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Publication numberUS1871597 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1932
Filing dateOct 9, 1929
Priority dateOct 19, 1928
Publication numberUS 1871597 A, US 1871597A, US-A-1871597, US1871597 A, US1871597A
InventorsSydenham English Francis Guy
Original AssigneeAccounting & Tabulating Corp
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Apparatus for punching holes in statistical or like record cards
US 1871597 A
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1932- F. as. ENGLISH 1,871,597

APPARATUS FOR PUNCHING HOLES IN STATISTICAL OR LIKE RECORD CARDS Filed Oct. 9, 1929 2 Sheets-Shet 1 \3 1: 0.51 English OWn/gy Aug. 16, 1932,- F; 'G. s. ENGLISH 1,371,597

APPARATUS FOR PUNCHING aLEs m STATISTICALOR LIKE RECORD CARDS 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Oct. 9. 1929 y a li a/(51E Patented Aug. 16, 1932 E A -Es P TENT smelt:3;

runners GUY sYnnNnArr nlvenrsn; or west cRoYnonnnGLANn,nssrsnoia ro 'rrrn acconn'rrne & TABULAT'ING oonronarron or or. arrens piivrr'rnn-or, ennon, is

ENGLAND APPARATUS ronruncnrne HOLES IN sra'rrsrroenon LIKE nriconnoARDs Application filed ember e, 1929, Serial No. 398,530, and in Great Britain October 19, 1928. V

I'his invention relates toapparatus for punching holes in statistical or like ,record cards. 7 V 1 In the passage of statistlcal or l kerecord cards through power operated punching machines, there occasionally occur faults in the cards due-to the momentary inoperation of one or more of the punches, and the only means-of rectifying this error in the statistical card is to pass it; again through the machine. This error will usually have occurred in severalcards, and consequentlygthere. is

I great delay in the separate'treatment of these cards through such a machine. 7

The object ofthe present invention is to devise improved means of readily dealing with single cards forthe purpose of rectifying errors, or for producing a duplicate of a card, whlch, if having the correct perfora- 5 -1- tions, may be otherwise damaged to make it unsuitable for use in a' tabulatingmachine.

According to the present invention an apparatus for punching by hand individual holes in statistical or like cards comprises in "g combinations holder including a die plate perforated according to the rows and columns on a card associated with guidesfor definitely aligning a card thereto and a stripper formed with perforations similar to the die plate and in register therewith, whereby a plurality of holes maybe punched by hand in succession without moving the card,

holder or stripper.

The stripper plate may be hinged (and may be detachable) or may be fixed tothe die plate the one overlying the other in such manner as to permit the introduction of a card and positive location thereof. Preferably an opening is left in the long side so that a card may be introduced by lateral movement. Though in a small form of ap paratus an opening may be made soas to introduce the card by longitudinal displacement. To this end the stripper may be warped at its leading edge so as to provide an open mouth at the entry between the die plate and the stripper to facilitate introduction of a card. The guides forsetting the card accurately over the perforations on, the

die plate'provide supports for the upwardly ,warpedentry end ofthe stripper plate;

is transparent though it may be of metalfor reproduction purposes.

In the construction of an apparatus for the reception of a card for. punching a plurality of holes, or for reproduction purposes,

guides-are provided above the. stripper plate perforations areto be repeated from'the key card-is inserted between the stripperplate and the die plate as before, the punch being operated through the holes on the key card to produce corresponding holes on' the'card within the, apparatus. Apparatus according to the present, invention may be used in'various circumstances and positions, for instance,.the apparatus may be used for punching special holes in a few cards, and the apparatus can beincluded in a power driven punch so as to be handy to. correct cards, Where punches have not been properly operated,*or, and preferably, it is a portable device which vcan beused .for in- V stance on a deskor'bench. i In order that thG lIIVQIItlOII HIHZLY b6,11101'6 clearly understood, reference. will now be made to the accompanying-drawings which for the key card and the'card on whichthe show some preferred formsof a portableap i let Fig. 3 is a perspectiveiview showing a modified form ofv apparatus according to the invention for punching holesaton'exend of a card. Y a

Fig. 4; shows a punch with the preferred form of bit used in conjunction with the apparatus shown in Figs. 1, 2, and 3, for perforating statistical cards.

. Throughout the drawings like reference numerals designate the same or similar parts.

