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Publication numberUS1868893 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 26, 1932
Filing dateAug 20, 1928
Priority dateAug 20, 1928
Publication numberUS 1868893 A, US 1868893A, US-A-1868893, US1868893 A, US1868893A
InventorsBruce Gentle Robert
Original AssigneeBruce Gentle Robert
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Portable massage and spray apparatus
US 1868893 A
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July 26,y 1932. R. B. GENTLE 1,868,893

PORTABLE MASSAGE AND SPRAY APPARATUS Filed Aug. 20. 1928 .5,7 Mafia fff,

@ Features of invention are shown in the con- Patented July 26, 1932 A'Parri-iler OFFICE ROBERT BRUCE GENTLE, AOE NEW YORK, N. Y.

PORTABLE MASSAGE AND SPRAYvAPPAQRIA'ITS Application vfuednugust 2o, 192s. serial No. 300,841.

This invention relates to aportable massage and spray apparatus and the principal object thereof is to provide an apparatus of exceedingly small proportions that can be carried by individuals in small traveling cases for self-treatment of their mouths, noses and throats to keep those organs' in a clean, healthy condition. To that end I provide an apparatus that includes a small air compressor, an antiseptic or cleansing liquid container and mixer to. which can be connected the various nozzles and nipples suited for cleans-V ing and treating the mouth, nose and throat.

Another object of the invention is to pro- "f vide an apparatus with means connected therewith 'for increasing or decreasing the force of the liquid spray, and also to increase or decrease the proportion of cleansing or healing liquid to compressed air.

struction combination, arrangement and coaction of parts whereby a portable massage and sprayer apparatus for cleansing and treating the mouth, nose'and throat is pro- 9j vided that is of great usefulness in the art of cleanliness and health promotion, which also isleasy to operate in self-treatment, neat and pleasing in appearance and durable in use.

Other objects, advantages and features of 59 invention may appear from the accompanyf ing drawing, the subjoined detailed descrip# tion and the appended claim. i

Theaccompanying drawing illustrates the invention. A Y Fig. 1 is a semi-diagrammatic view of an apparatus constructed in accordance with this invention showing itl mounted on a table ready for use, the table'being indicated by dotted lines; also showing it connectedfto'an electric lighting system of a room. f Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmental section on the line 2 2, Fig. 1, showing one form of the massage nipple connected to the spray nozzle. Fig. 3 is an end view of the nipple shown in Fig. 2, as viewed fromthe line 3 3, Fig.` 2. 1 Fig. 4 1 is a central longitudinal section through the spray nozzle with anotherform of nipple attached thereto. Y 'Fig 5 is a cross section on the line 5 5, Fig. 4.


VFig. 6 is another cross section on the line 6 6, Fig. 4, showing the corrugations on the inside wall of the nipple skirt.

Fig. 7 is a fragmental section analogous to Fig. 4 `showing another form of nipple.

. Fig. 8 is an end view of the nipple shown in Fig. 7 as seen from the line 8 8 of Fig. 7.

Fig. 9 is a view analogous to Fig. 7 showing a spherical ball or nipple attached to the nozzle. Y

Fig. 10 is a central vertical section through the combined container and mixer with its connections to the air compressor and nozzle broken away. Y

The portable massage and spray apparatus includes an air compressor 16, a container 52 and mixer 51, nozzle `66 and removable nipple 70 that are connected and arranged so that when in use they can be placed on a dresser tor is provided with a cord`20 and plug 21 whereby it can be placed in circuit with'the usual lighting and powerv connections of i building circuits as indicated diagrammatically in Fig. 1, and by which electrical connections the motor can be driven when'necessary.

The 'air compressor 16 is connected by a flexible tube 47 to a pipe fitting 48 that is connected toone arm of the valve vhousing 49 o a t'wosway valve 50on the'mixer 51.

The container is preferably a glass vessel 52` havingits open end closed by a screw top 53 on which the .spaced bosses 54, 55 are secured as by brazing or welding, and they are hollow and threaded.

One arm of the valve housing 49 is secured n in the boss 54 so that compressed air can discharge through the passage 56 onto the top of the liquid 57 in the container to force it out of the siphon pipe 58 that has its'upper end extended through the boss 55 and con- 9 ting 59 to control the discharge of liquid through the discharge end' ofthezpassage 61. Another pipe fitting 64 is secured to one arm of the three-way'iitting 59, and a flexiblel hose 65 connects the fitting 64 with the tapered inlet end of the spray nozzle 66.

A major portion of the nozzle 66 is straight and has a portion at its discharge end 67 that is preferably bent about thirty degrees out of a straight alignment for convenience in inserting the nozzle in the nose or throat.

The ball tipped discharge end 67 is smooth and rounded so that its contact with the membrane of the mouth or nose will not be painful or injurious.

