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Publication numberUS1868286 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 19, 1932
Filing dateApr 11, 1930
Priority dateApr 11, 1930
Publication numberUS 1868286 A, US 1868286A, US-A-1868286, US1868286 A, US1868286A
InventorsGrieve Frederick W
Original AssigneeGrieve Frederick W
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Golf club
US 1868286 A
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F; W. GRIEVE July 19, 1932.

GOLF QLUB Filed April 11, 1930 NVENTOR gr: ve WM ATTORN EY5 V and brassie type.

Patented July'19, 193 2 FREDERICK w. GRIEVEQOF onns'rwoon, N W-roux eonr onus 1 Application filed A' rnu, 1 930. Seria1 No. 443,3 111. 1

My invention relates to golf clubs and has special reference to golf clubs of the spoon One of the objects of my invention is to provide a spoon or similar golf club which,

although of standard size, weight, balance,

and set of the club head inaddressing the ball, is so constructed that a ball may be fairly struck from a depression or other bad lie where ordinarily an iron would bere- -quired. g 7

Another object of my invention is to pro vide a golf club of the standard spoon and brassie type in which the club head is capable of more easily, smoothly and accurately cutting through the turf in striking the ball than clubs of this type heretofore in general use.

The several features of my invention, whereby the above mentioned and other objects may be attained, will be readily under-' stood from the following description and accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure l is a front elevation of a club head embodying the features of my invention in their preferred form; V

Figs. 2 and 8 are respectively bottom plan and rear views of the same; and r Fig. 4: is a sectional view taken on the line 4.4c of Fig. 1.

My 'mproved club head is preferably of the club head. the several screws being screwed into the head. The cross-bar por tion 11 of the'plate extends over the forward portion of the bottom side of the head with the central portion of its forward edge flush with the striking face 2 and the remaining invention "a subportions of its 'forwardied-ge flush with the curved surfaces adjacent the ends ofgi the striking face. I The member Mofthepl'ate I is arranged horizontally andlextends cen- V trally or. the club; head and striking face. Thelforward' portion 11 of -the sole plate is convexedly curved at a sharper angle than corresponding forward portions of clubheads heretofore 1n general-use, andlts rear edgefportions 15 are beveled oflfi slightly. as. 6 shown. The member 14: of thesole plate also "is convexedly-curved as: shown; The f portions 16'0fthe bottomside of thehadnot covered by' the sole plate areslabbd or chamfered off upwardly andrearwardly'fromithe A .rearI edges of the: forward portion '11 of the plate, 'and :upwardly. and outwardly from the edgesof; the}; central portion 14; of the plate as shown, said beveledoft portions 16 gradually merging-into said edgesof the 7 Solo plate. y I V With'this construction of spoon or similar club head,";it hasr-been' found that in strik ing the-ball thehead digs or-'1 cuts through the turf-- easily, smoothly and accurately. The cori'vexedlycurved front. edge of the sole plate easily cuts into the. turf, and" as the head carries-through the portion 11 and the member "14 of the. soleplate ofier but'little resistanee,qthe; remaining: portions 16lof-the g0 bottom surface of the head sloping suflicient lytoclear-the ground out bythe front'edge of the1so'le'plate.,, Moreover, the central meme .berlf ofthe sole plate tends'tomaint'ain the travel ofthe-head in a-straight line as it en- '65 plate may "b emade with a sharper convex curvature and thus may moreeasily cutdeep- .club' heads heretofore in general use.

The solev plate is preferably made. of

eighth inch inthi'ckness, and because ofvthe I arrangement of the member 14 thereof centrally of theclub head relatively little lead weight 18 is required. To.applythis-weight 10 I rella-f .tively heavy brass plate,- substantiallyone- I 18, thesoleplate may befirstsecured on the club head and then the rear screw 12 is removed. The head may then becentrally Y bored and said screwreplaced, and then the necessarvamount of lead weight 18 may be. applied by pouring molten lead into the bore;

This lead surrounds the portion ofthe screw extending through the bore so that when the lead solidifies it is securely held in place. 7 Thecentral member 14 of the sole plate and ward and central portions of the sole together being of substantially T-form, and the remaining portions of its sole cut away to provide ground clearance above said forward andcentral portions.

In testimony whereoffI have name to this specification;

also the Weight 18 concentrates the weight of r the head in a vertical plane extending through e the center of the striking face where it s required to secure properbalance.

head may be made of the jst'andard'size,

- plate is such as to give the club the proper f I A 7 set in addressing the ball. Y

: As .will beevident'to those skilledin the Q art,-my invention permits'various modifica-' tions without departing from the spiritthere- 1 ofor the scope of the appended claims.

What I claim is: I i

golf b of the class describedlha x n ,i a

ing a substantially T-shapedsole plate set into the bottom side of itsheadwith the cross-bar of the" plateforming the forward a a 7 part of said'bottom side; and the other part of the plate extending centrally transversely r V of the head and arranged substantially hori- Y gzontally, the remaining portions of the bot- 7 tom side of the head being inclined upwardly and rearwardly; from said cross-barfand'up wardly and outwardlyfrom said central part of thesole plate.

7 '2J Ag0lf club of the class described havinga substantially T-shaped soleplate" set into the bottom sideof its-head with the cross-barof the-plate forming the forward part of said bottom side-and the other part of the plate extending centrally transversely of the head'and arranged substantially ho'ri 1 thereof, the central portion of its solee'xtending from said forward portionrearwardforward portion. 7 r V r 5; 4. A; golf club of the spooniand brassien tom side of the head being cutaway to pro-' -vide ground clearance. r r

A golf club of the spoon "and brassie.

I type'having the forward portion'of the sole zontallv, the remaining portions of the botof its head convexedly'curved longitudinally i thereof; the central portion of itsZ-soleextending from said forward portion rearward- 1y beingarranged horizontally and substan- 1 tially flush with the forwardportion, and the 7 remaining portions of its'sole inclined up- :wardly and outwardly from said central portion" and upwardly and rearwardly from said type having the forward'portion of the sole of its head conyexedly curved longitudinally lv'being arrangedhorizontally, substantially flush with theforward' portion and'convexiedly formed transversely thereof, said'.Ifor-' FREDERICK GRIEVEQ l

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U.S. Classification473/328
International ClassificationA63B53/04
Cooperative ClassificationA63B2053/0433, A63B53/04
European ClassificationA63B53/04