Referring first to Fig. l, the stripper S of transparent material, e. g. celluloidis carried on a frame having three sides" 1,?2, the longside'2 of whichis hinged to tl e, die plate D, either as a fixed or detachable member, the. die plate being covered on three sides by a frame G 'whichl' for'ms stops or guides for three sides of a statistical card for definitely locating the cardcorrectly and accuratelyover the perforations in the die plate, the frame G, being secured to the die plate Dby rivets or other means leaving a 20 plane upper surface for the seating of the stripper. a

The thickness of the guiding frame on the die plate D is such as to permit the location of one or perhaps two statistical record cards between the stripper and the die'plateduring apunching operation. 1

- The'die plate may includea claw 4.- at one or both ends of springy nature to grip the sides land 3'of the stripper frame when it erations. v t

'Both the stripper and the die plate may be recessed as indicated at 5 and'firespectively to permit afinger and thumb engageis disposed on the die plate for punching opment of the card to facilitate withdrawal. 1

In the construction shown in Fig-l the die plateis'perforated all over its surface as indicated by the circles and dotsshown in Fig.1, the dots representing thecentres of holes not shown, the holes being spaced in rows and columns so that .there is aholfe in the die plate for the formation of a perforation at'any-part of the rows oficolu'rnns 0f a statistical card,the'str'ipper'beingsimiin Fig; 2,'be made a fixture by means of" rivets or screws passing through marginal strips forming in nature the three sides 1 2, 3 of aframe, as already referred to in 1. The stripper being spaced from the die plate D by packing strips G equivalent to the guide frameG of Fig. 1, thereby leaving anopening at one longitudinal side of the apparatus for the introduction by lateral movement of a card. e

. In Figs. 1 and 2 the position of a partly inserted ca'rd'by lateral movement is indicated by the dot and pick lines C.

Instead of using a die plate of the length of a card and forming the construction so that the card is introduced by lateral movement, an apparatus may be constructed so that a card can be passed through the apparatus by a' longitudinal movement of the card,j and thereby a small form "of apparatus is provided.

In, the construction shown in Fig. 3 the die plate D'which is perforated at one end accordin -to the columns of perforation in the card at one end is carried on a bed plate or stand '17, and aboutthe perforated end of the dieplate .D. is fixed on a guiding frame G similar to that shown in Fig. 1. The transparent'stripper S is secured to the die plate by marginal strips 1, 2, 3 preferably fined to the guide frame G byrivets, in manner similar tothat' shown in Fig. 3. l The card G is introduced from the other endof the plate and passes between vertical guides Gr which maybe integral with the guides Gr, but bent at the entry ends G so as to facilitate theintroduction of 'xacard- C indicated in dotted lines. By pushing. the card between the guides G until it is within the guiding frame G under the stripper S, the card will be auto- ,matically set in propcrposition for punching holes in accurate dispositions on the card.

To facilitatethe entry of the end of the card'u-nder thestripper S, the latter may be warped at its entry end upwardly so as to providean open: mouth between the stripper andthe die plate. Conveniently, the guides G may include supports G for the warped end S of the stripper S which latter is slotted as indicated atS in order to permit the stripper passing from below the marginal strips 1 and 3gto a position above them. 1

In the construction shown in Figs. 1, 2 was where aframe G' is employedwhich forms stops or guides for three contiguous sides of a statistical card on the die plate for setting the card relatively thereto, three marginal guides are formed which definitely set the card in two directions whereby accurate disposal of the card with regard to the die plate for a punching operation is assured. Oonsequentially, instead of using a frame with the three marginal members integral, shortstrips maybe used along the respective sides of the die plate or other forms of pins or stops employed to obtain the registration of the plate by setting the card on three contiguous sides. Obviously, instead of using that part of the guidefframe G under the stripQ as a stop for the leading edge of. the,

card, pins or-stops may be provided in front of the strip, for example, set up in the die plate itself.

:Instead'of employing the apparatus for correcting cards it may 'be employed for reiii I producing purposes by laying a key-card on top of the stripper and another card on which the perforations of the key-card are to be reproduced between the stripper and the die plate, the punching operation being efiected through the key-card and stripper. For

such use an apparatus according to the invention may include a metal stripper.

For reproduction purposes the overlylng x strips 1, 2, 3 (Fig. 2) or the corresponding sides of the frame shown in Fig. 1, may be undercut or bevelled to accurately and definitely locate and retain a key card disposed 7 over the stripper, by providing stops for the three juxtaposed edges introduced into the apparatus.

