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Publication numberUS1871204 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 9, 1932
Filing dateJul 18, 1931
Priority dateJul 18, 1931
Publication numberUS 1871204 A, US 1871204A, US-A-1871204, US1871204 A, US1871204A
InventorsVernon Aaron K
Original AssigneeVernon Aaron K
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Advertising clock
US 1871204 A
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Allg. 9, 1932. A K, VERNON 1,871,204

ADVERTI S ING CLOC K Filed July 18, 1931 5 sheets-sheet 1 Qz- E i El 40A ,2 1 O A W /34 gmac 0 l Aaron f. Vernon.'


Aug.' 9, 1932.

, A. K. VERNCN ADVERTISING CLOCK Filed July 18, 1931 5 Sheets-Sheet ,2

n o m V@ n m An Aug. 9, 1932. Y A. K VERNQN 1,871,204

ADVERTISING CLOCK Filed July 18, 1931 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 .A oucenzpmcss 6 Aaron ff. Vernon.

Q-i "7 @w v v www Patented Aug. 9, 1932 unirse ster {Si ADVERTISING CLOCK` Application led .Tilly 18,

This invention relates to an; advertising clock` and especially. to an electricadvertising clock and has for air. object. to provide a combination clock and advertising sign whereiny the operation ofl the: clock Works Will keep the sign in motion to* continuously present new advertising matter'visible there- A further object ofthis invention is to prow vide anla-ttractive advertising mediumy for astore, store Window, or the like.7 whereinV advertising matter may be continuously and' effectively brought' to the attention of the public at the saine time that their attention has been attracted by the clock for the purpose o-f informingfthem of the correct time.

Another object of this invention is to provide an endless advertisingbelt kept in continuous operation by the Works of a clock which' Works may be of" any type altho-ugh the preferred form is that of the electrical type ofclocl, thereby avoiding the necessity offrewinding the cloclnvvorksl Still another object of this invention-is to D provideY afsimple andeifective combined unit which may be made in several forms. e

With the foregoing and other, objects in view, as Will hereinafter become apparent', this invention .comprises the constructions, combinations,V and arrangements of parts, hereinafter set forth, claimed and shown on the accompanying drawings. In the drawings,

Figure 1 is a perspective vieW of one form of this invention.

Figure 2 is a cross sectional vieu7 on line -2-2 of Figure 3, being a cross section just behind the front face of the combined unit.

Figure 3 is a cross section on line 3*-3 of Figure 2.

Figure 4 is a cross section on line 4-4 of Figure 2.

Figure 5 is a detailed cross section on line 5 5 of Figure 4.

Figure 6 is a perspective View of the detail of the spool supporting bracket.

Figure 7 is a perspective vieW of another form of this invention. Figure 8 is a sectional view on line 8-8 of i931. serial Ne. 551,741..

Figure, being-a cross seetionvievv llieliind thefront face ofthe unit; Y l

Figure lOis a section on line 10-10fofF^ig- 55 ure 8:

Figure llis a perspeetive'of the shaft loel;L

Figure 12 is a broken perspective-view of?? theshaft bracket shown-in Figure'Si Figurel is yet'y another form'oflthi'sin' 60 vention'. 1

Fi'gure'14 is a front View ofthis forni of( the invention with the front` face` removed.

Figure -15 li'sabroken section-on-line-r'l-lof Figure Figure y16 is al section online- 1`6-16fof Figure 14: A

Figurelf is zin-enlarged' viewV of the shaft-l and gearing sl'ioWnin Figure 14', and

Figure 184r perspectivesectional; vView 70 off the A geary rod' and" holder:

