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Publication numberUS1868308 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 19, 1932
Filing dateFeb 1, 1930
Priority dateFeb 1, 1930
Publication numberUS 1868308 A, US 1868308A, US-A-1868308, US1868308 A, US1868308A
InventorsBrumfield Ross E
Original AssigneeBrumfield Ross E
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Capsule gun
US 1868308 A
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July 19 1932 R. E; BRUMF'IELD CAPSULE GUN Filed Feb. l, 1930 ilrumfi Patented July 19j 1932 Ross E. BnUMFIELmon U vAr.1 n, l'rrixasV CAPsuL'E GUN Application filed February 1 1930. -SeriaLNd 425,262.

The-present invention relates to capsule guns and has for an important object thereof the provision of a gun adapted for use in forcing capsules or the like down the throat 5 of an animal.

Another object of this invention is to provide a gun of this character which is provided with a substantially elongated barrelfor removablyreceiving aV capsule, the capsule being ejected from the barrel after the barrel has been forced into the throat of the animal.

A further object of this invention is to provide a reciprocable ejector for ejecting a capsule from the chamber ofthegun. A still'further object -of this invention is to provide in a gun of this character a hollow handle Vwhich is adapted to be used asa reser- 10 un. f The above and various other objects and advantages of this invention will in part be described in and in part be understood from the. following detailed description of the present preferred embodiment, the samebeing illustrated in the accompanying drawing wherein Figure 1 is a longitudinal section, partly in detail, of a device constructed according to the preferred embodiment of this invention; Vand v v Figure 2 is a fragmentary transverse section taken on the line 2 2 4of Figure 1.

Referring to the drawing wherein. like,

numerals of reference designate corresponding parts throughout the several views, the num-eral 10 designates a hollow handle of suitable dimensions which is so constructed as to be easily positioned in the hand, the

40 periphery of the handle being preferably knurled or otherwise roughened as at 11.`

An elongated barrel 12 is mounted on the outer end portion of the handle 10 and is angularly inclined therefrom. The'barrel 12 is provided at the outer'end portion thereof with a capsule receiving member 13. An ejector 14 is reciprocably mounted in the barrel 12 and provided at the inner end portion thereof with a threaded portion 15 for threadably receiving a thumb or nger enf A cup-shaped annular member 19! isiylsecuredto the outer restricted end portion AofV voir or chamber for holding capsules for. the

being retained by. a wad 'of paperor the like '8"- or, if desired,a suitable cap member 24 may Ytheanimal will not be able to remove the :gaging member 16.,v The outer end portion n of theejecting ymember 414`isl prefe'rabl)7 re- .stricted .as at17, and azyie'ldable orV resilient spring 18 is loosely engaged about the restricted portion 17 .of the ejector. .TheA

spring member 18 is adapted to engage at one end `against the ejector 14 and at the `oppo- 'Site endfthe inner face portion of the capsulev receiving member 13 soas toconstantly Vurge the. ejector 14 rearwardly.

the ejector 14 and isslidably mountedvin the ejecting chamber l13. The annular member is adapted to engage against a. capsule 19 -or the like whichis removably positioned in the,` capsule receiving.- member v13. Thejan'- 'nular member 18 forces the capsule outward- I Y ly'of'the projecting chamber 13 when the ejecting member 14is forced outwardly."V 'i A bearing or annularring 2O 'may-be, posi;

tioned 'withinthe barrel 12 adjacent thei'nj-A ner "end portion-thereof so as ,to hold'the ejector 14 in spaced relation to the'barrel and permit the ejector 14 to reciprocate readily within the barrel 5 The capsule member 13 ,mayl be threaded-ly mounted on the barrel 12 as at 22 so thatvarions sizes of capsules may be used, andthe ejector or plunger 19 may also be threadedly 5' mounted' as at 23 on the vend ofthe reduced .Y member-17. j f 'i y The hollow handle 10,is `adapted to receive a lplurality of capsules 2O therein7 thecapsules be removably positioned inthe open end of the handle so,` as to retain the" capsules therein. Y*

In the operation of this device, one of the '5(5- j capsules 20 may be removed from the handle 10 and placed in the ejecting chamber 13,the capsule being relatively flexible so thatit vwill engage the inner peripheryof the ejecting chamber and be securely held therein by reason of its own flexibility. The capsule securing member 13 may then be placed in the throat of the animal, being forced downwardly thereinto a sufficient distance so that capsule. The reciprocable ejector 14 may then be forced outwardly by pressing .the thumb or other member of they hand against the annular member 16,'Whereupon the capsule engaging member Will force-the capsule 2O outwardly of the capsule chamber 18 and l being restricted only I vals;

into the throat of the animal. It is, of course,

' to be understood that the capsule 20-may contain any desired medicinewhich itis desired to place'in the throat of the animal, and the exterior of the capsule is 'preferably' constructed of the conventional gelatine rna-.VVVV

terial. i y Y f The barrel 12 may Ybe ofany/,desired length andis preferably ofrsuch length that it Will project downwardly into :the throat of v,the `animal a sufficient distance so that. when the v v capsule is forced youtwardly Vof the capsule chamber 13 the animal will not'beable torremove the Vcapsule from the throat. Y c ItV will, of course, be understood that va-V Y `rions changes and modifications may be made in ther details of construction and design of the above vspecifically describedembodiment of the invention Without departing from the spirit thereof, such changes and modifications j by the scope of the following claim. Y. Y

` vllVhlat is claimed is:--

f A capsule gun of the character described yconaprising a hollow handle adapted to'ereceifve al pluralityV of capsules,fa removable .plug-5in: one end of saidfhandle, an elongated barrel secured to, said handle-and obtusely H incl-ined therefrom, a capsule,'chamber secured toene-end of said barrel, an lejector shaftislidably mount-ed in said barrel. and having one end projecting outwardly of one l end'. of the barrel, 'the opposite endV being reduced and forming a shoulder Within the barrel, said reduced end extending into said capsule chamber, a concave injector 4 head mounted on the reducedend of said ejector Y vshaft andjengagingv against one end of a fao capsule in said capsule chamberaJ spring disposed about thereduced portion of said ejec-` tor shaft and having one "end vengaged against saidshoulder and the opposite end engaging againstthe outer end of saidbarrel n for' constantly urging the ejector AheadagainstA the innerY end of said chamber, and

an `operating.member threadedly-in'ounted on the projecting end of said shaft.`

In testimony whereof Iv hereunto Signature.` f v t inossn B'RMFIELD.

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U.S. Classification604/59
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Cooperative ClassificationA61D7/00
European ClassificationA61D7/00