Alternatively the inner edges of the strips 1, 2, 3 shown in Fig. 2, or of the sides 1, 2, 3 of the frame shown in Fig. 1, may be accurately faced so as to definitely locate the card over the stripper accurately with regard to the perforations therein and clips such as 13 carried by the members 1, 2, 3 provided for retaining the card in set position.

Generaly speaking, however, the apparatus will not be used for reproduction purposes, but, as herein stated, for the correction of cards by the inclusion of perforations not produced by a power operated punch, and having in mind this object of the invention, it is preferred that'in all constructions the stripper be formed of transparent material such as celluloid of. sufficient thickness to withstand the operations without rupture, that is to say, that the stripper S, such as shown in Figs. 1 and 3, is made so that the whole of the card inserted in the apparatus is visible at one and the same time, thereby the operator can see the actual position on the card where the perforation is being made, and at the same time the stripper is strong enough to strip thecard from the punch when the latter is withdrawn and is eflicacious for use in reproduction processes.

In conjunction with a die and transparent stripper, as herein described, it is preferred to use a punch of the known spring load percussion type, the punch comprising a rounded or spherical bit as indicated at 14 in Fig. 4:, carried ona spring controlled barrel, not shown, suddenly released when a predetermined pressure has been applied, the bit being a removable member and including a shoulder 15 against which is lodged a compressible bearing ring or washer 16 which can be made of rubber, and which, during the punching operation, overlies the stripper, thereby preventing the latter being damaged during the efiort of punching a hole.

By the present invention an apparatus is provided for punching by hand in various circumstances accurately positioned holes in a card or for reproducing holes'from a previously punched card for use in statistical, calculating or like machines, wherein the accuracy of the formation of the perforations has to be minute; Moreover, a portable form of apparatus is provided which in its preferred form is a simpleconstruction without moving parts which could get out of order,

andmay be used by thev checking staff away from the perforating or tabulating machines. Further, in all construction's the, apparatus is such as can be used .by unskilled persons who have merely toinsert the stripper andthe di plate and toproduce the: perforation by vertically setting the punch above the hole in the stripper in registerwith the part of the card to beperforated and $0 depress the punch until the bit passes through the stripper and card, andespecially is this correct operation obtainable by an inexperienced operator when the transparent stripper is utilized. v 1 VVhatI claim is a I .1.v A holderfor individual statistical cards or the like while being punched by a separate hand tool comprising a die plate perforated according to the rows and columns on the card to bepunched, guides on the side edges of thedie plate for definitelyaligning a card therewith, transparent stripper flexibly the card between connected along one edgewith the die plate whereby it may be swung relatively thereto to permit the insertion or removal of a card and formed with perforationscorresponding to and in registry with those in the die plate, whereby when a card is inserted between the die plate and stripper with the parts in superimposed relation a plurality of holes may be accurately punched by the separate hand tool as desired without moving the holder, stripper, or the card therebetween.

2. An apparatus for punching by hand individual holes in statistical or like cards coml 3. Apparatus for punching by hand individual holes in statistical or like cards comprising in combination a holder including a die plate perforated according to the rows and columns on a card, guides on three contiguous sides of said die plate, a transparent stripper covering said die plate and spaced therefrom by said guides, said stripper being formed with perforations similarv to those on the die plate and disposed in registry therewith, the other side of said die plate being cut away to facilitate manipulation of the cardsibe= tweensaid. die:p1'ate and? stripper; 1 4. Apparatus for: punching by hand; individuali holes in sta tistical or: like cardsrconiiprising in. combination a holder including a diev plate perforaiedi according to the-rows and columns on: a card, guides on three con;- tiguous sides ofsaid die plate, a stripper coveringv saidldie-plate and spaced therefrom by'said guides, said stripper being formed with perforationssimilar to those on the die plate and disposed in registrytlierewith,and guides on said: stripper'disposed tolloeate a key card thereon the: perforations of which are to be reproduced on; a card located between said stripper and die plateby theguides onsaid dieplate; Y -5z:-Aippara'tus for punching by hand individual holes in statistical or like cards conr- 30 prising in combination 'aho1der"inc1i1ding a die: plate perforated according to the rows and-columns on a card, guides on three contiguous sides of said die plate, a stripper covering said die: plate and spaced therefrom p byQsaid guiides, said stripper being formed with perforations. siniil'ar to those on: the. die plate: and disposed in register therewith, guides alonglthree contiguous. sid'es on the outsideofs-aid: stripper overlying said; guides 3V om-saiddie. plate for the reception of a key card, and spring clipsfor retaining said key card on said: strippenf w In testimony whereof- 1' aifixmy signature.




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