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Publication numberUS1867447 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 12, 1932
Filing dateMar 7, 1931
Priority dateMar 7, 1931
Publication numberUS 1867447 A, US 1867447A, US-A-1867447, US1867447 A, US1867447A
InventorsDunn Frank J
Original AssigneeG A Bisler Inc
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US 1867447 A
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July 12, 1932. 1:--` J DUNN 1,867,447


or PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, A CORPORATION oPPPNNsYLvANIA DISPLAY Pox Application sied Maren 7, 1931; serial No. 520,933. Y

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in boxes and more particularly to boxes adapted for displaying the articles normally contained therein.

A One object of the invention is to provide a box of novel construction for` the displa of articles to be vended. Y

Another object of the invention is to provide a display box normally employing the Ic lid or cover thereof as a support for the box when the articles therein are on display.

, Another object of the invention is to provide a box of the character set forth which is of relatively simple yet durable construction.

Another object of the invention is to pro-` 20 scription.

Another-object of the inventionV is to provide a box of the type described having relatively smooth external contour and whichv may therefore be adequately packed, shipped, or carried by hand. v

Y A further object of the invention is to pro-V vide a box of the type described, adapted, when supported by the cover for display purposes, to be suliiciently elevated to attract the attention of prospective purchasers.

The invention further resides in certain features and details of construction set forth hereinafter and shown in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a detached sectional view showing the construction of the box and the cover.

Fig. 2 is a detached sectional view showing the relation of'thecomponent parts of the cover and box when the said cover is sup- 40 porting the box; and

Fig. 3 is a view in perspective ofthe entire box having a portion eut therefrom to further disclose the construction constituting the invention. I

In displaying articles normally residing in boxes, it is an essential factor that the articles be placed into the'normal field of vision of the purchasers by raising the boxes on suit-l able supports. By this invention I propose to employ the cover normally closingl the box,

as a means 'offsupport for the open box con# taining the articles; and while it isknown that-L certain patents exist embodying this in construction, having extending edges and flanges on the external surface thereof.` In the present instance, the box constituting my invention is of simple design, vand* of' exceptionally rugged construction, having 1a' relatively smooth-external surface, whichareadily adapts'thesaid box for packing and transportation. Y Referring to the al l designates the outer box member and numeral 2 designates the outer cover1 member, as'shown in Figrl of thefdrawing. The in-l side peripheral measurements ofthe cover b`ody2 in the presentinstance are substantial-A ly the sameas the outside peripheral measurements of the 'outerbox member 1, and'permit the downwardly extending-'edges ofthe cover' drawing, reference numer- .y

feature, they are, for the most part indura'ble i,

member 2 to assume a position externally of the upwardly extending sides ofthe outer box member l when the vsaid y.cover is normally closing the box. In the preferred form of my invention, I- provide the outer box "member 'l with an inner reinforcing` sleeve 3,. the sides -of the said sleeve extending substantially above the upper edges of the sides of the outerv boxk 'member l and forming an' external shoulder 4 on the box. An inner cover memsber 5 is secured 7to the inner face vof the outer cover member 2 in lanyfsuitable manner', and in the present instance the downwardly ex .tending sides of the said cover member 2 extend below? the downwardly extending sides of the innencover member 5, resulting Vin the formationof an inner shoulder Gon the cover. The internal peripheral dimensionsof the cover abovetheinner shoulder 6 inthe present instance are substantiallyequalto the external peripheral dimensions Yabove the outer shoulder 4 on the. box, the thickness of vthe inner cover member 5, being preferablyfequal to that of fthe box member 1 andl the,`r outer shoulder t affording a suitable support for the inner shoulder` 6 formed 'by the down. wardly extendingedges of the inner coverV member 5, Y which is secured to the outer cover member 2. VItwillbe readily seen from the foregoing descriptionV and the accompanying drawing, that the construction utilized in theV present instance aiiords a seal as at 7 and a second seal as indicated at 8 when the box is closed, and which is a Very desirable feature Ywhen containing articles of a perishable character, such as cigars, candy or the like.

As it is not my intention to limit any Letters Patent to the detail construction set forth above, it should be noted that the outer box` member l may be reinforced by an inner box member, in place of the sleeve 3 and similar equal to the outer peripheral dimensions of -the box, and a reinforcing niembeisecuredl to the inner surface of the cover, the said member having downwardly extending sides, shorter than the sides of the cover, the downwardly .extending sides of the reinforcing cover member normally'resting onv the rein-- forcing member of the box, thereby affording a double seal for said box ywhen closed, and adapted to support the said box at the under surface thereof when the box is open.


to the inner cover member 5. In a like manner the outer cover member 2 may be provided with a suitable sleeve in place of the inner cover member and similar to the inner sleeve 3 normally reinforcing theouter boxmember l. l

When the cover, composed of the outer and inner cover members 2 and 5 respectively, is

used as' a closure forthe box, the downwardly extending shoulder 6 ,rests onY the upwardly extending shoulder't o n the box. In a similar mannerwhen the cover is used as a support for the box for 'the purpose of displaying the articles contained therein` the said cover is removed from the normal closing position, asin Fig. 1 and is placed with its sides 'extendingvertically upward, the portion of the box containing the articles for display, being placed therein as shownin Fig. 2 in such `*a manner. that-the now upwardlyA extending inner shoulder 6A of. the cover, supof extending above the sidesof said box, a Y

Vcover for the box,-tlie inside peripheral din mensions ofthe said Vcover being substantially equal to the outerperiphera-l dimensionsof the box,f and a reinforcing member' secured to the inner surface of the cover the said memberhaving downwardly extending sides, shorter than the sides of the cover, the down- Y wardly extending sides of the reinforcing V(il) cover member normallyl resting on the reinforcing memberof the box, thereby affording a double seal vfor said box when closed.

2. `As a new article of manufacture, a box,

a reinforcing membersecured to the inner surface of the box and having the sides therei ofV extending abovethe sidesof said box, a

cover for the box, the inside peripheral dimensions of the said'cover being substantially Y

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