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Publication numberUS1875196 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 30, 1932
Filing dateSep 17, 1927
Priority dateOct 28, 1926
Publication numberUS 1875196 A, US 1875196A, US-A-1875196, US1875196 A, US1875196A
InventorsEverett Molins Walter
Original AssigneeEverett Molins Walter
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Cigarette container
US 1875196 A
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Filed Sept. 17. 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet l Aug. 30, 1932.` w. E. MoLlNs CIGARETTE CONTAINER Filed sept. 1v. 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Ail() liaterttecll Aug. 30, 1932 PATENT OFFICE y WALTER. EVERETT moLrNs', or DnrTroRn, LoNnoN, ENGLAND CIGARETTE CONTAINER i Application aledsppte'mbr 17, 192'?, semi No. 220,166, and in creat Britain october 2s, 1926.

This invention is for improvements in or relating to 'f cigarette containers, and more particularly to cigarette containers of the type wherein a single row of cigarettes 1s located withina poc vet with the ends thereof directed towards the ymouth of the same, and it has for its object' thev provision of means whereby cigarettesmaybe retained against unintentional displacement in the said pocket after some ofthe'cigarettes have been removed therefrom.

' VIt is'well known `that with cigarette co tainers ofthefslide and shell type, that the cigarettes are liable toshake about in the container to the-detriment of the cigarettes after.` one or more cigarettes have been removed 'from the container; f` f The present invention consists of a cigarette packet having a U or equivalently shaped portion arranged to receive a single row of cigarettes with-their Vaxes directed towards the open end of therpacket, characterized by the provision of a'series of scallops in the said U shaped portion each arranged to partly envelope cigarette, iny such a manner that the free ends of the scallops'lie'in the depressions between'adjacent cigarettes. n

. Further, the presentinvention consists of a cigarette container as set forth in the preceding paragraph, wherein'two sets of scallops are'arranged to engage with the cigarettes for the purpose hereinafterset forth.

' The invention is more particularly dem scribed with referencetothe accompanying drawings, in which':--

"Figg 1 illustrates onepacket constructed according to the present' invention'.

l Fig. 2 is a modified iornzy of vpacketto that illustrated in Fig.'- 1. s

Fig. y3 illustratesa double pocket container embodying the subject matter oit the present invention. f f

Figs. 4 and 5are modified packet illustrated in Fig. 3,

Fig. 6 illustrates a slide aiufsheli packet wherein the slide embodies the subject mat-- ter of the present invention.

Referring to the drawings, Fig. 1 shows a single pocket container arranged 'to accomforms of the modate ten cigarettes and furnished with a loped edge 3 is formed simultaneously with .o

the scallops 1 of the blankofthe precedin packet. If necessary, an additional set o scallops 4 may be made at a point along the length ofthe blank in order to hold thecigarettes attwo `points around their lengths, and

thus form additional security against displacement. The rear broad 'panel of the packet is preferably slit at 5 so that the closure flap 2 may be folded down so as to permit the end ofeach cigarette to be easily taken from the packet.` y

Fig. -2 illustrates a modified form of the packet illustrated in Fig. 1. The scallops 6 are formed substantially at the mid-length of the front panel in order to support each ci rette at the mid-length thereof, and in ad ition, provides a straight edge along the mouthof the packet which ensures that the edge of the extension flap is also straight where the blanks are cut from a web.

Fig. 3 shows a double pocket container provided with scallops similar to those illustrated in Fig. 1. A packet of this character may be formed in one piece or made in the form of two single packets joined together.

Fig. i illustrates a modified form of packet to that illustrated in Fig. 3 but in this case, the packet is lined with tin foil or similar material, and an aperture is provided arranged to show a trade mark or monogram .impressed upon the foil liner.

