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Publication numberUS1868168 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 19, 1932
Filing dateOct 17, 1928
Priority dateAug 30, 1926
Publication numberUS 1868168 A, US 1868168A, US-A-1868168, US1868168 A, US1868168A
InventorsHull Alva M
Original AssigneeHul Lo Wen Fireproof Everlasti
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Building construction
US 1868168 A
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July 19, 1932. A. M. HULL 1,868,168

BUILDING CONSTRUCTION I Original Filed Aug. 50, 1926 a/ I a y I l is I U a v 30 if I I I\ I1 E i I I I i 5 7 86 r fif 1 .1 h i 0 [L 5 a9 i 5 7 4% Z I N VEN TOR.


' its elements.

Patented July 19 1932 PANY, or DETROIT, i

BUILDING ooivsrnuormiii Original application filed August 30, 1926, Serial No.132, 340. Divided;

' 192s.- Serial No. 312,.975.

The present invention relates to building construction and more particularly to methods of and means for constructing buildings quickly and efliciently. l a h Among the objects of the invention is to simplify the erection of buildings of all sorts and yet produce a structure which is permanent.

'- Another object is the production of a build mg structure which shall be fireproof, vermin proof, and resistant to heat transfer through Other objects will readily appear to those skilled in the art upon reference to the following description and drawing in which Figure 1 is a perspective view of a door unit used in such construction. Fig.2 is a section on line 2-2 of Fig.1 and Fig.3 is a section on line 3+3 of Fig. 1.

The present application is a division of application Ser. No. 132,340 filed Aug. 30, 1926. a

In thedrawing a foundation wall- 10 is shown as having a channelmember 50 secured thereon and secured therein, as by screws'80, upright channel members 20 and 83. The members 20 may be portions of wall construction units such as are described in the case referred to or single channel members, ifthe location of the door unit does not permit use of such a Wall unit. V

The door unit is preferably posltioned between two upright members 20 secured to channels 50 as mentioned above and secured together at the top by a cross member 22 and near the top by a cross channel 81 welded, bolted or otherwise secured to the members 20. Over member 22 is placed the channel 52 and is secured by clips 51 and 61. Cross channel 81 is located at a point'somewhat above the door height and is provided with bolt holes 82, there being several in. each flange as shown, to permit the location of the door frame proper or to accommodate frames of different widths. The inn er door or frame proper consists of :wo nember 84 bolted thereto near the top as at 35, these members may be provided with pines 27 as shown. Between channels 81 "the angle material such as plaster,

tion and metal lath used, a

upright channel members 83 and a cross 7 and 22 is-preferred to insert bracing'inem this application October bers 20aand 20b,toprovide vertical and di- 7 agonal bracin and support for the upper-end of the unit. t'thelower'rends, the'ni'emb'ers 83 will be boltedzto channel? 50 a gindicated f5 and the flanges ofthef latterflcut and flattened down as at 86.1: Eachjof the members is preferably provided on its web portionjwi-th the angle members 88 welded theretoandpr'ovide the member"83 with additional flanges spaced from each other somewhat-more than the width of the channel. The member 84is similarly provided with; such angle members so that the molding forming the' do'or'ajanib maybe .formed to fit-either within 'or'on the outside of these flangeS SSbeing held therein or thereon "in any suitable manner. shoulder 89 formed by ,theb

ber 83 forms a convenient mining the thickness of being used as a guide for the troweling of the plastic material.

The door unit, is designed to be used with the wall construction described in the. parent The ack surface of; projecting beyond the channel memmeans for deter-'' the wall surfacing this angle member case'and for this reason is shown-as provided with .the spines 27 for attachment of insula V in the'manner therein de-' scribed.

Having now described the invention and the preferred form of embodiment thereof, it is to be limited, not to the specific set forth and of the claims which follow. I claim 1. In wall construction for; buildings in which a plurality of similar, wall units are door unit comprising side members similar in form to the side members of the units, a top cross member the top members of the units,'a second cross member near the said top-member secured to-said side members of the door unit, said second cross member being provided with a plurality of spaced bolt or screw holes near itsends and a door frame adapted to be bolted to said second cross member, said plu ralityof holes permitting selection of one of to be understood that the said inventionis' details, herein illustratedbut only by the scope 1 similar in form to "several diflerent lateral positions for said 1 door frame, said holes also permitting the use-of any 'one'of several widths of door frames. s a v I 2. In wall construction. for buildings in which apluralit'yof similar wall units are used, a door unit comprising side members similar in form to the sideme'mbers'of the 'units', atop oross membersiniilar inform to l the, top members otthe'umts;'a second cross member near thesai'd top member secured to said side members oi? the door unit, said sec} rality of spaced bolt or screw'holes near" its I i Y i 1b ends, a door frame adapted to'be boltedto said second-rerossmember and diagonal brac in structure betweensaidtop member and said second crossmember. V a 3.:11'1.v wall] construction for, buildings "in .270 which a plurality ofsimilar wall: units'are used, a door unitcomprising an outer frame 7 similar in form to the frames of the units a horizontal --eross member inside'and secured to said outer frame, a door frame within the I ZB'outerI frame, and under the cross bar, and means" engagingjand, connecting the door 1 frame andthe cross-member to secure the 'former to thevlatter, the means being adjustable so that the-position of the doorframe in 30 the outer frame may be Varied as the former, v .is suspended from-the latter. i 3 ."ZALVAQMFHULL.

I so. 60

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U.S. Classification52/210, 52/693, 52/243, 52/376
International ClassificationE06B1/12
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