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Publication numberUS1872678 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 23, 1932
Filing dateAug 14, 1929
Priority dateAug 14, 1929
Publication numberUS 1872678 A, US 1872678A, US-A-1872678, US1872678 A, US1872678A
InventorsChamberlain George L
Original AssigneeChamberlain George L
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Sectional plug structure
US 1872678 A
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Aug. 23, 1932- G. L. CHAMBERLAIN SECTIONAL PLUG STRUCTURE Filed Aug. 14. 1929 Illa??? m 2 E W m .M M mm L I E a G m GY B Wzmassas:

titheappended claims, 7. V I a In the accompanying drawing, forming.

Patented Aug. 23, 1932 UNITED- STATES V PATENT oFFicE;

GEORGE L. CHAMBERLAIN, or CHICAGO, 'ILLI voIs Y "SEGTIONAL PLUG" s'riwcrunn I This invention relates to multiple cpnnections, and-more particularly to a sectional plug structure, theprincipal object of ,theinvention being to simplify and make more practicalsuch structures so as to facilime the placing of the terminal contact members in the plug, and to attain certain other advantages which will hereinafter more fully s appear; u The invention consists 1n the novel structure and in the parts and combinations and,'

arrangements of parts as? hereinafter def scribed and set forth with particularity part of this specification,

Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a plug assembly j illustrating an embodiment of the invent on; .Fig. 2 is a top plan View and section on the two body sections separated and v Fig. 3 is a section taken on or about the line 33 of Fig. 1;

Fig. l is a top plan view of the plug body with the terminal contactsremoved andithe Fig. 5 is a View, in side elevation, of the terminal contactmembers detached. 9

Referring now to the'drawing, thenu-i .meral 10 designatesv generally. the body por- 'ti'on of the device, which'may be composed of a suitable insulating material such as bake.- lite, vulcanized rubber, porcelain or other suitable material. This member may be of any desired or suitable shape, but, as shown,

it is of general cylindrical form, and it'is provided with a longitudinal rib 11 wh1ch, in use, sli'deably fits in a guidewayrprovided therefor in the'receptaclein which the plug is placed.

the drawing, the'body'lO isinadein two sections 12 and 13, respectively, said sections being produced by dividing the member 10 on two radial lines of division so that the smaller section 13 is ineflect a substantially wedge shaped segment which fits in a counterpart recess in the larger member 12. The meeting faces of the two sections 12 and 13 are grooved longitudinally as fat and 15, respectively, said grooves registering when the the socket or tubular type, as. the case may As shown more clearly in Figs. 2 and 40f Application filed August 14, 1929. Serial No. 385,958.

two sections are assembled, thereby pr odud- Iiangi longitudinal. bores through the plug The longitudinal openingsp rovided by the I registered grooves 14: and 15 are for the accommodation of terminal contact members 16, which obviously may be of the plug'or studtype, as shown in the drawing, or of u be; These members 16 are preferably pro-f vided with laterally projecting pins or lugs 17 which fit in'recesses 18 provided therefor in themember 12 when the parts are assembled, said'projections 17 when engaged in said recesses 18 serving to hold said members 1 6against, endwise as well as rotative m ve: I

ment in the plug body 10.

' The sectionI12 of the plug body 10 is pro-" l vided with a longitudinally extending cir-f cumferentially groove 19 for the accommodation of terminal contact member 20 which is similar to the members 16 eXcep't, instead of having the laterally projecting pin or lug 17 thereon,,it is provided with atransverse screw-threaded aperture21 at or aboutthe. same location where said pin'or lug occurs 1 on. the member 16. The said screw-threaded opening 21in the member 20 is rovided for the reception of the screw-threa ed end por tion 22 of a bolt-23, which latter is passed through alined transverse bores in the body sections 12'and 13 whereby to hold said body sections against separation laterally, as well:

as relative longitudinal movement thereof, 1 the head 2 10f said bolt 23 being received in a recess25 provided therefor in the circumfer'en'tial portion of the body section 13.

ment with said members 16=until said two body members 12 and 13 are brought into relation with each other with their end faces flush. In this assembled relation the two body sections 12 and 13 are held against lateral separation by the interlocking key effect of the terminal contact members 16 in the grooves 1.141 and 15; After. thetwo body sections have been thus assembled the terminal contact member 20 is placedin' the groove or channel 1,9..and aiscrew, bolt .23 ,i s then applied, and the cooperative eflect of the engaged terminal contact; member; bolt 23 being to securely clamp the two body sections 12 and 13 transnersely and: the same time hold them securely against independentlongitudinal movement,