There is shown at 20 the combined clock' andE advertising unit laving clock face 2];E and advertising exhibit 22.l The clock face'Y 21 has theha-nds-23- operated by afshaftf'24 75 which shaft in turn is operate-d'l byyconventional clock. Works not'A shown'.` At* is shown an electric conductor Wherebyto sup? plyf power for'y operating the clock Works When the. same areelectric Which is the preL ferred forni, althougliit;` Willfbe understoodL that anyrtype-of clock vvorl'rsmay operate this clock. Ageafr26 is operatedffby4 onerofl the gears ofthe" clock Works WhetherfelecAH trical orotlierwise and'tlirough' its shaft 2'? 85 operates gear 28 Gear-28i is connectedfroinA a'y traiir off gears 2.9L' tof a' gearvvhichfA operatesar spool 31 l V Passing about'y the spool 31 andapair of" oppositely disposed speol`sa32`` affixed Within 90 the u-nit120is afnendless belt 3.3:, the-spo ol's 32u being aflifxed-l Within; the'luni-t 20 by' means of`- 1 the bracket` 34! As will be apparent from Figure 2;, the endlessheiter-"tape:33t has its fiati sur-faeehori- .95 zontal and; onthi's surface is printed :or: painted'E asdfvertising` matter-l inA reverse as shown at 35.` v This entire'spoolf' and tape" ar= rangement iscompletely concealed lbe'hind-i4 the front* 36 of unit 20; there beingan'opening 37 in a horizontal ledge 38. Directly below this opening is a reflecting mirror 39 aixed to the bottom of the unit 20, as at 40.

The operation is as follows:

The clock is started going either by connecting up the conductor 25 to a source of power in the usual manner, or by winding the clock works with the spring type as used and the hands set at the proper time. Through the gear 29 the spool 31 will be kept in continuous operation,thereby causing the endless belt or tape 33 to revolve continuously. The speed of revolution of this belt can be determined by selecting the proper ratio of gears in the train 29 so that the belt may be revolved at the desired speed. The belt which is set horizontal will revolve over the reliecting mirror 39 soV that when viewed from the front of the clock only the adver-- tising mattei' 35 will appear to the observer, which will be right side up and legible as shown in Figure l, due to the angle at which the mirror is set.

All of the clock works and spool arrangements for holding the belt 33 will be invisible inasmuch as they are concealed beyond the ledge 37 and will not show through the mirror. The form shown in the` combination unit 41 in Figures 7 to 12 differs from that shown in Figures l to 7 by a different' placement of the advertising belt 42 which, due to said different placement `will have its advertising matter 43 printed or painted right side up and visiblev through the opening 44 in the front 45 of unit 41, the spools 46 being concealed behind the ledges 47. In this form the trained gears 48 are operated by the gear 49 connected to the clock works and in turn operating the bevelled gear 50 and through shafts 51 and` 56 to turn spool 52 through its bevelled gear connections 53, the shaft 51' being supported by the bracket 54 and the annular ,bracket 55. The angular bracket 55 in turn supports the horizontal shaft 56 on which the bevelled gear 50 is placed.

In the form shown in the combined unit at 60, the endless belt 6l operates vertically. and has its advertising matter 62thereon. The belt 6l passes about spools 62 and 63 which are journaled on spindle 64 and 65. The spindle 65 has thereon a gear 66v operated by the gear 67 on shaft 68, thus as the shaft 68 is rotated the spool 62 will be rotated byits spindle 65, thereby vrot-ating the advertising belt 61 at the desired speed,

it being noted that the operative mechanism f is concealed behind the ledges 69 through the opening of the front face 70.

A bevelled gear 7l on shaft 68 is operated by a beveled gear 72 on shaft 73, the shaft 73 being journaled to the bracket 74 andhaving a beveled gear 7-5 at its otherY end operated in turn byl a beveled gear 76. The

lbeveled gear76 is affixed on stub shaft 77 tion and minor details of construction may be resorted to, without departing from the spirit o f the invention or its scope as claimed. Having thus set forth and disclosed the nature of this invention, what is ,claimed is:

l. A combination clock and advertising unit comprising a clock and display casing, a clock mechanism centrally of said casing, an

advertising display located below said clock.

mechanism, said advertising display comprising an endless belt,a pair of rollers, each of said rollers being mounted at opposite sides of said display casing, a third roller centrally of said, casing, said endless belt passing over said three rollers, and a gear train connecting said thirdroller to said clock mechanismfor rotating said belt.

2. A combination clock and advertising imit comprising a clock and display casing, a clock mechanism centrally of said casing,

an advertising display located below said clock mechanism, said advertising display comprising an endless belt, a pair of rollers, each of said rollers being 'mounted at opposite sides of said display casing, a third roller centrally of said casing, said endless belt passingv over said three rollers, a gear train connecting said third roller to said clock mechanism for rotating said belt, inverted advertising matter on said belt, and an angular mirror mounted in said `display casing below said belt to visibly display in upright position the advertising matter ,on said rotating belt. A l

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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U.S. Classification40/472
International ClassificationG09F23/00, G09F23/16
Cooperative ClassificationG09F23/16
European ClassificationG09F23/16