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Publication numberUS1874002 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 30, 1932
Filing dateJan 31, 1929
Priority dateJan 31, 1929
Publication numberUS 1874002 A, US 1874002A, US-A-1874002, US1874002 A, US1874002A
InventorsFantz Fred C
Original AssigneeFantz Fred C
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Oil burner
US 1874002 A
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F. C. FANTZ OIL BURNER Aug, 30, 932.

Filed Jan. 31, 1929 INVENTOR FRED C. FANTZ M. V QOK ATTORNEYS Patented Aug. 3 0,v 1932 FRED G. FANTZ, OF WEBSTER GROVES, MISSOURI OIL BURNER Application filed January 31, 1929. Serial No. 336,389

My invention relates to the art of combustion, and particularly to burners used in oilconsuming devices, such as boilers, furnaces, stills, and the lik 5 ,My principal object is, to construct a device adapted' to thoroughly break up the oil and mix it, at the proper time and under proper mixing conditions, with air or steam for atomization.

A further object is, to provide means where' by. the oil passageways willalways be kept cleanand free from deposits, so as to eliminate the customary depositing of large quantities of residue and sludge, which have a large free carbon content, in the passageway of the burner, or to permit the precipitation of such depositson the floor of the combustion chamber.

One of the major problems to be met in constructing'oil burners is, to eliminate the clogging up-of the small oil passageways,

due to the particles of carbon and foreign matter settling onv the walls thereof, which,

' in time, build up to such an extent as to retard the free-flow of oil, or to completely out it ofl. A further object of my invention is,

to so construct a device as to eliminate such deposits which form on the burner ,tips or so in the .oil passageways.

Referring to the accompanying drawing,-

a mixing head 10 is provided with a longitudinal opening 11 extending centrally therethrough, connecting with a screw-threaded My invention consists of certain details of construction, hereinafter set forth, pointed opening 12 to receivethe connection carrying the oil for consumption. A steam or air chamber 13 is formed in the mixing head 10, preferably surrounding the wall defining the longitudinal opening 11. A'screw-threaded opening 14in the mixing head 10 receives the lation thereto, is a second cylinder 18,, also open at both ends, said cylinder 18 extending beyond the outer end of the cylinder 15. The cylinder 18 is seated in' a screw-threaded opening 19 in the mixing head 10, and to the outer end of said cylinder 18 is secured a burner tip 20. Within the cylinder 15 is secured a corrugated spiral element 21, the outer edges of which preferably contact the inner wall of said cylinder 15. I have found ,7 that these corrugations serve efi'ectuallyto break up the oil particles. However, unlike the sharp projections which are sometimes employed for this purpose and against'which the sludge and the like lodges and thus greatly decreasing the efficiency of the mixing des vice, the smooth surface presented in my structure affords no place for the accumulation of. a sludge, etc.,' thereby a greatly increased efiiciency is obtained by this construe-- tion.

In use, the complete burner as just described, including the mixing head 10 and the cylinders 15 and 18 thereto attached, projects into a combustion space (not shown).

In practical operation, the oil enters, under pressure, through the passage or port 11 in the nozzle 17, into the cylinder '15. At the same time, a proper amdunt of air or I steam, under proper pressure, enters through "the opening 14: into the chamber 13 and thence into the cylinder 15, where it mixes with the incoming oil. The incoming oil and steam, under pressure, are forced outwardly through the cylinder 15 and forcibly impinged upon the corrugations in the spiral m element 21. By forcibly striking this spiral element and the. corrugations therein, and

also due partly to the steam cutting acrossv the incoming oil, the'particles of oil are torn v apart. The spiral element 21, providin a 15 spiral passageway through the cylinder 15,

imparts a whirling motion to the oil and steam and, as a proper pressure on the oil r passage, I designate as my mixing chamber,

' and the space in the cylinder 18 formed by its projection beyond the end of the cylinder 15, I designate as my expansion chamber 22. The steam and oil, thoroughly mixed at this ti1ne,"pass. out of the expansion chamber 22' through orifices in the burner tip 20,'where they are met by a proper air draft (not shown) to provide the necessary oxygen for combustion.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure byvLetters Pat- 40 ent of the United States, is:

1. A'burner for 011 fuel comprising a mixing head haying a steam chamber therein,

an imperforate cylinder opened at both ends secured to said head, the open inner end heing in communication with said chamber, a fuel nozzle in said head which. projects into I said cylinder, a transversely corrugated spiral element in said cylinder adjacent the nozzle discharge, an outer cylinder, which surrounds said first named cylinder secured to said head, said outer cylinder being of larger diameter and length than the first named one, means 'to mount said cylinders in, spaced relation to each. other, a burner tip mounted. n the end of the outer cylinder, there being a plurality of arcuate slots between the burner tip and thewall of the out-- er cylinder. 2, A burner for oil fuel comprising a mix ing head having a steam .-chamber therein, a cylinder opened at both end'ssecured to said head, the open inner end being incommunication with said chamber, a fuel nozzle in said head which projects into saidcylinder, a corrugated spiral element in said zof the outer cylinder, there being a rality of arcuate slots between the burner tip and the wall of the outer cylinder.

cylinder adjacentthe nozzle dischar e, an outer cylinder which surrounds sai named cylinder secured to said head, said outer cylinder being of larger diameter and length than the first named one, means to mount said cylinders in spaced relation to each other, a burner tip mounted in the end plu- ,F-RED o. FANTZ.

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U.S. Classification239/403, 48/189.4, 239/601, 239/432
International ClassificationF23D11/10
Cooperative ClassificationF23D11/102
European ClassificationF23D11/10A1