The nozzle 66 is provided with an annular recess 68 adjacent. the ball tipped discharge end 67 into which the annular rim 69 on the neckof the removable nipple 7 0 is extended to secure the nipple on the nozzle and prevent itfrom being accidentally displaced. y

The nipples 7 0 are made in various forms for various purposes and made removable so that a change from one to the other can be quickly andeasily accomplished when cleansing the mouth and treating the gums, but for the sake of brevity. only four formsof the nipple are shown andy described. y

All the nipples are formed of'soft rubber or very pliable material that isnotinjurious to themembrane of the mouth when in contact with itin the process of massaging. l Thenipples shown in Figs. l to 8 inclusive are especially for use in cleansing the teeth and massaging the. gums in between and around them. Y

In Figs. l to 3' the nipple is shown. formed with a neck 7l,.body 72 in which there is a chamber 73, bottom wall 74:, and short heX- agonal'skirt 75.. The bottomlis provided with protuberances 76 and discharge ports 7 7 the'purpose of which are obvious.

In the form of nipple shown in Figs. .tto 6 inclusive the skirt 75 is semi-spherical and has saw tooth corrugations on its inner bottom edge and the discharge ports 77 are directed toward Vthe corrugationsfor the purpose of cleaning between and around the teeth. In Figs. 7 and 8 the nipple is shown with a tapered skirt Whichis especially adapted for cleaning-the teeth in and around bridgework. y

' The nipple shown in Fig.l 9 is formed spherical with a slightly thicker wall'. than the otherv nipples andits purpose is for massa-ging the membrane ofthe mouth, especially in the space between the jaws and cheeks and around the tongue.

The flexible tube 47 is preferably of considerable length so that in operation it functions in a measure as a compressed air reservoir interposed between the compressor and mixer so that in use the flow of compressed air from the nozzle, When valve isopen, is relatively continuous, it being understood that a very small air pressure is required in operation.

Also the ieXible hose 65 is of considerable lengt-h sothat it also functions as a compressed air reservoir to aid in supplying a continuous flow of air't'o the nozzle when necessary.

The nozzleV 66isvprovided with an escape. passage 7 8that is normally closedby arubber ball cap 79 that is arranged to blow) off relatively noiseless so as not to startle .al patient being treated when the pressurein the hose 65 becomes excessive. In other. words the stemV ofthe passage'78 and cap 79 for-ma blow-off valve. Alsothereis acontrolvalve 80 mounted in hollow` bosses oppositely a1'.- ranged andintegral with the nozzle 66that has a sliding plunger 83 held by aspring 81 in position to normallyv close the passage82 throughthe nozzle.

The valve. is opened by pushing the plunge er 83 against the spring` 81. Thel plunger. 83 is. actuated by astem 84A on-which there isa knurled lingerI knob 85.

In Fig. 1 the apparatus is diagrammatically. shown with its vplug circuit vwith/the electric light wiringv 86 of avroomindicatedI by the floor and wall lines 87,88. Thecircuit includes the battery 89, wires 90 and. which the Vswitch92and lights 93rare interposed, andshowing'the plug 21v engaging. the contacts 94, 95 soas to complete the. circuit.

As previously` indicated fthe plug 21 canbe formed so. as to be readily connectedto any socket in an electric lighting orpower circuit suitable for actuating a small electric motor.

In operation the plug 21 is placed in .circ-uit with any suitable buildingpower or lighting system, as indicated in Fig. 1, andwhen so connectedthe motor. 17 Wil1 be. actuatedrto il.;

drive a current of compressed air. through the container andmixerY and out. of .the Anozzle when the` valve 8O is open.

Vhen the compressor is in operation, the.

valves 50.and 63 canibe manipulatedtofin- 1" creaseI or diminish the amountof liquidi 57 forced or` drawn through the siphon pipe 68.`

In other words. when the valve 50 is setso that the. passage 56 `is almost entirely closed the liquid 57 will be siphonedout of the container in a flow governedby thepositionof the valve 63; and whenA the valve-50-isset to fully close the passage 62 andvalve- 63 is fully open, and alsorthe nozzle. valve 8Ois open, the liquid 57 will be driven by thencom,

pressed air in a solid -stream out of the container until itis emptied, or until the nozzle valve is closed. It isobvious that the valves 50 and 63 can be manipulated to give any desired mixture or proportion of compressed air and liquid as may be desired and that the nozzle valve can be opened more or less to give a discharge of greater Aor less torce from the nozzle. Y

When the nose is to be'cleansed or treated the nozzle 66 can be used Without any of the nipples and when the mouth and throat are to be cleansed or treated the proper nipple for any specific membrane is attached to the nozzle.

I claim as my invention:

A portable massa-ge and spray apparatus for treating the mouth, throat and nose including a nozzle having an inlet end adapted to be detachably connected to the discharge end of a flexible hose, a control valve adjacent the inlet end of said nozzle arranged to normally close a passage therethrough, a pop-oil valve interposed between said control valve and inlet end of said nozzle, a dis-V charge end portion to said nozzle that is oset angularly to the main portion of said nozzle, a smooth ball tip at the discharge end of said nozzle, and a soft rubber nipple detachably connected to said ball tip, said nipple having protuberances for massaging the gums While a treating mixture is discharged from said nozzle.

In witness whereof I have hereunto aixed my signature.


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International ClassificationA61M3/00, A61M11/00, A61M3/02
Cooperative ClassificationA61M11/00, A61M3/0233
European ClassificationA61M3/02D, A61M11/00