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Publication numberUS1871598 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1932
Filing dateNov 7, 1931
Priority dateNov 7, 1931
Publication numberUS 1871598 A, US 1871598A, US-A-1871598, US1871598 A, US1871598A
InventorsFranklin E Everson
Original AssigneeFranklin E Everson
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Display device
US 1871598 A
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Aug 16, 1932. EVERSQN 1,871,598

DISPLAY DEVICE Filed Nov. 7, 1931 Z24; 97; I Y u I I l// WMA ATTORNEY Patented Au 16, 1932 arr STATES A ENT*OFFLCEif FRANKLYIN 11. nvnnson, onfsoARsnAnE, new, roan p DISPLAY Dame g V application filed November 7, 1931. $eria1lNo. 575,685.

The present invention relates to display devices and has as an object the provision of an advertising display card which is adapted to be used in association with the goods ad- 5 vertised thereon. The invention is particularly applicable for use in connection with the displaying of bottled goods and when so used is positioned upon the necks of a group of bottles, to provide an attractive counter d1sin p y- Another ObJBClJ of the invention 1s the provision of an advertising card with means for securin it in osition on the necks of a rou of bottles, and so arranged in association with the said bottles that the display panel for the advertising matter is held in substantially upright position, and the bottles are secured against accidental displacement.

Still another object in view is the'provision of a device of this character which issimple in construction and may be formed from a single blank, and which maybe readily applied to a group of bottles or removed therefrom. The invention also includes other novel features of construction and arrangement of parts which will be more fully described and claimed hereinafter. The invention is shown in the ing drawing, in which ICC CHIP any- Figure l is a perspective view of the display card, provi-dedwith means for securing the card in position on the neckscf a group of bottles; and

Fig. 2 is a view in side elevation showing the display card in position on the necks of a group of bottles;

In the accompanying drawingillustrating the preferred embodiment of the invention a display card 10 is shown which includes a display panel 11 having anypreferred form or contour, uponwhich may be arranged advertising matter 12, descriptive of the goods on which the card is to be positioned. 4

' The said panel is preferably made integrally with a base 13 which is provided with means for attaching the card in upstanding position on a group of containers such as bottles 14, containing the goods which are to be advertised on the said panel. If the card 10 is to constitute an advertising display for bottled goods 'aishoimm t a ng, the

base 13 is provided with openings 15, which, openings are adapted. toengage the necks of the bottles 14 siaon., V- I I The said base may be provided ,wtih any r rpert ef h ic di n p M 11umberof'openings 15, depending upon the size of the display card 10. Asillustrated in the drawing, the base '18 is provided with' three ofsaid openings 15,'for engagement with a-group of three bottles arranged in two rows, the anelll being, inclined against the top 16 of one of thejsaid bottles, thus holding the panel in upstanding "position.. Constructed in this mannenthe base l3may bewedged in position on the necks of a group of bo-ttles'to ri'g'idlysupportthe card in position thereon and to hold the bottles in groupedarrangement, 1

When thedisplay card is made integrally or from a single blank, the blank is scored on the transverse line.17 andv folded upon] itself to form the upper and lower plies 18 and 19 which constitute'the basel3. The

blank is scored in the opposite direction on the line 20 to form the bottom edge of the panelll. Adjacent the fold line 20 the-said upper and lower metal cleats 21'. I

Thesaiddisplaydevice may be made of cardboard or any other preferred material pliesare secured together by which can bescored and folded as hereinbe- V fore described, to form the completed device.

Furthermore, the device may be constructed of a plurality of pieces of cardboard instead of a unitary sheet,rwithout departing from the spirit of the invention. The openings 15 in the base 13 are shown in the drawingto be circular in formation, but suchopenings may be of any desired form to correspond to the crosssectional shape of the bottles upon vwhich the device. is to be supported,

I claim:

1. A display device for containers, including a body of sheet material, the saidbody be ing scored on transverse lines to form two endportions and an intermediate portion,

one of said end portions constituting a display-member,said intermediateportion be- 1 ing folded upon the other end portionand together forming a 'base for said display member, and means securing the said intermediate portion in folded position upon the said "other end portion, said base being formed with a plurality of openings for the reception of containers for supporting the device in position thereon. V r 2. A displaydeviceior' containers,'including a display member and a base member, said 1 display member along one edge being secured to said base member substantially centrally thereof, said base memberbeing' provided 7 play member, said openings providing means the device in position thereon.

' 3.1A display device including a base, and a display member having an end connected to sa d base, said base having supporting j memberreceiving openings onopposite sides of said display member, one of said openings being positioned so that thesupportingmem V ber extending therethrough Willsupport said display member in a substantially upright position.

4. A display devicefor containers, including a base, and 'afdisplay member having an endvconnec'ted tosaid base, s aidcbase having openings on opposite sides of said display member for the reception of containers for supporting the devicefin' upstanding position. i FRANKLIN E. EVERSON.

with openings on opposite sides of said dise for the reception of containers for supporting 1 I

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U.S. Classification40/310
International ClassificationG09F1/04
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