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Publication numberUS1875804 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 6, 1932
Filing dateApr 16, 1931
Priority dateApr 16, 1931
Publication numberUS 1875804 A, US 1875804A, US-A-1875804, US1875804 A, US1875804A
InventorsAnthony Dicicco
Original AssigneeAnthony Dicicco
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Combined envelope and card
US 1875804 A
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SBP 5f i932- -A, nxclcc@ 1,875,804

` COMBINED ENVELOPB AND CARD- Filed April 16, 1931 l object to provide a novel and improved mail# Application inea prima? This vinvention `relates to an improvement `in combined envelopes and cards.

The present invention has for its pr1mary .ing article combining the individual 'feas tures of a pictorial postcard with those of "an ordinary'sealed envelope. An article so provided meets the desires of a person who Wishes to mail a letter and at the same time accompanying it with a pictorial postcard, and the'device presents an heretofore unpracticed and unknown psychological and commercial appeal to tourists and the like. i The object of the invention is to provide a combined envelope and picture `post-card as a unitary structure, which may be sold as one and transmitted through the mails in the same manner and for the postage of a letter, While yet transmitting the pictorial face of the card as well as a letter which may be enclosed Within the envelope.

It is often desirable to send through the mails both a picture postal card and a letter, and by combining the two and selling them as a unitaryk structure, both the envelope and the card may be obtained at once, which makes it unnecessaryfto purchase them separately and to pay separate postages for both the card and the envelope.

The back of the postal card is pasted or otherwise secured to the front of a complete envelope, in order to leave the pictorial front of the postal card outermost and also leaving the envelope ap exposed, fgrthe insertion of a letter onother matter intoft'h'e envelope for transmission through the mails` and to permit the sealing of the envelope. The flap of the envelope when sealed may receive the name and address of the addne's'see.

In the accompanying drawing:

Fig.` 1 is a perspective view from the front side of the combined envelope and card;

Fig 2 is a back view of the envelope side with the flap closed; and

IFig. 3 is a plan vievv of the blank for the envelope.

`In the'form illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2, the pictorial postal card is designatedV geni erally by the numeral 1 and has its back side :attached to the face or front side of an en- UNITED 'ooislmnmni ENVEIJO'PEt LAND CARDY f 1931.:4 seriar A116112530'nos.

velope 2, l'preferably by a suitable adhesive, such as an ordinary glue or ythe like, although any other suitable meansmay' been'ipIOyed which will 'securely and permanently attach the card land envelope/to' each other.

The adhesive` 1s preferablyarranged over the Whole face of the .envelope and thecard is pressed thereagainst tosecurely fasten the two together, and in this"`\v`ay vall'edges of the card are secured, which leaves none lof the edges separated, by which there isli'kely to be any separation of the card lfrom the envelope in transmitting the same through the mails..

The flap 3 atthe upper -edge ofthe envelope is made to extend over a substantial portion ofthe back ofthe envelope and, as shown in Fig. 2, it extends over approximately the entire rear face. This flap 3 has a' space 4 `thereon to receive the name and address of the main portion 6.along a line 11, and this bottom flap 10 has a V-shapednotch 12 in the edge thereof to cooperate with the edges of the end flaps 8.

Portions 13 along the outer edges of the bottom flap 10 may have adhesive applied thereto to secure the same over the end Vilaps 8, and the flap 3 also has an adhesive portion 14 along the edge thereof` to seall the envelope. l

In forming the envelope,` the blank is folded in the usual Way first by turning the end folds 8`inward and securing them inv place by the glued edges 13 of the bottomflap 10, which completes the formation of the" envelope, and it is then ready' to receive the picture postalcardiljwhichphas its back face adhesively securedtofthe front `of the envelope 2 as above described.

This provides-for alunitary-article 'com--' prising both an envelope and a picture postal card which may be sold together and transmitted through the mails at the same time for the postage of only one, and it also '5 simplifies the handling of the mail by rey ducing the number of pieces thereof, While yet transmitting both the picture postal card and a letter in the envelope.

I claim: 1. A combined envelope and postal card comprising a relatively stiff cardboard front having a pictorial front face, a complete enl velope having a front face extending approximately co-exte'nsive with and adhesively secured to the Aback face of the card approximately throughout the entire area thereof, and a closure flap carried by the top edge of the envelope and extending approximately over the area of the back of the envelope, and YJ said flap providing conventional stamp and address spaces.

2. A combined envelope and postal card comprising a' relatively stiff cardboard front having a pictorial front face, a complete envelope having av front face extending ap- A 1 proximately 13o-extensive with and adhesively secured to the back face of the card approximately throughout the entire area thereof, and a closure flap carried by the top edge of the envelope, and said Hap providing conventional stamp and address space. In testimony whereof I ail-ix my signature.


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