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Publication numberUS1871576 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1932
Filing dateAug 17, 1931
Priority dateAug 17, 1931
Publication numberUS 1871576 A, US 1871576A, US-A-1871576, US1871576 A, US1871576A
InventorsLillian Argard
Original AssigneeLillian Argard
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Shoe and stocking protector
US 1871576 A
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SHOE AND STOCKING PROTECTOR Filed Aug. 17, 1931 .Zz'lh'anflzyard INVEN R factured and tector for this purpose Q3 ranged in the toe portion to Figure 2 is 'a transverse sectional Patented Aug. I6, 1932 UNITED STATES PATENT QFFICE LILLIAN ARGARD, NEAR ATLANTA, GEORGIA SHOE AND STOCKING PROTECTOR Application filed August 17, 1931.

My present invention has reference to a protective covering for shoes and stockings of women in the performance of house hold duties of such characters as to permit of the 5 shoes and stocking becoming soiled by water, causes, and the ob ect of dust and from other the invention is the provision of a protector for this purpose which is of an extremely simple nature, which may be cheaply manucommercialized and which is adjustable to permit of-the same being worn by women who require different size of shoes.

A further object is the provision of a prowhose body is constructed of rubber, canvas, or some other cheap material and which body is shaped to correspond with the shape of the front of a shoe and which has its rear portion of a 8 height to cover a determined length of the stocking above the shoe and which is provided with elastic straps connecting the lower edges thereof to engage with the instep of the shoe, an outer band that is slidably arof the cover I through which the toe of the shoe passes, the

said band being arranged for ground contact,

serving not only to hold the toe portion of the protector upon the shoe but to prevent the accidental slipping of the user of the improvement, the improvement being also provided with rear straps of elastic material which have one of their ends fixed to one ofthe rear sides of the protector and their other ends connected by snap fasteners to the second side of the protector and whereby the elastic straps, as well as the band hold the protector tightly upon the shoe and upon do the foot portion of the stocking of the user and render the protector adjustable so that the same 'will be of a snug fit regardless of the size of the shoe worn by the user.

To the attainment of the foregoing the invention consists in the improvement" hereinafter described and definitely claimed.

In the drawing: I Figure 1 is a perspective view of the improvement in applied position.


Serial No. 557,633.

stantially arched or U-shaped in cross section I,

throughout its length and is shaped to correspond with the toe andtop of the shoe and has its rear portion extended a suitable distance above the shoe to be arranged upon the front of the stocking of the user. Thus the protector includes a toe portion 2, of an arched portion 3 and a rear extension 4 which is vertically directed. The protector, at the edges of the arched portions thereof have stitched thereto which underlie the instep portion of the shoe 6 when the protector is in applied position. The toe portlon 2 of the rotector has stitched on its inner face the edges of a fabric strip or piece 7 that provides the same with a groove or ocket through which is passed an endless and 8. The receive the toe portion of the shoe 6 therethrough. The band may be of leather, metal or any other desired material, and as the outer portion of the said band is arranged .to contact with the sole of the shoe at the toe portion thereof, the band not only holds the toe end 2 of the protector against the said toe end of the shoe but afi'ords a grip-. ping element which will prevent the user of the protector from slipping on Water covered floors. One of the rear edges of the protector has stitched thereto the ends of any desired number of elastic straps e, the outer ends of each of-the straps being provided with a fastening element to engage with the second element of a sna fastener 10, the said last named elements oflthe fastener being attached to the second rear end of the protector.

The part 4 of the improvement, as stated,

- tector having secured of any desired height so that the of the user will be ampl protected With the improvement t e user will may be stocking thereby.

have her shoes and stockings protected from dust and moisture and likewise the same will be protected from other material that are liable to fall or flow onto the shoe or stockings of the user to soil or inflict injury thereto. As stated, the device is designed to be cheaply constructed and is intended for indoor use. The elastic straps as well as the band 8 tightly hold the shoe and on the leg of the user, sothat protectors of a single size may be employed by housewives wearing difiereut size shoes.

It is believed theforegoing description when read in connection with the accomanying drawing will fully and clearly set orth my improvement and its advantages so that further detailed description will not be required.

Having described the invention, I claim: A shoe and stocking protector for the purpose set forth, comprising a fabric body of water-proof material, shaped to include a toe portion, an arched portion and a rear portion which extends upwardly from the arched portion and the lower edges of the protector being arranged approximately in the same plane and the protector being arched or U- shaped in cross section throughout thelength thereof, the toe portion of the protector having an inner continuous pocket a band guided through the pocket and movab tion of the protector spaced elastic straps, the rear of the proto one of its edges a plurality of spaced asteners between the free ends of the straps and the second edge of the rotector.

In testimony whereof I a my signature.


protector on the 1e to adjusted positions, the lower edges of the arched porbeing connected by elastic straps and snap

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