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Publication numberUS1867424 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 12, 1932
Filing dateApr 12, 1932
Priority dateApr 12, 1932
Publication numberUS 1867424 A, US 1867424A, US-A-1867424, US1867424 A, US1867424A
InventorsSmith Alfred H
Original AssigneeFulford Mfg Co
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Cover and initial mounting
US 1867424 A
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July 12, 1932. A. H. SMITH 1,867,424


17/5296!" 19. eP/az'f ATTORNEYS.

Patented July 12, 1932 UNITED sraras PATENT oFFIca ALFRED H. WITH. 03 AUBURN, BHODE IS, ASSIGNOR 1'0 FULFORD MFG. 00., A. CORPORATION OF ODE ISLAND it AND Inrr momma This invention relates to the mounting of 'an ornamental member in position on some article of personalapparel, bag or the like, and has for one of its objects to'provide an a attachable mount for a character or cover member which ma be positioned upon some desired article at the time the same is sold at retail to the customer. Another object of the invention is the provision of a construction by which the character, such asan initial or the like, may be detachably mounted inposition and removed for changin the same if desired. Another 0 ject of the invention is the proat vision of a detachable cover for one of the members or parts of a sna fastener, more particularly the socket mem r, the construction being such that the cover may be detached and removed from position or attached 10 thereto at will.

A further object of the invention is the provision of means for preventing the character plate or cover from relative rotation with respect to the part upon which it is mounted so that the same relation of the parts may be alway retained.=

With these and other objects in view, the invention consists of certain novel features of construction, as will be more fully described,

and particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the accompanying-drawing:

Fig. 1 is a top plan view of the initial mounted upon a piece of flexible material such as cloth, leather or the like.

' Fig. 2 is a bottom plan view of the structure of Fig. 1 with the material such as cloth.

leather or the like on which it is mounted partially broken away to expose the recessed m edge.

Fig. 3 is aperspective view'of the body member of the fastener or mounting member with the character plate or cover removed. g. 4 is a perspective view looking at the bottom of the character member or cover.

Fig. 5 is a section on line 55 of Fig. 1.

I have chosen to illustrate this invention more particularly with reference to the socket member of a snap fastener, which is usually formed in two parts, a body and a socket. At times there has been used a third part or cover for the body which has been made of celluloid or the like rolled about the body before it is secured to a piece of fabric or leather so that when the flanged socket is forced into the body to clamp the same to the fabric or lea'ther, the celluloid cover is by this means held in position. By this invention a detachable cover may be positioned over the body of the socket fastener after the same is in position, and by reason of the cover having a resilient edge it may be detached therefrom to be changed if it becomes worn or defaced in .any way. Further, this cover may be provided with a character or initial for identification which may be snap ed into position by the retail merchant at t e time the same is sold to the customer so that the article may be marked with the initial of the purchaser for identification purposes or with an emblem of an organization to which the purchaser may belong, and of course in this latter use of the invention, it is immaterial whether the body member is held by means of the socket portion of a snap fastener or with any other means-for securing the body in its desired position, asv a bag or the like; and the following is a detailed description of the presentembodiment of this invention illustrating the preferred means by which these advantageous results may be accomplished.

.With reference to the drawing, 10 designates a piece of material which may be fabricated cloth, leather or other sheet material to which the device is attached and 11 designates the head portion or body member whichis generally circular in form with a rolled rim 12 and an annular depression 13 leaving a raised portion 14 in the center thereof. The

' under side of this body is rolled inward to W provide an edge 15 for-engagement with the material and this body is secured to the material by a socket part 16 having a flange 17 to engage the other side of the material 10 to which it is attached and with an inwardly extending collar 18 which extends through an opening in the material 10 and engages the inclined surface 19 formed by the deflection of the stock at 13' to cause this collar to be forced'outwardly asillustrated in Fig. 5 to rivet the parts in'assembled relation with the flange 17 binding the fabric or material 10 between it and the inwardly curved extending edge of the body part 11.

The construction which I have illustrated provides a socket part for the reception of a stud member of a snap fastener that these parts maybe secured together, although in certain uses of the invention it is immaterial what sort of apart 16 is provided for holding the body in position on the fabric.

A cover member 20 is in the form of a shell which isidome shaped asst 21' andprovided with an inwardly rolled edge 22 which is slit as at to rovide fingers and afford easier opera on o the tools in rolling the same inwardly and also provide a resiliency in this rolled edge permitting the cap member 20 to be snapped over the rolled edge 12 of the body and thus held in position by the resiliency v of this edge 21. From this position by forcing the cover upwardly, the edge expand to permit detachment of the cover from pos1-. tion. And in order that this cover may not rotate I have provided recesses 24 in the body and projections 25 in the cover to, extend into these recesses and interfit therewith to prevent rotation of the cover.

This'cover member may carry any character or insignia 26 and thus I magluse a cover with any desirable initial or em em thereon may be used.

for ornamentingthe fastener. Also, by this construction I may snap the cover into position at the time a sale of the article carrying the body may be sold so that the desiredornament or the initial desired may be had without the necessity of the merchant carrying in stock a full line of goods, each with a different'character thereon.

In'some instances, the socket for the stud of a snap fastener is not necessary as it is merely desirable to mount an initial in position on some article such as a bag or the like in which case it is unnecessary to have the socket in the securing means, such as illustrated at 16, and. any means for securing thebody member to which the initialcarrying plate is, attached By this arrangement the portion which is secured'to the artlcle, such as a bag or the like, is mounted in position at the factory where the tools and presses for applying suitable. pressure are-available. The bags are thendelivered to the retail merchant along with the complete set of characters such as initials J I claim:

accuse or the like which may be snapped into posi-- towards the construction illustrated, but desire it to be understood'that I reserve the privilege of resortin to all the mechanical changes to which the evice issusce tible, the 4 invention being defined and limi only by the terms of the appended claims.

1. A fastener device having two parts,

each en aging opposite surfaces of a material to whic it is attached and with parts of one extending through the material and secured to parts of the other, a cover member for one of said parts, resilient fingers on said cover member having a beaded portion so shaped as to provide an inner surface of a different contour than the outer surface of the part to be covered thereby, whereby the beaded portion of said fingers engages the part to be covered along a definite line of contact.

2. A fastener device having two parts, each engaging opposite surfaces of a material to which it is attached and with parts of one ex-' tending through the material and secured to parts of the other, one of said'parts having an undercut edge, a cover member for said undercut part, resilient fingers on said cover member having a beaded portion of such a size as to engage along the surface of said un dercut edge and so shaped on its engaging surface as to engage said undercut edge on a definite line of contact.

3. A fastener device having two parts, each engaging opposite surfaces of a material to I 4. A snap fastener socket devicehaving abody part and a socket part, a cover member, said cover member being provided with resilient fingers rolled inwardly on their edge and V arranged to engage said body part along a single line of contact and attachable and detacha'ble therefrom by reason of the resiliency .ofsaidfingers. g i I 5. A fastener device having a body memher and a securing element therefor, a detachable cover memberover saidbody member, and

recews on one member and projections on the other-member interfitting with each other to prevent relative rotation of said members.

said body part provided with a finger to enedge ,to engage said undercut edge on Amember having a body-part with a rec'ess therein and a securing part, acover over I In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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