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Publication numberUS1867903 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 19, 1932
Filing dateJan 26, 1931
Priority dateJan 26, 1931
Publication numberUS 1867903 A, US 1867903A, US-A-1867903, US1867903 A, US1867903A
InventorsWilcox Frank
Original AssigneeWilcox Frank
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Combination siren whistle
US 1867903 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

F, WILCOX July 19, 1932.

COMBI NATI ON S IREN WHISTLE Filed Jan. 26. 1931 lill/111)' .ed in a Patented July 19, 1932 UNITED STATES FRANK WILCOX, OF LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA COMBINATION SIR-EN WHISTLE Application :tiled January 26, 1931. Serial No. 511,177.

This invention relates to a sound device which embodies both the features of a siren and a whistle, and has been designed primarily for use in directing traffic, but may find usefulness in other elds.

In directing traffic, it often occurs that the traffic oihcer has need for both the traffic whistle and the siren. Heretofore it has been necessary to depend entirely upon the whistle, or upon two separate devices. It, therefore, becomes a primary object of this invention to provide a single device which optionally may be made operable as a trafiic whistle or `as a siren. As a means toward this end, I

rovide a sound device having a valve embodied therein which may be utilized to instantly convert the device into a trafiic whistle or a traffic siren.

In the device the same mouth piece with the same air inlet is used to operate both the whistle and the siren, and a unique manually operated cup-shaped slide valve is incorporatmanner whereby the whistle may be optionally converted into a siren or vice versa. Accordingly, it becomes a further object of the invention to provide a valve of the character described for the purpose described.

Another object of the invention is to provide a device of the character described having a neat workmanlike appearance, and one in which the parts may be readily assembled and disassembled for cleaning purposes.

Other objects and advantages will become apparent as the description proceeds in conjunction with the drawing in which- Fig. 1 is a perspective showing my device as it would appear complete;

Fig. 2 is a section taken substantially on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1, showing the position of the parts whereby the device operates as a siren;

Fig. 3 is the same as Fig. 2 with the parts arranged to operate as a whistle; and

Fig. 4 is a view taken substantially on the line 4-4 of Fig. 1.

In the drawing, I have illustrated my device as comprising a' casing, generally designated A, having a tubular extension thereon, generally designated B. The casing A is formed with an aperture 10 and a circular portion 11 which extends into a substantially fiat portion 12 having an air inlet 13. The flat portion 12 is adapted to form the mouthpiece, and the circular portion 11 contains a valve which is operable to alternately convert the device into a whistle or a siren.

I have shown the valve as comprising a cup-shaped valve member 14 adapted to rotatably fit within the interior of the circular portion 11. The cup-shaped member comprises a circular wall 15 and a bottom transverse wall 16, the bottom wall 16 being provided with a series of apertures 17.

"As best shown in Fig. 4, the member 14 forms anfair-tight sliding lit within the circular portion 11, and the bottom member 16 is adapted to slide against a member 18 which closes one side of the circular portion 11. rIhe member 18 is also provided with a series of openings 19 arranged to coincide with the openings 17 upon rotation of the cup-shaped member 14. As shown, the member 18 is press-fitted into one open end of the circular portion 11'.` I may use this structure, or the member 18 may be integral with the casing A. For purposes of economy, I prefer to form the member 18 asindicated. The member 18 is further provided with an upstanding outwardly extending annular flange 20 adapted to frictionally receive on the outer periphery thereof the tubular eXtensionB, said tubular extension having openings 21 in the outer end to emit the sounds produced by al siren C to be presently described. The tubular eX- tension B functions as a sounding board for amplifying the siren sound produced, as well as a. means of protectingl the siren mechanism.

Vithin the inner periphery of the flange 2O I mount the siren generally designated C; the structure in this instance comprising a yoke member 22 having a base plate 23 eX- tending across and spaced from the member 18 to provide a space 24.

The plate 23 is provided with openings 25 which are adapted to pass air into sloping openings 26 Vin the member 27 rotatably mounted upon a spindle 28, the spindle 28 being journaled upon needle points 29 and 30 and an adjustable screw 31 being provided tion 11 and mount a pin 34 in the Wall 15r of the member 14 in a manner to eXtend through the slot, and for convenience of operating I incorporate a hub 35 on the outer end of the pin, and equip said hub With a ring 36 for purposes of handling the device.

In order to render the cup-shaped member 14 operable as a valve between the Whistle yand the siren, I form` an opening 37 in the Wall 150i said member.

As shown in Fig. 2, the valve is set to operate as a siren and in this position the opening 37 admits air'into the member 14 which,

by virtuel Voit the closure 32 and the bottom platel, formsV a chamber 38. In this position the openings 17 register with the openings 19 and provide a clear passage for the air to the membe-rl 27.

To operate the device as a Whistle, the member 14 is rotated Within the circular portion 11 by means of the hub 35 or the ring '36 f until the opening 37 registers With the opening 10 in the casing A. It is to be observed that the opening 37 is of slightlygreater Width than the opening 10 and provides a slit 39 forV admitting air into the chamber 38. This Will be recognized as a means of producing a Whistle.

