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Publication numberUS1872849 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 23, 1932
Filing dateOct 8, 1930
Priority dateOct 8, 1930
Publication numberUS 1872849 A, US 1872849A, US-A-1872849, US1872849 A, US1872849A
InventorsPerry Townes Thomas
Original AssigneeMabel Flesche
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Convertible table
US 1872849 A
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Aug. 23, 1932. Tj P TOWNES y 1,871849 CONVERTIBLE TABLE Filed Oct. 8, 1930 4 Sheets-Sheet l Z3 2% l /0 Z7 a f/ c l (G/ O 4 l# /l 2( ,(7 i ,/7 f z2 O\ /l ,mi l, @x KM c* l 2 2. [Z1 7 /2 Inventor Pioiw A llorney `Aug. 23,v 1932. T. P. TOWNES CONVERTIBLE TABLE Filed Oct. 8, 1930 4 Sheets-Sheet 2 zeL A Homey Aug, 23, 1932. 'T, P, TQWNES 1,872,849

- CONVERTIBLE TABLE Filedyoot. e, 1930 4 sheets-sheet 5 Inventor KVI/HQI' A llomey Patented Aug. 23, 1932 i UNITED- STATES rnoivresrnnnrgrnownns, or rennen-WYOMING, Assreivon onoNn-HALFTQ Liranien. v

rassen-E, on BASIN, WYOMING A CONVERTIBLE .TABLE j Application led 0,ctvber"'8, 1930. Serial No. 487,349.r

This invention-relates to an improved convertible table which is Aexpressly designed for use Vin hospitals, sanitariurns and analogous places of confinement for the sick and invalid,

and ithasnifore particularly reference to a;

miniature convertible table such as may be conveniently supported directly onthe 'bed in a position straddling `the user.

The inventive conception ooinprehends a 1U structure which is thoroughly practical and believed to be an unequal achievement in the prior art in that it is of unusual diversied construction and nature permitting it to fulfill the many requirements and needs of one .coniined to the bed.

Otherwise construed, the feature of versatility serves to provide a foldable lrnoclndown portable table which may be conveniently used for eating, dressing, reading and the like. Briefly stated, the structure embraces a table including a top provided with foldable legs, and an adjustable rack which is usable in one instance as a tray for eating, and in another instance for holding a book for expev ditious and comfortable reading, and in the third instance as a writing desk and alsoas a mirror-equipped dressing table.

In the drawings: Figure 1 is an end elevational view show- :.ii1g the device as it appears when set up to provide a dressing table.

Figure 2 is an end view showing the structure arranged to provide an eating tray.

Figure 3 is a front elevational view of the -s`tructure seen in Figure 1 disclosing the dressing mirror.

Figure l is a view showing the rack inverted and swung down on the table top to provide a writing desk. .Y 4o Figure 5 shows the device adjusted to provide a book or paper rack to facilitate reading.

Figure 6 is an end view of the structure represented in Figure l with the legs and 4a-structure completely folded for convenient Storage. Y

Figure 7 is a view like Figure 5 showing the rack swung outwardly beyond the table top so as to permit it to be rested on the'chest of the user for more convenient reading.

