieeve or cyiindricai member 1@ ismounted in a vertically disposed opening in the bottom i3 and has an outstanding daags 1i at the upper end thereof, this :donga 11 being' et taperi g eonstruotionso that the upper surface eci wilt substantially horizon'a tai. The bottom portion ot the sieeve 10 is provide-'ji peripherai threads 12 and a lock'nut 13 is threadablyengaged'with the I threads 12 and a washer 14 is interposed between the ook nut 13 and the bottom of the boat so as to prevent the passage of water between the periphery of the sleeve 10 and the opening through the bottom of the boat.

This washer 14 is of tapering constructionso that the upper surface thereof will engage atly against the bottom of the boat and the lower surface against the top of the nut 13.

The upper portion ofthe sleeve or draining member 10 is provided with a shoulder 15 and a valve seat 16 is engaged withthe shoulder 15 and is threadably secured to the upper end of this draining sleeve 10. Through the provision of a removable seat 16, when this d seat becomes worn, a newseat can be'readily mounted in the upper end of the draining sleeve 10. `The periphery of the-flange 11 is-provided with threads for threadably receiving an aperturedcap or ring17 which has a cage 18 formed therewith, and a valve stem 19 is threadably mounted in this cage 1S and is provided at the lower end thereof with a valve head or member 2O for engagement with the valve seat 16.

A hand wheel or operating member 21 is secured atthe upper end of thestem 19 and this stem 19 projects through an opening 22 E80 in the fioor F so Vthat the hand wheel 21 will be disposed within the body of the boat for operation at all times.

In the use of this device, the bottom B of. the boat is drilled. for receiving the draining member 10 which ils secured permanently to the bottom `B by means of the nut member 10. The washer 14 water between the periphery of the draining member 10 and the hole provided in the bottom B for receiving this draining member.. When the boat is taken out of the water, the hand wheel 21v is turned so as to unseat the vaive member 20 and thereby permit the passage of water outwardly through lthis draining member 10. en the boat is replaced in the water, the hand wheel 21 is turnedso as to carry the vaive Amember 2G into ciosed position and thereby prevent the water from ntering the boat through the draining meraer it). l

prevents the passage of' It is, of course, understood that various chan es and modifications may be made in the details of construction and design of the above specifically described embodiment 5 of this invention without departing from the spirit thereof, such changes and modiications being restricted only by the scope of the follovvmg claims.

What is claimed is m 1. A draining means as set forth, comprising a tubular member having a flanged upper end portion, said Harige being of tapering construction, a nut threadably engaging the opposite end of the tubular member for 15 securing the member in an opening provided a in the bottom of a boat, a gasket interposed between the nut and the bottom of the boat, a valve seat removably mounted in the tubular member, a cage removably mounted on 2@ the member and extending upwardly there-` from, and a valve member supported by said cage for movement into open or closed position.

2. A draining means as set forth, compris- 25 ing a tubular draining member, a ange formed with one end of the member, a nut threadably engaging the opposite end of the member for securing the member in an opening provided in the bottom of a boat, a

3@ valve seat threadably mounted in the member, a cage having an annular lower end portion threadably engaged with said, flange, a valve member, a stem formed with the valve member, said stem having peripheral threads ,35, engaging said cage` and a hand wheel secured to the upper end of said stem for rotation of the valve into open or closed position.

in testimony whereof ll hereunto alix my signature EVERETT B. GREEAR,

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U.S. Classification114/197
International ClassificationB63B13/00
Cooperative ClassificationB63B13/00
European ClassificationB63B13/00