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Publication numberUS1874086 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 30, 1932
Filing dateOct 3, 1931
Priority dateOct 3, 1931
Publication numberUS 1874086 A, US 1874086A, US-A-1874086, US1874086 A, US1874086A
InventorsVincent L Dickson
Original AssigneeVincent L Dickson
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Headlight lens
US 1874086 A
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Aug. 30, 1932 V L DlCKSON 1,874,086

HEADLIGHT LENS Filed Oct. 5, 1951 Whiz/7Z4. 512%.5'077 INVENTOR d/wdo" TTTT f atented Aug. 30, 1932 warren STATES VINCENT L. DICKSON, OF'ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA V HEADLIGHT LENS Application filed October 3, 1931. Serial No. 566,730.

Figure 1 is a sectional View of a headlight casing and reflector with the lens in position 7 therein in advance of the source of light.

Figure 2 is a rear elevational view of the lens.

As illustrated in the accompanying drawing the lens is to be applied to the casing of a headlight and such casing consists of a body 1 having a reflector2 housed therein, a lamp socket 3 at the center thereof, the said socket being adapted to hold a lamp bulb i in a usual manner.

The lens consists of a sheet 5 of transparent glass the said sheet being preferably in the form of a circular disk. The lens is provided along the upper peripheral portion of its edge with a frosted area 6. The area 7 immediately below the frosted area 6 is smooth at its opposite surfaces. The area 7 extends below the center of the lens. The lower and side area 8 of the lens is provided at its inner side with ribs 9 and the said ribs have smooth surfaces. A tubular portion 10 is concentrically mounted at the inner side of thecenter of the lens 5. The exterior surface of the tubular portion 10 is frosted as at 11 and that portion of the lens 5 which is at the center of the tubular portion 10 is frosted at the outside as at 12. The rear edge of the tubular portion 10 is disposed at an acute angle to the axis of the said portion. The inner surface of the tubular portion 10 is polished and provided with longitudina'l ribs 18. The inner surface of the lens 5 opposite the frosted area 12 and within 45 the tubular portion 10 is polished.

\Vhen the bulb at is illuminated therays of light which penetrate the frosted areas 11 and 12 are filtered and reduced in intensity. The rays of light from'the bulb 4 which strike the polished areas are reflected upon the for-.

ward surface of the reflector 2 and from the said reflector are directed forwardly through the clear areas of the lens 5. Thus certain of the rays of light from the bulb are brilliant-but they are filtered to such an extent as to eliminate glare, Those rays of light which are effected by the corrugated or ribbed surface are diffused so that the beam of light from the lens is sufficiently broad to effectually light the roadway over which the automobile machine is about to travel.

Having described the invention what is claimed is.

A lens comprising a disk having an arcuate light diffusing area at its upper portion and following the peripheral edge thereof, a clear area extending downwardly from the diffusing area between the opposite ends thereof, ribs formed on the disk exteriorly thereof and arranged laterally of and extending downwardly from the clear area, a hollow tubular member extending centrally from the disk, the portion of the disk within the outline of the hollow tubular member having light diffusing means thereon, the interior surface of the hollow tubular member being polished, ribs formed on the interior surface of the hollow tubular member and extending longitudinally thereof, and light diffusing means arranged on the outer surface of the hollow tubular member.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification362/355, 362/335
International ClassificationF21V5/00
Cooperative ClassificationF21S48/1233
European ClassificationF21S48/12T2