Y, er through the medium ofv a connecting bolt Figure 8`is a front view of. the structure seen in Figure 4 with the legs swung A'up to folded position. Y In the drawings, the table'is generally designated by the numeral 9.. It comprises a suitable board top 10 having af vertical riser V11 on the rear longitudinaledgethereof. This riser constitutes 'a stop element :as will be observed later. The legs vare indicated :by the numerals 12-1 andlthese are Ahingcdly at taci-led rto the bottom -off theftable top as indicatedat13.y f I f They can be swung .down to table-supportV ing position as shown inF-igures anfdftfor example, :at wliichltime they are maintained; 1n this position through the medium oflfoldable :stays 14.A fOn the undersideofthetable are longitudinal stringers T15 forming guides and supporti-ng means Afor article containing drawers 1'6; The drawers are :arranged 'to slide ,out from the .opposite ends of the table and designed to kcontain various useful articles." The adjustalble supports or'rack'is generally idenotedfby thenumera-l 17; This may be` of V'diversified form -but is prefer-ably of the j constructionfrepresentedin the drawingsgy It"V j comprisesa boardlof shape similar tothe table ltop and slightly smaller than the table top. There Care `end flanges 19 yand 2`0=and va front edge ledge forming strip' 2.11 This v forms asort of'tray` or rack.'l This entire de- 'vicea 17 isz-attached totheV ends of the table top through"` the medium .ofV adjusting YFand connecting devices 22. j j Y Y u I Each Idevice comprises 'companion links 23 and 24 pivoted las -at 25 and 26 tothe complementalpart. `The links are joined togetliv provided with .an adjusting v"thumb 'nut' 2?.. The device`17 is adjustable as aunit with-the'v device 22and is also adjustable individually withf'respect' to Vsaid device 22.4 In other words, the device-17 is bodily swingab-le on the pivot 25 so as to permit it to0 be swung 'i Y through" an arc, allowing it to be; inverted from the position shown-in'Figures 5 and Tl l for:V example to the inverted tray-forming position shown inFigure 2L The ieX-ibility f of the connective devices 22 permits this st Y In this connection, I invite attention to Figure 3, wherein it will be observed that the numeral 28. designates a mirror which may be built in or attached to the board 18 on the side opposite to the tray-forming side.

Referring first to Figure 1, it will be observed that the-device is here set up to provide a dressing table. In accomplishing this result, the device 17 is disposed in a substantially vertical positionor at right angles to the table top 10. The marginal flanges or inboards 19 and 20 at this time straddle orY telescopically receive the stop strip 11. This ex- A poses the mirror 28 toward Ythe user. yThe complete device is set on the bedclothing directlyin the bed and the legs areV permitted to straddle the user in an obvious mannerV while the user is either in a sitting posture or in a reclined position.

The links of the' retaining devices 22 take the approximate positions'shown in Figure l, atY which time the thumb nuts 27 are securely tightened. By manipulating the devices 22 properly and swinging the deviceV 17 c bodily on its pivot it can be swung directly lengthy description is regarded as unnecessary.

Minor changes in shape, size, and rearat each 0f the two opposed sides of the tableV top, means for pivoting each link to the central part of said top, a link pivotally connected at one end to the free end of each of the otherlinks, such pivoting means comprising a bolt and a nut,'a tray, said tray including a bottom part and oppositely arranged extending flanges having itsbottom part pivy lotally connected at itsV sides to the second set of links, a'projection at therear of the table 1 for fitting between'parts of the flanges 'when the tray is'swung to` vertical position at the rear of the table.

In testimony yTHOMAS P. TowNEs. i

down onthe table top 10 `to assume a position as shown in Figure2 at which time it provides a convenient eating tray. A

l Thevdevice 17 can be completely inverted to takethe position shown in Figure 4 to provide awriting desk, at which time it defines Y a compartment between itself and the table top, said compartment being'open at the front to accommodate stationary and writing articles. Most small articles however canbe conveniently maintained in the sliding drawj ers which are movable to extending position beyond theopposite ends of the main table?` An additional adjustment of the device 17 permits it tobe arranged either as shown in VFigure 5 or Figure 7 for a convenient rack for'holding newspapers, books, and the like to-facilitate reading. The structure canfbe Y collapsed as shown in Figures 6 and 8 to facilitate storage, at which time the legs are folded against the bottom of the table and the device 17 folded downen the table top.

The links of the device 22 can take a posio r stays for holding the legs in adjusted position, wherein said table is fashioned as a support for a bodily adjustable .device of a dii versified nature having the multiple function of a tray, a mirror support, rack, writing desk,

etc. Y f

It is thought that persons skilled inthe art toY which the invention relates will be able to obtain a vclear understanding of theinvention after yconsidering the description in connection with, the drawings; Therefore, a more i v whereof I affix my signature. f


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European ClassificationA47B23/00