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Publication numberUS1870395 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 9, 1932
Filing dateMay 18, 1931
Priority dateMay 18, 1931
Publication numberUS 1870395 A, US 1870395A, US-A-1870395, US1870395 A, US1870395A
InventorsGeorge Zarin
Original AssigneeGeorge Zarin
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Advertising novelty
US 1870395 A
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ADVERTISING NOVELTY l Filed May 1.8i, 1931 Vof the figure, giving the effect of Patented Aug. 9, 1932 vPATENT OFFICE A GEORGE ZARIN, OF NEW YORK, .'N'. Y.

ADVERTISING NOVELTY Application :filed May 18,

The objects of this invention are to provide a surprise novelty for advertising and other purposes, which will be simple, inexpensive and easily assembled, and which will be particularly attractive and practical in all respects.

The objects stated and other related objects are attained in this invention by the novel features of construction, combinations and relations ofl parts hereinafter described, illus trated and broadly claimed.

The drawing 'accompanying and forming part of the specication illustrates a number of the many possible different forms of the invention and itwill be understood that the Vvstructure may be further modified and changed, all within the of the invention. i Y

Fig. 1 is a perspective view illustrating the inventionas applied to a folder for advertising vacuum cleaners or the like; Fig. 2 is a broken part sectional kdetail illustrating on an true intent and scope Yenlargedfscale the arrangement and construction of the spring for raising the movable gure'; Figs. 3 and d are'broken sectional details illustrating the action of the spring; Figs. 5 and 6- are perspective views illustra-t` ing other forms of the invention; Fig. 7 is a plan view illustrating another embodiment of the invention.V

In the first view, a movable figure is shown at 8, hingedly mounted along the line 9, on a suitablebase 10. In practise, this base may be a sheet of cardboard or the like, and the vmovable figure maybe formed from the same or a similar sheetvof cardboard, constituting, for example, an integral part of a base piece 11, secured adhesively or otherwise, over the base 10. The figure shown, is that of a woman carrying' the representationl, of a vacuum cleaner, by having the handle portion of the latter operating' through a slit 13 at the hands u a person operating a vacuum cleaner.

The combined figure in the first illustration is thrown upward to a standing position by a small spring illustrated as consisting of a single piece of spring wire having a substantially V-shaped base portion 14, caught hat in a pocket space v15, between the baselO and 1931. Serial No. 538,188.

the overstanding portion 11 and provided at one end ofthe V with an angularly bent spring arm 16, standing in back of the figure which'is to b-e raised. This spring arm operates as a lever connected with the end of the V-shaped-base by a hinge bend at 17, the resiliency of this hinge and of the lever enabling Jthe latter to fold down substantially flat between the base and the gure portion 8, 4 substantially as indicated in Fig. t. The lever portion of the wire is indicated as rounded at 18, adjacenty the free end of the same to provide a bearing sliding freely over the back of the figure. vThis prevents tearing or scratching the figure when the latter is constructed of paper or cardboard.

The doubled or V-shaped base portion 14, of the lifting spring, provides arelatively 'wide flatv base for the lever portion of the spring andinay be Vquickly caught in place l by simply forcing the point of the rV in between the two layers 10, 11. The adhesive securing these two layers together may be omitted to actually leave an open pocket for the angled base of the spring, or this portion may be used as a wedge to cut its way in between the two adhesively'secured layers of cardboard or the like. As another method of assembly, the overstanding layer 1l, may be adhesively or otherwise secured to the base layer, after the base portion of the spring has been positioned therebetween, in which event, the base ofthe spring will be further secured by the adhesive.

- The combination figure illustrated, in which a spring lifted member slidingly carries and supports a second member, is par-y ticularly interesting, as in the rising movement, the attached member slides out in front of the spring` lifted member in the relation indicated in Fig. 1, so as to produce a realistic impression, in the example given, of a person operating a vacuum cleaner.

The character of the figure and other elements will vary according to different requirements'. Thus in Fig. 5. three spring lifted figures 8 are shown, producing a transformation effect of a room in which an individual on a settee is being served in front of a fireplace.

, at 21, Fig. 2. In the course of such foldingY VIn Fig. 6, the raised member 8a is not strictly a figure element, being illustrated simply as arcard portion carrying advertising or the like, and this'member carries a figure element 8 mounted thereon in the same fashion Vas the gure element 8 is shown mounted on the base l0. Y

In Fig. 7 twov figure elements 8 are shown as hingedly carried at opposite ends of the common base port on 11a, which is mounted on the base 10, these figure elements being shown as folding down toward each other and swinging upward in opposite-directions through the cutout part 19 of the base portion 11a. Y

