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Publication numberUS1868441 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 19, 1932
Filing dateAug 14, 1931
Priority dateAug 14, 1931
Publication numberUS 1868441 A, US 1868441A, US-A-1868441, US1868441 A, US1868441A
InventorsColfelt Wilma M
Original AssigneeColfelt Wilma M
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Writing pad for writing instruments
US 1868441 A
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July 19, 1932. w, COLFELT 1,868,441


My invention is intended for use and placement upon writing instruments, such as pens, pencils and the like.

The invention consists primarily of a body element made of compressible material, as

sponge rubber, and is adapted for being placed upon the Writing instrument and to make the use of the Writing instrument easier for the user and to prevent bursae, callouses and the like, forming upon the digits of the user of the same.

The invention is comprised primarily of a body element adapted for placement and for being precisely positioned upon the writing instrument, at the desired location and at the position that will best suit the user of the same.

A thimble may be placed between the conipressible member and the staff of the writing instrument, depending upon the character and purpose for which the same is to be used.

The object of my invention is to relieve fatigue for workers using pens and pencils over long periods and to prevent callouses being formed on that portion of the digit which comes in direct contact with the pen, or pencil.

A further object of my invention consists in providing a device for placement upon the writing instrument that will be substantially larger in diameter than the writing instrument itself, to thereby facilitate the grasping of the same by the user and to lessen the muscular fatigue of the hand in the using of the same.

A still further object of my invention consists in providing a cushion support adapted for being precisely positioned upon the inset forth in the appended claim, and a preferred form of embodiment of which is here- Serial No. 557,112.

inafter shown with reference to the drawing which accompanies and forms a part of this specification.

In the drawing:

The figure is a side view, partially in 65 section, of one of my new and improved dedevices, shown in place upon a thimble and upon a pencil and illustrating an air pocket disposed within the rubber and having means for predetermining the size and 60 length of the air pocket.

My new article of manufacture is intended primarily to be placed upon writing instruments and has its outer portion made of resilient material thereby providing a soft body about the writing instrument which assists the holder in the use of the instrument and lessens the fatigue.

A thimble 5 is slidably disposed in intimate contact with the writing instrument. The ends 6 and 7 of the thimble are threadably secured to each other and have shoulders and 9 extending outwardly from the oppositely disposed ends of the members that form the thimble. The body element 10 is made of resilient material and is disposed about the thimble 5 and is placed about the thimble so that the ends of the body element 10 fit next to the shoulders 8 and 9 of the thimble and an air space 11 is thereby provided which entirely surrounds the upper surface of the thimble.

It will be readily seen that by this construction in order to increase the area of the air space all that it is necessary to do is to thread the members forming the thimble together. By this means the length of the resilient body element may be increased or decreased and therefore the area of the air space 11 is decreased or increased.

While the form of mechanism herein shown and described is admirably adapted to fulfill the objects primarily stated, it is to be understood that it is not intended to confine the invent-ion to the one form of embodiment herein shown and described, as it is susceptible of embodiment in various forms, all coming within the scope of the claim which follows.

What I claim is:

A new article of manufacture comprised of a thimble, composed of two parts threadably secured together, a shoulder outwardly 5 and upwardly extending from the outer end of each of the thimble members, a compressible member disposed therebetween, With an air space disposedbetween the thimble and the inner central portion of the compressible body e1ement,and means for increasing the diameter of the body' element at its central portion.


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U.S. Classification15/443, 401/88, 16/109, 401/6
International ClassificationB43K23/004
Cooperative ClassificationB43K23/004
European ClassificationB43K23/004