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Publication numberUS1867455 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 12, 1932
Filing dateMay 23, 1930
Priority dateMay 23, 1930
Publication numberUS 1867455 A, US 1867455A, US-A-1867455, US1867455 A, US1867455A
InventorsHumphrey Clen S
Original AssigneeMetal Package Corp
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Carrying case
US 1867455 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

July 12, 1932. I c 5 HUMPHREY 1,867,455


This invention relates generally to the class of receptacles or containers, and comprehends a carrying case or kit which, while not restricted to such use, is primarily designed for 5 motorists, to be used on outings or picnics,

at the seashore or when touring, for thepurpose of carrying lunches or any other contents which may be conveniently accommodated thereby. n The invention broadly aims to provide a comparatively simple, inexpensive, lightweight carrying case of the indicated character, which may be economically produced but which at the same time is attractive in its appearance, rugged in its structure and highly efiicient in its purpose.

More specifically, the invention resides in the provision of a carrying case of the type set forth and for the purposes specified, which "3 includes a body having an open top provided with a hinged closure, together with a removable partition element, which may be optionally used and which functions when emplaced in the body to subdivide the same into coma partments, in addition to acting as a brace for the structure of the case or'kit, and which partition element when removed affords an undivided receiving space or area.

As a further feature, the invention embodies a partition element for a carrying case or kit,which'element is constructed from sheet material, cut, bent and secured together in such a manner as to provide a light-weight but strong construction which is suitably braced inherently against distortion, due to the manner in which the same is formed.

With the above recited and other objects in view, reference is had to'the following description and accompanying drawing, in which there is exhibited one example or embodment of the invention,;while the claims define the actual scope of the same.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a collective perspective view of the case or kit in opened condition and the partition element removed therefrom.

Figure 2 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view through the case in its closed condition.

Referring to the drawingby characters of 1930. Serial No. 455,051.

reference, the case or kit includes a body designated generally by the reference character A, which is composed of a bottom wall '5, upstanding marginal side walls 6 and upstanding marginal end walls 7, the side and end walls being formed in spaced relationto their upper edges but adjacent thereto with a continuous out-pressed marginal bead B,

and further formed with inturned" upper edges 9. The case or kit further includes a cover or closure member designated generally by the reference character B, which includes a top wall 10 and dependingmarginal side and end walls or flanges 11 and12,

which are provided at their free edge with a continuous outwardly rolled bead 13. Preferably, the cover or closure member Bis hingedly connected to one of the sidewalls 6 of the body A, and when closed the side and end walls or flanges 11' and 12 of the cover B are designed to frictionally fit telescopically over the upper portion of the body A above the bead 8, toaii'ord a water and dust-proof container for the contents thereof. The corresponding side walls 6 and 11 of the body and cover are provided with interengageable lock or latch and keeper elements 13 and 14 for releasably-maintaining the cover in closed relation to the body, and the corresponding side Wall 6 of the body is preferably provided with a suitable carryinghandle15. The bottom 5 of the body A is formed with one or more-pairs of resilient clip elements 16 which are riveted or 7 otherwise anchored thereto at their bight portions and which are designed to frictionally receive and hold vaouumbottles or other containers, theclip elements preferably being located adjacent walls 7 to subdivide the body into a plurality provide a substantially rectangular structure, the angularly bent portions 1) of one sheet being joined to the angularly bent portions 6 of the other sheet of material, to define the end walls 18. The transverseintermediate wall-l9-is-formed of similarsheet material having rolled beads 22 and 23 at the upper and lower edges. The sheet is bent to progo v i-de ia mainzlength d with oppositely directed.ri-ghtaangular flanges eat its opposite .ends which are riveted or otherwise secured as at, f: to. the side walls 17 or portions a.

. Inpraotice, the partitionelementC may be 25 optionally arranged :within the body to ,subdividetthesame into the several compart- .ments,.itbeing; obvious that the clips 16 will be located in the compartments which are defined between the end walls 7 and side mallsfirofthe body. A-andthe's-ide walls 17 .of the "partition element. When, arranged within .the body .A as a clearly illustrated in {-Eigurex2. of 'the drawing, it is apparent that :the partition element braces the side walls -15 as ,welhaslthe bottom wall-'aofthe body .and. the top walllO .ofthe cover. When employed as a. lunch kit for an outing .at the seashore, it5is .obviousthatwith the partition element (3' arranged within the body A, the

.4 partitione element of itself affords compart- .ments. for. sandwiches or the like, while the clips .may support vacuum bottles .or. other a containers. lnreturning from theseashore, .thepartition,elementlGvmay be removed. and

Wet bathing .suits'may becarried in theease .DI'rklt. .It is, of course, apparent that the kit may .used for other purposes in addition .to those mentioned. i

7 While there has beenlillustrated and de- .5;0 scribed one embodiment .of .the invention, it Iis'to be clearly understood that no limitatron isnecessarily made to theprecise strucitural. details, and thatvariations and modifieationswhich properly fall within the scope 5.5 of the appended claims maybe resorted to When'desiredL 'What'is c'lainie'd'is: p '1. j'In a carrying case of the character set forth, afbocly having a bottom and spaced sparallehside and end walls and apartition :element for optional use in the case said ele- -mentrhaving spaced side and end walls-app rozcimately.equal. in depth to the depth of ithe body, {the latter end walls being spaced apartan appropriate distance to frictionally.

fit between the side walls of the body to constitute means for subdividing said body into several compartments bet-weenits end walls, said partition element being constructed from two lengths of sheet material, the main portions thereof forming the opposite side walls :and angularly related opposite end portions the body, the latterwend walls being -spaced apart, an appropriate distance toa'frictiona'lly fit bet-ween the sidewalls of the body to constitute means forsubdividing said body into several compartments between its end-walls, said partition element beingconstructedfrom two lengths-of sheet material having inturned upper and lower-edges,- the main portions thereof forming the opposite side walls and angularly relatedvopposite. end portions joined respectively to eaoh othertod'efine the end walls of said partition element.

3. Ina carrying case -of:the characterset forth, abody having :a bottomtand spaced parallel side 3 andend walls andna partition element for optional zuseiin the case,said-ele- .ment -having spaced: side and .end walls ap- .proXii;nately-=equal in depth to the depth of the body, thelatter-end walls being spaced apartan appropriate d'istan ceito *frictionally .fit :betweenthe sidewalls of theibo'dy to con- .stitute means for subdividing said body into several compartments between its --end walls, said partition elementbeing constructed from two K lengths: of Y sheetmaterial, the:ma1n;por-

tions thereof, forming the opposite side walls and angula-rly related opposite-end. portions joined respectively :t0 -.-each other to define the end walls ofsaidpartitionvelement and a transverse intermediate wall constructed ofa length of sheet materialfhaving oppositely' proj eoting angular end's zjoine'd to .theside walls.

*4. -;In a carrying caseof the character set forth. abody having-a bottom-andspaced parallel side and end walls and I a partition :element for optional use in the case, said ele- .ment' having spaced. side and-end walls approximately equal in depth to the depth of the body, the-latter .end walls being spaced apart an appropriate distance to frictionally fit between the side walls of thebody to constitute means for subdividing said body into several compartments between its end walls,

said partitionelement being constructedxfrom two lengthxof-sheet material-having inturned upper :and'lower edges, the main portions thereof forming. the opposite {side walls and angu arly related' opposite end portions joined respectively to each other to define the end Walls of said partition element and a transverse intermediate Wall constructed of a length of sheet material having inturned up 5 per and lower edges and having oppositely projecting angular ends joined to the side walls.


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