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Publication numberUS1876607 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 13, 1932
Filing dateJan 5, 1931
Publication numberUS 1876607 A, US 1876607A, US-A-1876607, US1876607 A, US1876607A
InventorsArthur B. Btjtterworth
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Cleaning machine
US 1876607 A
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' Sept. 13, 1932. A. B, li-:UTTERwoRTvI-lv CLEANING MACHINE Filed Jan. ,5. 1951 2 sheets-Sheet 2 1 @NW ||J. ||I\\ /IWI NN C Q ,hw Q ON mv 4 housing.

Patented Sept. 13, 1.932

UNITED vswirl-:s


.This invention relates to an improved device for injecting liquid under pressure against the interior of a tank to be cleaned.

, The invention will be fully understood from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings 1n which latter- A Fig. 1 is a transverse section through a tank showing in side elevation a partition wlth the cleaning device mounted to operate through a lighteningv hole in the partition;

Fig. 2 is a 'longitudinal sectional view of the cleaning device; v

Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional view taken along the line III-III of Fig. 2; and

Fig. 4 is a perspective View of the core of the nozzle structure,

Referring to the drawings, the device is illustrated as applied to the cleaning of a ships inner bottom, or tank, of which reference numeral 1 designates the base and nu. meral 2 designates the top. The tank is divided into a plurality of laterally disposed compartments by means of partitions or walls 3. The walls are provided with lightening holes 4. Means are provided for mechanically cleaning a plurality of the compartments simultaneously. The means comprises a washing device which is so constructed that it can be supported in the small space of thev lightening hole. A bracket 6 of suitable construction su'pports the washing device.

The washing device comprises a housing formed of sections 8, 9, 10 and 11 which are rigidly secured together to form a unit. The discharge end of the housing is provided with a flange 12 aflixed to section 8. A headed tube 13 is provided with a shank which eX- tends through an opening in flange 12 into the The tube is supported rotatably within the housing by a bearing constituted by flange 12 and sections 9, l10 and 11. Section 11 is a tubular elbow or coupling member. the inlet end of which faces laterally of the housing. yPacking 14 is interposed between section 11, section 10 and the shank 13 in order to prevent leakage of the cleaning liquid into the housing. The headed portion of the tube designated 16 is provided with laterally facing openings through which the nozzle structure extends.

The nozzle structure comprises the' oppositely facing nozzles 17 which are secured rigidly to and open into a hollow 4core`18. The core18 is adapted to revolve freely in the head of the tube and is secured in position by means of a gland 19. The core carries nonlrotatably a 'gear 2O which meshes with annul10. Worm 24 drives a worm gear 25 which is -non-rotatably affixed to the tube 13. The

force of .the liquid passing through the device causes a longitudinal thrust of the tube 13 with respect to the housing. This thrust is resisted by means of an anti-friction device 27 which is disposed between the flange 12 and an annular flange 28 which projects laterally from tube 13.

In its operation the cleaning device is positioned in the lightening hole of the partition between two compartments to be cleaned and liquid is injected under pressure thr=l ugh a hose 30 into the inlet of the device. The air motor is actuated to cause the laterally disposed nozzles to be rotated whereby the liquid issuing therefrom is 'caused to sweep all p0rtions of both compartments. The nozzles are preferably revolved relatively slowly.

The device described is constructed compactly for use in openin s of relativelysmall size such as the lightening holes of a ships inner bottom and can be actuated at relatively great distances from the source of OWer. While the device has been described or use in cleaning a ships inner bottom, it will be understood that it can be used for cleaning coiferdams, sump tanks, settling tanks, bilges, shorestorage tanks, or otherl vessels which have obstructions therein and in which it is desirable to fasten the cleaning machine on the beams or the4 like and Within the tank.

Various changes may be made within the scope of the appended claim in which it is desired to claim all novelty inherent in the invention as broadly as the prior art permits.

ll claim:

A cleaning device, comprising a tubular housing having an annularly toothed end, an inlet pipe secured to the opposite end of the housing, a headed tube liavinga shank extending rotatably through the toothed end and along the longitudinal axis of the housing into the inlet pipe, a packing ring sealing the shank with respect to the pipe and housing, nozzles projecting rotatably laterally from the head of the tube, a gear rigidly aHXed to the nozzles and engaging the toothed end, a gear encircling and non-rotatably secured to the shank Within the housing, and driving means for the gear extending into the housin ARTH 1 B. BUTTERWORTH.

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U.S. Classification239/263, 134/181
International ClassificationB08B9/093, B08B9/08, B05B3/02
Cooperative ClassificationB08B9/0936, B05B3/02
European ClassificationB05B3/02, B08B9/093R