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Publication numberUS1868200 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 19, 1932
Filing dateJan 17, 1931
Priority dateJan 17, 1931
Publication numberUS 1868200 A, US 1868200A, US-A-1868200, US1868200 A, US1868200A
InventorsFreedman Benjamin H
Original AssigneeHudson Holding Corp
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Lip stick holder
US 1868200 A
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July 19, 1932. F E AN 1,868,200

LIP STICK HOLDER Filed Jan. 1'7, 1931 fie y/admin fieedman Patented July 19, 1932 UNITE-D fs'm'res BENJAMIN'H. FREEDMAN, on NEW YORK, N. Y., ASSIGNOZB. rolnnnsonnonnrnejoon' roRA'rIoN; on NEW YORK, N. Y.,

' LIP STICKHOLDEB Application filed J'anuary 17,'1931. Seria1 No. 509,345. 1

This invention relates to an improvement in holders or containers for lip sticks,-cosmetics, or other merchandise adapted to be contained in containers of the same general 5 construction. 7

The object of the invention is to provide a novel form of container which affords cons venience inuse. The type of containers employed at the present time for holding lip sticks consist generally of two telescoping parts, one of which forms the body of the container and the other forming a separable and removable cap or cover therefor. With this standard type of lip stick container, it T3 is a very common occurrence for the removable ea or cover to become lost. This is caused y reason of the fact that the two hands of the user of the lipstick are generally employed while applying the lip stick; one so of the users hands generally holds the lip stick and the other. a'mirror. The lipstick 7 container cap is generally laid aside and consequently forgotten, and in many'cases it becomes lost. Other types of lip stick contain- 2 ers have been made wherein the cover has been hmged or otherwise movably-secured to the body of the container. These are not only expensive tomanufacture butthey sometimes cause the lip stick to be. broken oil" when the user of the lip stickabsent-mindedly attempts to replace the cap without retracting the lip stick material into the body of its container. V

The primary 33 therefore, is to provide a lipstick container with a simple form of cover that is wholly removable therefrom, and which shall be provided with means intended for engagement by one of the fingers of the hand so that it may be held by a single finger thereof, while the other fingers of the same hand may be 'used inholding the lip stick container and applying the stick to the lips.

I Through my improved constructiomthe container cover or cap will not become lost since object of this invention,

PATENT" QF F n conro'nacrron on DELAWARE it is constantly maintained on one fingenof v the hand and isiim'mediatelyreplaceable thereby when the application of thestick to the lips has been completed;

While I have herein described: my; container as being particularly applicable to holding thelip stick material or other 'cos metics, it will be obvious that it will be like wise applicable to containers of: similar de-; sigmconstructionor purposes. I

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawing, forming a part hereof in "which Figurel is. a front elevation of' my. im-, proved lip stick container; Figure 2 Figurel; 1 v. v p Flgure 3 is a sectional vlew of the container cap and upper portion of thereon} held by several of the other fingers on same hand.

Throughout the various views of the iaw ara'cters designate ing, similar reference'ch similar parts In th'efembodiment of my inventiomsdisf closed in the accompanying drawing, 11in dicatesthe body of the container;

lower end is ls-a similar View, the'same being taken at right angles to that disclosed-in.

The same is preferably made of thin metal or sqme'simig 'lar material and it is of cylindrical form. "Itsprovided with a knurled,rotatable portion 2, which forms apart of aide I vice for projecting the lipstick material 3 out, y

of the body ofthe container body l to permit L .its'application to the lips. The lipstick moying'me ans, of which the element"2 forms a,

part,'being no part of my invention, need not be described indetail, the same 'andwell known in this'art.

Adjacent its upper end, the body container is provided with a' circum'ferentialf head 4 which'acts' as a stop or abutment for A the cover or cap which telescopes with the body portion of the container 1, and seats upon said bead 4, as is clearly disclosed in Figures 1 to 3 inclusive. The cap 5 1s a cupshaped tubular member which fits snugly over the .end of the body '1 of the container and 1 frictionally maintains its position thereon. 'Said cover or cap 5 is provided on its end be inserted thru it. 7 V a V 7 From the foregoing, the operation of my improved device will be readily understood, 7 To remove the cap or cover 6 fromithe conwith, a loop or ring 6 of sufficient size to permit the small finger-V"? of a persons handto V tainer, it is merely necessary for'the user to thrust her small finger 7 through the loop or ring 6 and draw the cap off. The finger will snugly fit within the loop or ring 6, so that 4 the cap will be frictionally held on the finger,

leavingfthe remaining fingers of the same 4 hand free to hold and apply the lipstick. When the application of "the lipstick to the lips has been completed, the cap is merely replaced on'the container and the-finger 7 for byaflixing it in any other way. I have also shownthe ring or loop 6 as, being a rigid v 1 Y to; the cap if preferred and raised when depart of the structure. It may also be hinged sired to permit the insertion of the finger.

These and'other changes may be made in the structure without departing from the spirit of my invention. Y i

I. What I claim-is having a removable cover provided-i with a;

1., A container, of the character described having a fremovable 'cover'and a finger-engagmg part'on said cover permitting. said cover to be. removed fromthecontainefr and supported by a single finger otfthe 'useristhe hand to remove the cover member front the container and wholly support it.

6, A tubular container having a body portion, a removable cover telescopically fitted 1 thereover, a'finger-engaging' portion on the cover at its end, said portion permitting said coverto be removed vfrom the container and supported by a single "finger ofthe users A hand. s a y l a Signed at the city, county and State of New York, this 16th'day of January, 1931.


" 1 ice 2.: A containerlof' the character loop member through which a finger of the users hand may beinserted. I

3L lip stick containerhaving' a-body por-. t on, a removable cover telescopically fitted thereon, theouter end of saidcover being formed with a loop to receive'a finger of the users hand.

' .4, A lip stick'container having abody portion,a removable cap fitted'thereomthe end of said cap being formed into an integral] loop. to receive a single finger of'the users l h'andI 5. i A lip stick container having a removable cover member, said cover member having its end formed into a rigid ring-like extension adapted EtO beengaged by a single finger of

U.S. Classification401/98, D19/44, 132/320
International ClassificationA45D40/06
Cooperative ClassificationA45D40/06
European ClassificationA45D40/06