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Publication numberUS1871228 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 9, 1932
Filing dateApr 23, 1931
Priority dateApr 23, 1931
Publication numberUS 1871228 A, US 1871228A, US-A-1871228, US1871228 A, US1871228A
InventorsHugh F Mcnally, Alfred D Stout
Original AssigneeHugh F Mcnally, Alfred D Stout
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Globe valve reseating tool
US 1871228 A
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O Azbf sTouT ET AL 3 L GLOBE VALVE RESEATING TOOL Filed April 23, 1931" .lf'fls gl w wkwd airmen/ally,


This invention aims to provide novel means for grinding a valve seat, even though the tool may not be held exactly at right angles to the seat. A mechanic can make changes g8 in the form shown, within the scope of the claim, and not depart from the spirit of the invention.

Figure 1 is an elevation, wherein the valve has been sectioned; Figure 2 is a bottom plan 10 of the grinder, with attendant parts in section; Figure 3 is a cross section of the grinder; Figure 4 is a plan of the guide, with apart of the shank in section; Figure 5 is an end view of the shank.

The numeral 1 marks a valve casing provided with a seat 2 having a hole 3.

The tool embodies a metal shank 4, the end 5 of which is shaped to fit in a bit stock, or other rotating tool, not shown.

The shank 4 carries a conical abutment 6, the lower end 7 of which is convexedly rounded, and below the convexed end, the shank has a polygonal (square) portion 8 connected to a cylindrical tip 9 which is threaded at 10 to receive a nut 11 holding a guide 12 on the tip 9, the tip fitting somewhat loosely in the opening of the guide, and the opening of the guide being flared in opposite directions,as shown at 14. The guide; 12 is circular, and fits in the hole 3 of the seat 2.

The numeral 15 marks a grinder, in the form of a circular disk, providedrwith a ribbed or roughened grinding surface 16, adapted to cooperate with the upper surface of the seat 2. The grinder 15 has a square hole 17 receiving the squared portion 8 of the shank 4 loosely, the grinder having a concaved seat 18 above and about the hole 17,

and a correspondingly shaped recess 19 below and above the hole. The convexed end 7 of r V the abutment 6 can rock in the seat 18.

The guide 12 is put in the hole 3 of the seat 2, the grinder 15 rests on the valve seat 2 and is pressed thereagainst by the abutment 6, and when the shank 4 is rotated, the grinder 15 will be rotated by the squared portion 8 of the shank, the upper surface of the seat 2 being smoothed off, as is required when the seat is pitted or worn.

1931. Serial No. 532,360.

The seat 2 will be surfaced properly even though the shank 4 is not held at right angles to the seat 2. This is so because the convexed end 7 of the abutment 6 can rock in the seat or recess 18, the squared portion 8'moving in the recess 19, and the tip 9 having the necessary tilting movement in the circu- A lar, flared recesses 1 1 of the guide 12.

What is claimed is: r

A tool for grinding valve seats, comprising a shank having an abutment-with a conveXed lower end, the shank having a polygonal portion, below the abutment, and having a tip'below the'polygonal portion, a' guide held loosely on the tip and provided with oppositely flared recesses, enabling the tip to swing laterally in the guide, and a grinder having a polygonal hole receiving the polygonal portion of the shank, the grinder having a lower, flared recess in which said polygonal portion can rock, and the grinder having an upper flared seat in which the convexed end of the abutment is received for rocking movement.

In testimony that we claim the foregoing as our own, we have hereto affixed our signatures.


- ion

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U.S. Classification451/430, 451/548, 409/178
International ClassificationB24B15/00
Cooperative ClassificationB24B15/00
European ClassificationB24B15/00