If desired, the device may be made up in the form of a folder, as illustrated in Fifr. 1, Where a leaf ortion 20, hinged to the ase may be folded) down over the'spring lifted figure to retain the latter, for example, when the device is being placed in a mailing envelope. 'Ihis retaining leaf mayA carry advertisinginatter or serve other usefulk purposesf v It will be apparent that the invention may loe/applied and used in many different relations andfcombinatons and may bemade up either as a folderr asin Fig..l, With an overlying leafto hold the movable elementor elements repressed, or asa simple card, such as shown in Figs. 5, 6 and 7, to be enclosed within a letter or directly Within a mailing envelope, the'letter or'the envelope, or both, then servingA to hold the figures. flat Aon the card, ready to'. be released when the envelopeY 'is opened. In Fig. 7, the movable elements are indicated as theyappear when folded down flat and heldr in this relation on the card,y asfby van enclosing envelope, or other means.l It Will be noted particularly in this viewandV also inrFig. 2, that the spring arm 16 folds down into substantially triangular relation in respect Tto the two sides of the V- shaped base` the free end of `the arm traversing an arcuate path substantially as indicated yand flap ylifting movements, this generally triangular formation enables the spring to occupy but a relatively small space and' the arcuate path 'of movement causesthe spring arm to increase its leverage` as it lifts the Hap and consequently as its springl force is reduced. f

What isL claimed is: Y

1. In a device of the characterdisclosed, the'combination of a base, a movablemember hingedly mounted on said base, a spring secured onthe base at the foot of said member and having a spring tensioned Varm engagingy the member to raise the same into upstanding relation on the base, said spring having a substantially V-shaped base portion and the arm extending angularly from one end of 4the same out of the general plane of the substantially V-shaped base portionand means for' securing said substantially V- shaped Vbase portion on the baserof the device With the arm projecting angularly there- YVfrom' standing in back of the movable member.

having a substantially V-shaped base portion, the arm extending angularly from one end of the same and the base having a pocket receiving said V`shaped base portion of the spring. v

3. In a device of the character disclosed, thecombination of a base,a movabler member hingedly mounted on said base, a spring secured on the base at the foot of said member andhaving a springk tensioned arm engaging the member to raise the same` into. upstanding relation on the base saidy spring having a substantially V-shaped base portion, the arm extending angularly from one end of the same, the movable member having a base portion secured over Ythe base of the device and the V-shaped'portion of; the spring being engaged betweene saidbase and 95 -overstanding base portion of the movable member.

V4. In -a device of the character-disclosed, the combination of a,base,.a` movable member `hingedly mounted on said basea springse- 10 cured on the base at the foot of said member and having a spring tensioned arm engaging'the member to raise' thet same into 'up standing relation onL the base, said spring and v,spring tensionedv arm consisting of'y a 105 single piece of spring wire bent ingenerally triangular shape withtwo sides of the same to. form' a, generally flat base portion andthe third side extending at an angley from said generally flat plane of the basey portion; from one end of said two sided base portion to form the spring arm.

v 5. Anadvertising novelty comprising a. card, a figure hingedly mounted on; said card and a one-piece wire spring secured' on the card and engaged with saidv'gure for lifting the latter into kupstanding relation on the card.`

6. An advertising novelty comprising la base, a plurality of figures mounted onsaid base and a single spring confined to the base and having a spring, tensioned armroperating to throw the igures into upstanding relation von the base. e

' 7. An advertising novelty comprising a base, a pluralityy of members `hingedly mounted on the base and Wire-,springs eon fined tothe base fory hinging said members into upstanding relation onthe buse.

8. An advertising novelty comprising a card, a member hingedly mounted on said card, a second member hingedly mounted on the first member and spring means for lift'- ing the first member on the card and for lifting the second member on the iirst member.

9. An advertising novelty comprising a base, oppositely hinging iigure members on said base and wire springs having substantially V-shaped base portions in flat engagement with and confined to the base and spring arms extending from the ends of said substantially V-shaped base portions and operating to swing said figure members in opposite directions into upstanding relation on the base.

10. An advertising novelty comprising a supporting card, a base strip secured over a portion of the card, a movable member hingedly connected with one edge of said base strip and a wire spring having a base portion caught beneath the base strip and having a leverage extension projecting therefrom into engagement with said movable member.

11. A device of the character disclosed, comprising a support, a movable member thereon, a spring for shifting said movable member on the support comprising a generally triangular shape section of spring wire, with one side of said triangular formation biased out of the plane of the other two sides and serving as a spring lever in relat-ion to said other two sides.

l2. An advertising novelty or the like, comprising a support. a figure hingedly mounted onl said support, a second figure having a slotted slidingconnection with the first figure and a wire spring secured on the support and engaging the first figure for lifting both figures into upstanding relation on the support. Y

13. As a new article of manufacture, a spring for use with an advertising novelty, such as herein disclosed, or the like, comprising a single piece of spring wire bent intoY generally triangular shape with two sides of the same forming a. substantially Hat base and the third side extending form one end of such base portion and bent up out of the plane of the same to constitute a spring lever and said spring lever having a somewhat rounded end portion.

14. As a new article of manufacture, a spring Jfor use with an advertising novelty such as herein disclosed or the like, comprising a single piece of spring wire doubled in the form of a generally V-shaped base portion and having a lever extension projecting from an end of such generally V-shaped base ,l portion and deflected out of the generally flat plane of such base portion and said lever extension having a rounded end portion.

Intestimony whereof I affix my signature.


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U.S. Classification40/539
International ClassificationG09F1/06, G09F1/00
Cooperative ClassificationG09F1/06
European ClassificationG09F1/06