' The respective terminal contact members, 16 and,20 are connected intheusual manner with the conducting wires 26: In some cases all ofthe terminal contact. members will be 7 connectedto the respective wires 26; wh le 111. other? cases only one or two ofsaid terminal contact members will be connected, the others dead, aecording-to the particular use to wer aepl gt sapp ed- In a y seho Yer,1 ho.1nvent-. 9n v s; pp q b he lt p e rmina device d; o p hong ls th 5 ti onalgstructure em Ody llg; mmnm. m:

ber. ofipartsg and. o lit t ngv he assemb i g.

and, dismantlingoi the u 'turaamt h l I the structure shown illustrates a pract oa m-1 bodimont ofi he inv ntio a W5? n stood that samefimay 9 mo o n m ny.

es acts, wltllo t. d pa ting-J f m the 9 1 n {scope oiithejnvntion 'asiglefined yth a appended1 :1ja. fI, -,v Theinve no ,t e efor ,a sf iot j mit dl oi he peolfio oon tt tlonani Krangomen ishown-i, I V Haj/1 1 thusdescribedmy invent on, what Iiclaim as new and desir to oo r byLe ters Batentrs; p 1-, lnamul p ewireonn cti n, a s ctional pl body: composed" off nsulat lg mat r a i .1 bodybei gr iv ed n mom a P anthems- 1mg gmental; sections ha ng,

' lit st roomn ngular.- mee ing fao s, v sa d; quo ing ce armg gistering ongitudin l groov pr dumg nu mar, openings, in: the s embl odytlfld n tf a' d soo n ha'v g ongir tudihal ircum ere tial;groovatermmal 9 1 tact membersl fitted in he thus p omd'edi t b l o ning with. transver e nter ocknakaywoiiio miiaddi ional; er mnal on act, member emova ly fi ted; 1n ari c1ro11mfn means ooopor iungww th. the erminal; co tact m mb n aidli i cumr epe ti l? gr ove for. ur her. securi g, Said. may muons .1 ga nst. m sve .e. s p ara on and also-.' preventing relative: ongit dinal;

movementbo weenw aidrb yr sections 2,.I1i. multiple wire o iootfo aibod'yi member ompos d,o f sulatingmat riak pd; iiidpd,onitn' ;radial'.l nes h n Q P '9 ime. two net.ol ing egmentalse ionswfiosei tud inal movement,

3': El e-hereindescribed multiple wire c0n-. nect-ionicomprising a; substantiallycylindri:

calj plug body of 'insulating'material, said body-beingdi-vided-on radiallines to produce twofseparable sections one of: which is recessedw-ith angular walls and the other being Ofc unterpartinterfitting form, the meeting faces of said sections having longitudinal registering semi cir cular grooves providing bores in theassembledi body, the grooves in one body section having, transverse recesses, 7

one of said body-sect-ions having a longitudinal circumferential groove, terminal contact members fittedfi'n the boresalfordedby the registered groovefpor tijonsof the two body sections with laterally interlocking key effect, 7

said contact members having lateral proj ections engaged in the transversely recessed portions of the body grooves, an additional terminal contact member in said; circumfen nt gr o an a bo t; extd g"; r n vo lr r llgh i dy. mem ers and gaging said terminal contact member in said r umf r tial g oov h reby to rther bind said body sections transversely and to s u e and m agains r l i n w ise, move- An. el ct ical ir it' onne i g i e comprising a body member composed, of in."

nning. aterial? s d: body being; divided:

into matchingsogmental; tions, the m tmg face f; a dis ot ns being, iag nal y dispo dia d;gro v dflongitu inally ifl repe oJthe'aXi s' ofi lie-bocly, tho-groo s in,

he ne. ing, aces; .oft o: ssembled secti n egist rm'gj o, produce. tubular openings through the body, and"electrical conducting elementsfit od in a rt uh ar openings hus Provided with-interlocking keyefli'eotw Where: by to prev nt tr nsverse. separation, of-isaidi egme tal sections, but. permit ing; relati e. longitudinalmovelnont; her f,

An. lotri'oaljfoii n t nnecti g d vi e o p s'i g' ody. member composed ofii -f sulfatmg mater1al, said, body, being divided],

into matching segmentalsevctions whose m t;- 1ng faces are angulalily d'isposeclhand R 'OY d d; with ongitudinal. grooms, r gi ering n;

the assembled relation of the segmental sections to afford tubular openings in the body, and electrical terminal contact members fitted in said tubular opening whereby t guide the respective segmental sections slidably into cooperative assembled relation to each other, but functioning with interlocking key effect to prevent transverse separation of the assembled sections.

. In testimony whereof I have signed my

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