Fig. 5 shows a section of Fig. 4 from which it will be seen that the centre portion of the foil'strip which is located in proximity to the closure flap of the packet is provided with a tuck-9 which, when the packet is in the extended condition, is located at right angles to the extension.` Hap and forms an abutment for, the cigarettesl of one pocket when the packet is held so as'to allow the cigarettes of one pocket to slide from the same under the" force of gravity.

lVhen'the two pockets are Vfolded one upon the other the tuck 9 is located between thefree ends of the two rows of cigarettes and so prevents one row of cigarettes from coming into contact With the other. Fig. 6 showstlie invention applied to a slide of a slide and shell packet. l n the case illustrated, the scallops are fojrmedkon one end iap,'butu it is to be understood thatthe scallops may be provided on bothiend flaps, if necessary. e

It is found in formingthe containers other than slide and shell packets of the character hereinbefore set fortln'that with containers adapted to hold ten cigarettesv less ymaterial f is yrequired than is necessary to make a slidel and shell packet of thefsame capacity, where# as in the case of a container adaptedtoaccommodate twenty-.cigarettes no more material than isrequired for aslide and shell `con tainerris'necessary..l

It will be appreciated after inserted andthe sides of the container eithersealed by hand or automatically. On

' the other hand, the 'container may y'be' formed, fill'vedand sealedy entirely-*byautomatic means.

' vWhat 'I claim as my invention an'ddesirey tolsecure by Letters -Patent is:f- 'i i Y l1;. A cigarette'containerconstructed tromy anintegral blank of'sheetmaterial and comf prising ai pair ofopen ended` pockets, each yadapted -zto hold a singlefrow lof cigarettes,i

and a `flap hingedly connecting' the ltwo pockets togetherso fthat they maybe-opened out'into line with" their open ends' directed to?` ward oncalnother'and adapted tol extend across rthe vopen veridsofthe pockets when the latter areffolded one upontli'e otherito completely enclosethe cigarettes', each of said pocketsy beinglprovided with a serrated portionv integralv with the pocket andlextending within the pocket for engagementin theim y terstices between 'adjacent' cigarettes-Whereby the flatter fr may Lbe retained tentional displacement'. f

J 2. A cigarette container comprisinga pair of open ended pockets, each adapted to hold a single row ofcigarettes, andl avfiap for hinga'gainst unining the two pockets together `so that they may be opened out into line with their open ends directed toward one another and adapted to extend `across the open ends vof the pockets when the latter are foldedone upon the "other, said pockets and flap being inytegrally.formedand consisting of an outer covering of fibrous'r materialy and an inner wrapper of'foil, the flap portion of said wrapper being provided with an upstanding foldv forming an abutment for engagement by the cigaretteswhen said pockets are opened.

3.y A cigarette container constructed from an integral blank of sheet material and coml that'the .container may bek first formedffand the cigarettes there- LemmeA prising a pair of open ended pockets,` each adapted to hold a single row of cigarettes,

and a flap for hinging the two pockets together so that they may be opened out into y line with their open ends directed'toward one another and adapted to extend across the aninner wrapperl of' foil, the flap portion of saidcontainer being provided with an upsta'nding' fold formingy an abutment kfor engagement by the cigaretteswhen saidk pockets are opened', each of said pockets being providedvr with a serrated portion, the .teeth lof which are deflectedto engage'betweenfadg jacentcigarettes to retainthehlatter against y.unintentional displacement..

` 4. A cigarette container comprising apairf of open ended pockets,each adapted to` ,hol-d.

a single rowofci Iarette s,lfand:a ,apfo

hinging lthetwo poc ets together so thattlley may be'opened out into line withtheir' open ends directed toward-lone, another .and-adapt;


ed to extend across the openendsof the.:V

pockets .when thelatter are folded .one upon the other, ja' strip Lof foil extending vrithin-iv each pocket andjacross the yflap, that pt ution fofr .the foil adjacent theV flap `extending outf -wardlyfrom theflap to.r form an abutment for .engagement bythe cigarettes when said pockets are opened. A,

. 5. A cigarette container constructed from an integral blank of sheet Amaterialgandcomprising a'pair of open ended pockets,l each, adaptedto hold asingle row of cigarettes with the axes directed toward the mouth of each-pocket, and a; flap f hingedly connecting f the tWov pockets 'together so that l.theyf'may be opened out intollinelwith their-mouths directed toward onel anotherithe-saifd'- flap o l*the pockets abutting tocompletely enclose the cigarettes, the edge ofthe broad front panel kof each pocketdefining the m'outlrof the pocket being serrated tofy provide a plu? rality of tongues extending within the pocket at the mouth-for engagementy inthe interstices between adjacent cigarettes,whereby the latter may be retained againstaunintentional lateral displacement within the pocket. In testimony whereof vLhereunto alix my signature. *f

rWAmfEfa EVRTT nomas. f

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International ClassificationB65D85/10, B65D85/08
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European ClassificationB65D85/10G6