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Publication numberUS1872159 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1932
Filing dateMar 20, 1931
Priority dateMar 20, 1931
Publication numberUS 1872159 A, US 1872159A, US-A-1872159, US1872159 A, US1872159A
InventorsMccreary William C
Original AssigneeMccreary William C
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Shield or protector device
US 1872159 A
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Aug. 16, 1932. w. c. MCCREARY SHIELD OR PROTECTOR DEVICE `Filed March 20. 1931 6 1 a I I l a l I I l l I l l l l l I l l I l I l Patented Aug. 16,' 1932 UNITED STATES WILLIAM `G. MCCBEARY, OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS SHIELD R PROTECTOR DEVICE Application led liarch 20, 1931. Serial No. 524,087.

rIhis invention relates 1to shields or protector devices. One of the objects of the inventionl is the provision of an new and improved device to protect the heads of drums, barrels and the like from dirt, rust, grease and the like, while the same is in storage or during shipment.

Another object of the invention is the provision of a new and improved shield or protector device that will protect the heads of drums and other containers from dirt and grease, and at the same time will not obstruct the view in determining the contents of the container as printed or stenciled on the ends thereof.

A further object of the invention is the provision of a new and improved protector device having novel means for retaining the same on a container.

Another object of the invention is the pro` vision of a new and improved protector device that is inexpensivelto manufacture, eficient in use, that may be easily attached and detached from the container, and the cost of which is so small that it may be discarded once it has been removed from the container.

Other and further objects and advanta es of the invention will appear from the ol- 80 lowing description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the protector member;

Fig. 2 is a plan view of a container with stenciling on the head thereof and with the protector member in position thereon;

Fig. 3 is a section on line 3-3 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a plan view of a modified form of protector member;

Fig. 5 is a plan view of a further modified form of protector member; and

Fig. 6 is a vertical section of a portion of a container showing the form of protector disclosed in Fig. 5, in position thereon.

It is common practice in certain lines of trade, especially in the iield of petroleum products, for the jobbers or wholesalers to stencil the names of the firms of their retail customers, their addresses, the class or grade of goods, trade marks and the like,

on the ends of the containers immediately prior to shipping the goods. It is desirable that these legends be clean and neat whenY houses, and as a result'of the accumulation of foreign matter on the upper ends `of the drums, the stenciling will become covered with dirt, grease, grime and the like. In cleaning the dust, dirt and other accumulated material from the drums, the stenciling is more or less injured, thereby detracting materially from the neat', fresh appearance of the container and the legends thereon.

The present invention seeks to provide means for protecting the stenciling by an inexpensive protector or shield that may be discardedafter use, and that may be easily and readily applied and removed from the container. 5

Referring now` to the drawing, the reference character 8 designates a container which for convenience of illustrating one use of the invention may be considered as being the conventional metal drum for containing a liquid such as a. liquid petroleum product or the like. The drum has the usual bungs or plugs 9 and 10 in the head 11 thereof. These bungs are arranged diametrically opposite each other as is usual in such constructions and each is provided with an angular head 12 and a reduced threaded portion 13. The drum is also provided with the usual circumferential flange or chimb 14 extending outwardly from the head 11. The head 11 is adapted to have the legend 15 stenciled thereon, which may designate the quality of the goods, or the trade mark, name and address of the dealer, or both.

The protector member 16 comprises a body portion 17 of any suitable'material such as fiber or the like. In the form of construction shown in Figs. 1, 2 and 3, the protector member 16 is made from cardboard which is adapted to conform to the shape of the head Sii ICL

11 of the drum and is preferably slightly larger in diameter than said head so that when the same is forced into the position shown 1n Fig. 3 the edges of the disk will be distorted slightly upwardly as shown at 18 1n sald figure, which will prevent the accidental removal of theprotector member from the drum. i

The body portion 17 is eut away to form recessesml) and 21 arranged diametrrcally opposite each other for receiving the bungs 9 and 10, as clearly shown in Fig. 2 of the drawing.

It is desirable that means be provided whereby the legend on the drum head may 'be inspected without removing the protector member. As shown, a portion of the central part of the protector member is removed and a window 2O of cellophane, Celluloid or the like is attached over the opening. The

'opening is made large enough so that the entire legend will be visible therethrough.

When the jobber receives an order from his customer the legend desired by the customer is stenciled on the head of the drum and the protector is applied by simply pressing the same downwardly within the chimb. When the customer receives an order for the drum, he removes the protector member and in doing so removes the dirt and other foreign matter accumulated on the end of the drum, thus leaving the exposed end ofthe drum fresh, clean and neat in appearance.

In the modified form of construction shown in Fig. 4 the periphery of the protector member 22 is provided with a plurality of radial slots By means of this arrangement the edges of the protector member will more readily bend for permitting the insertion of the disk within the chimb 14. It will also permit the protector member to be of slightly greater diameter than the form of protector shown in Fig. l, without distorting the protector.

In the form of construction shown in Fig. 5, the protector member 2.4 is scored as at 25 to facilitate the bending of the protector member along this scoring. In this form of construction the diameter of the protector member is slightly less than the internal diameter of the chi mb, but the distance between the slots 26 and 27 is slightly greater than the distance between the brings 9 and 10 so that in applying the device the slotted portions are engaged beneath the heads 12 of the bungs and then the central part is forced downwardly, causing the member to bend along the line Q and pass dead center, whereby the protector will be held in position on the drum.

It will thus be seen that an efcient. inexpensive protector or shield member is provided for protecting the end of a container or drum head from dust, dir t and the like, such protector being provided with means through which the legends on the container or drum head may be read. By means of this arrangement, the protector need not be removed until the drum or container is sold to the customer, aiid when removed these legends will appear fresh and attractive in appearance.

I claim as my invention:

1. In combination, a liquid container provided with a head, a protector member for said head, said member comprising a iber disk having one diameter greater' than the distance between two contacting points of the container and disk whereby when said disk is forced into position on said headthe resiliency of said disk will retain' the same in position.

2. In combination, a cylindrical liquid container provided with a head having a legend thereon, said container having a chimb extending outwardly beyond said head, a protector member of yielding material having a diameter slightly greater' than the internal diameter of said chimb whereby when said member vis pressed onto said head it will be held thereon by friction, said member having an opening registering with the legends, and a transparency covering the opening.

3. In con'rbination, a drum having a head in one end, a pair of oppositely arranged bungs in said head adjacent the periphery thereof, each of said bungs having a head and a reduced portion beneath said head, said head having a legend thereon between said brings, a protector member for said legend, said' member substantially conforming to said head and having openings diagonally opposite each other' for receiving said bungs, the distance between said bungs being greater than the distance between said reduced portions whereby when said member is applied the central portion thereof will pass dead center and prevent theaccidental removal of said member.

4:. A protector member for the head of a container comprising a body member conforming to the head of said container and having oppositely arranged recesses in its periphery, said member being scored across its central portion at right angles to a line connecting said recesses, said member also having an opening between said recesses, and a transparency covering the opening.

5. In combination, a cylindrical drum having a head, a chimb extending upwardly from said head, a protector member for the head comprising a substantially elliptical body member having a scoring at right angles to its long axis, ledges on opposed sides 'of the head, said protector member being adapted to be placed on said head. with its long axis extending between the opposed ledges whereby the central portion of the member may be forced past dead center to lock the member in position over the head.

In testimony whereof I atlix mv signature.


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