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Publication numberUS1868489 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 26, 1932
Filing dateAug 15, 1931
Priority dateAug 15, 1931
Publication numberUS 1868489 A, US 1868489A, US-A-1868489, US1868489 A, US1868489A
InventorsBarry Garrett J
Original AssigneeBarry Garrett J
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Signal system
US 1868489 A
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July 26, 1932. G BARRY 1,868,489

S IGNAL SYSTEM Filed Aug. 15, 1931 IN VEN TOR M Mad/x ATTORNEY able supports 15 as, for example,

system adapted to be used at railroad cross-V PatentedJuIYZG, 1932 GARRETT :r. BAnBY, or ToLrmo, onro SIGNAL SYSTEM Application filed August 151931.- Serial No. 557,323.

This invention relates to a safety signal ings or other similar roador highway inter.-

sections for the purpose of preventing collisions, especially between locomotives and automobiles.

An object of the invention is to provide means responsive to the sound ofa distant approaching locomotive or other vehicle on one road for giving the impression to amotorist orperson approaching the crossing or intersection that such locomotive ismuch closer to the crossing than it really is. A further object is to provide an audible signal at a 7 crossing which w1ll emit a warning characteristic of the approaching locomotive or vehicle. Other and more limited ob ects will i become apparent from the followlng description when taken in connection with the accompanying drawing.

3 i Fig. 1 is a schematic plan viewof the intersection of adouble track railroad with a highproved signalling v schematic cross section of the railroad showembodiment of my imway showing one system, and Fig. 2 1s a ingthe relation of the sound responsive device or transmitter to the rolling stock.

Referring now to thedrawing by the use of reference numerals, 10 and 11 indicate. parallel sections of railway track and'12 rep or street. A pair of anresents a highway 13 and'lt which' may be nunciative devices constructed on the general plan of radio loud speakers, 15 adjacent the hlghway 12. p The supports are mounted on suitable supports 15 may be postsof any suitable material set into the ground for the special purpose of supporting the annunciator' devices or may be the usual telegraph poles which ordinarily parallel railroads. Mounted on other suittelegraph poles, are a plurality ofsound responsive devices'ortransmitters17. I have found that a suitable spacing ofthe devices 17 for use at highway and'railroad intersections is to space the closest transmitter .at about 1300 feet from the intersection and the others,any

; suitable; number, at distances of about 200 feet. This spacing lends itself very well to the blasts of the whistle of a locomotive approaching the crossing and gives the warn- The. annunciative devices 13 and 14; will be connected by. means of conductors 18 to 21 with the output of the amplifierA. suitable current supplywill be received from the line 24, 25. .It is to be understood that the amplifier A may be ofany suitable construction such as is well'known to those skilled intheart. This device will have a suitable power-supply, the conductors 26 and 27 will be connected in the grid circuit of a vacuum tube, while the conductors 19 and 21 will form a part of the plate circuit of the last stage of amplification, if more than one stage is employed. The sound responsive devices or transmitters 17 may be similar to a telephone transmitter;

As is indicated in Fig. 2, the devices 17 are so positioned as to receive unmufiied the 7 sound waves produced by the whistle of the locomotive irrespective of vwhether another train or a line of cars intervenes between the track upon which such locomotive is approaching and the support upon which the transmitter is mounted,

While I have shown'and described an illusa trative-embodiment of my invention, I wish it understood that I am not limited to the details thereof except in accordance with the appended claims. 7 a

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

1. A protective device for use at intersec- .tions of highways and railways, comprising,

intersection,- of the same character as the sound which actuates said mechanism.

7 2. protective device for use at roadintersections, including, a transmitter positioned near one road at a distance from the intersection, an annunciative device positionedat the intersection, an amplifier, a source of current, and connectionsbetween the mentioned elements such that loud sounds in the vicinityo'f said transmitter will cause loud sounds to be emitted from said annunciativedevice,said I 1 Y 7 transmitter being supported: at aheight com;

siderably' greater than that of the rolling stock employed whereby to receive unmufiied, q w the sound of a locomotive whistle or bell in spite of the presence of such rolling stock on- 25 tracks between thatupon which said locomoftive is running and the'transmittersupport.

3: A protective device for" arailroa 'd' cross ing including, an annunci ative device atsuch I crossing and'means responsive to thefsonnd V 7 so ofa distant, approaching locomotive to ca'use a loud sound like that of thellocomotive to be emitted by said annunciative device, whereby to createthe impression upon the mind'of a v motorist approaching said crossing that the locomotive is closer than it" reallyfi's, said means including a transmitter positioned at aldistan'ce from said cross'ingand connecting and amp'if yingnieansbetween said transmitter andzsaid annun ciative device;

V 3a: In testimony whereofil 'hereuntolaffix Y Signature. 77 y V:


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U.S. Classification246/125, 340/917, 246/473.1, 367/6, 340/906
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