In order to provide the particular type of Whistle desired for directing traffic, I in- Vtroduceinto the chamber 38 a ball member 40 Which may be of any suitablesubstance, preferably cork.

By making the Vslot 33 of proper dimensions ivith respect to length, I form stops for the pin 34 Which stops the valve member 14 either in a position to operate as a Whistle or as a siren.

The device in its completed form is small,

compact, 1 and easily operable either as a `Whistle or a siren and fuliills the require ments of traiiic oiiicers.

Although I have shown and described a "specific structural arrangement of parts,

nevertheless I am aWa-rethat certain parts embodied therein may be modified or relined. I, therefore, reserve 'the right to all such alterations that come Within the scope of the disclosure and essence of the invention.

I claim as my invention: lj'A combination siren Whistle comprising: a casing having an air inlet and a Whistle aperture; a siren mechanism associated with said casing; and a valve in said casing operable to conduct air from said air inlet through said Whistle aperture or through said siren mechanism.

2. A combination siren Whistle comprising a casing having a Whistle aperture; a mouthpiece on said casing having a single air inlet; a siren mechanism associated. With said casing ;l and a valve rotatably mounted in said casing and operable upon rotation to open parts for conducting air from said air inlet through said Whistle aperture or through said siren mechanism.

3. A device of the character described cornprising z a casinghaving a mouth-piece With an air inlet and a circular portion having a Whistle aperture inthe Wall ythereof ;V a siren mechanism mountedv 'on fone'end of said circular'f portion a valve rotatably k.mounted 'Within said circular yportion;`a .closure plate d-etachably mounted on the end offsaidi oircular' portion opposite said siren mechanism; and means for rotating' said valve toopen a port for conducting airfrom said. airfinlet through said WhistleV aperture. or through said siren mechanism.y f

4. A device ofthecharacter -described comprising: a casing having amouth-piece with an air inlet and a circular portion having. a Whistle aperture Vin the Wall thereof a" closure plate on oneendofsaid circulan-portion, said closure' plate vhavinga'series of apertures therein; a siren mechanismwoperably associated With said closure plate;y a cup-shaped valve 5rotatably ymounted'yvithin said 'circular portion,"said valve havingy a slot in the circular Vvvall thereof communicating With said air inlet and a'series' of apertures inthe transverse'wallthereoi" adapted to register With the series of openingsin: said closure plate; a second closure plate on said circular portion opposite-said first mentioned closure plate; and'means for rotatingr said cup-shaped valve to close the'series ofopenings in said first mentioned closure plate and bringthe slot'in the circular Wall thereof into registration With the Whistle aperture to operate as a` Whistle-or to closesaid Whistle aperture and bringtheA series of apertures in the transverse Wall of said valve'into registration With the series of openings in said first mentionedclosure plate to operate as a siren. l

5. A Whistle combination of the classi' described embodying: a V'housing having'a mouth piece and a cylindricallynchambered portion, said cylindrically chamberedportion havingfa Whistle openingfin its cylindrical Wall adjacent -themouth pieceand1 a plurality of openings in one side Wallthereof; a valve member rotatably mounted insaidv chambered portion operable to alternatively close said Whistle opening and. open said side openings; and a siren member'. 'onthe side containing the side openings.

6. A Whistle combination 'of the class de! scribed embodying: a housing having a mouth piece and a cylindrically chambered portion, said cylindrically chambered portion having a Whistle opening in its cylindrical Wall and a plurality of apertures in its side Wall; valve means in said chambered portion comprising a cup member rotatably mounted in said chambered portion and having an opening corresponding With said Whistle opening and provided With a side member having a plurality of openings adapted to register With the openings in said side member when the Whistle opening and the corresponding opening in the cup member are not in registration; and a siren member on the side of said housing having the openings therein.

7. In combination with a Whistle mechanism comprising a housing having a mouth piece, a cylindrically chambered portion and a siren mounted on one Wall of the chambered portion, a valve embodying: a cup member rotatably mounted in said cylindrical portion and having an opening Which registers With the mouth piece, said cup member having a side Wall provided With a plurality of openings in the side of said housing carrying said siren; and means for rotating said cup member so as to alternatively open and close the side openings in said housing.

8. A siren Whistle embodying: a cylindrically chambered casing having a mouth piece opening into the chamber therein; a siren member mounted on one side of the cylindrically cliambered portion of said casing, the side of said casing carrying said siren member being provided With a plurality of apertures; and valve means for optionally establishing communication through said mouth piece and said side apertures comprising a side plate engaging the apertured side of said casing and having apertures therein corresponding to the apertures in the side of said casing, and a curved shield member secured to said side plate and provided with an opening Which registers with the opening in said mouth piece When the openings in said side plate and said side member are in registration.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand at Los Angeles, California, this 17th day of January, 1931.


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