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Publication numberUS1877016 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 13, 1932
Filing dateJun 15, 1931
Priority dateJun 15, 1931
Publication numberUS 1877016 A, US 1877016A, US-A-1877016, US1877016 A, US1877016A
InventorsMunson Lawrence J
Original AssigneeMunson Lawrence J
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Removable gunstock for pistols
US 1877016 A
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Sept. 13, 1932. O' 1,8773% REMOVABLE GUNSTOCK FOR PISTOLS Filed June 15, 1931 INVENTOR. LAWRENCE J. /"7 //v$a/-/w .Z 157 5 BY Wm Cc.


Patented Sept. 13, 1932 UNrrsn s'r r Es AWRENG J. ivmivsolv, or SAN rRANoIsco, CALIFORNIA.-

REMOVABLE eUNsrocKroR rIs'roLs .Applieationfiled June 15, 1 931. i Serial No. 544,542.

. My invention relates to improvements in removable gun stocks for pistols, and it consists of the combinations,"constructions and arrangements hereinafter described and claimed.

An object of my invention is to provide a removable gun stock for pistols which may be instantly attached to a pistol and automatically locked in place so that the pistol l has the advantage of, and can be used as a rifle. The device has novel means for freeing it from the pistol.

. A further object of my invention is to provide a device of the type described which E is strong enough and shaped to be used as a night stick or billy. The device also has a receptacle for housinga gun cleaning rod and reamer.

The device is extremely simple in construc- 20 tion and is durable and eificient for the purpose intended.

, Other objects and advantages will appear in the following specification, and the novel features of the device will be particularly pointed out in the appended claims. My invention is illustrated'in the accompanying drawing forming a part of this application, in which Figure 1 is a side view of the device shown applied to a pistol, a portion of the device 1 being broken away to show the gun cleaning member;

Figure 2 is an enlarged detail of a portion of the device;

Figure 4 shows a portion of the pistol; and

Figure 5 shows a part of the gun cleaning device. i

In carrying out my invention I make use 40 of a'pistol 1 of any standard make and I provide a recess or socket 2 in the pistol (see Figure 4). The device comprises a tubular member 3 threaded to a permanent or detachable pistolengaging member l (see Figure 2). The member 4 has a threaded portion 5 that isremovably received in the threaded end of the tubular member 3.

The portion 4 has a curved part 6 for conforming with the edge 7 of the pistol 1 (see Figures 2 and 4). The top of the member 4 Figure 3 is a top plan view of Figure 2; p

is formed into a socket 8 for'receiving the portionlof the revolver 1. Of course the shape of the socket 8 and-the shape of the depending part 6 is fashioned in accordance with the particular type ofpistol used. The J socket 8 has sideslO and 11 and a back 12 (see Figure3) The sides and 11 receive the sides of the portion 9 while the rear edge of the portion 9 bears against'the back 12.

Means for automatically securing thedevice tothe pistol comprises a spring clip 13 .(see'Figures 2 and 3-) secured to the member 1 4: by a screw 14 orother suitable fastening means and carrying a pin 15 that is' slidable in an opening 16 in the side 11. The pin 15 is soarranged as to enter the recess or socket 2 and the peripheral wall of the pincontacts with the periphery of the socket and prevents the removal of the device from the pistol. It will be noted that the pin is positioned beyond the edge 17 of the side 10 and that the edge 7 of the pistol is rounded slightly so as to permit the pin to be moved 5 flush with the inner surface of the side 11 when the device is being applied to the pistol. The spring 13 will instantly seat the pin in the socket 2 whenboth register with each other. .1 l

A cam 18 has a button 19 slidable in a slot 20 in the spring 13 and the cam is bifurcated as to 20' for straddlingthe pin 15. When the cam is in the position shown in Figures 2 and 3 the'pin 15 is free to enter the socket 2 when registering therewith. The operator in order to free the pin 15 from the socket moves the button 19 and causes the edge20 of the cam to strike the inner surface 21 of the spring 13 and to move the spring so as to free'the pin from the socket. The device may now'be removed from the pistol.

I providea shoulder engaging member 22 (see Figure 1) with a threaded portion 23 for entering the threaded end of the tube 3. The portion 23 also carries a cleaning rod 24 that has a portion 25 swiveled thereto and an eyelet '26 removably secured to the portion 25. When the operator wishes to clean the barrel of the revolver he removes the portion 23 from the tube, 3; and with it the rod 24, the swivel 25 and the eyelet 26.

A piece of cloth may be passed through the eyelet and the eyelet with the cloth inserted intolthe barrel of the pistol for cleaning it. 1

In Figure 5 I show in detail howfthe part 25 is swiveledtothe rod '24. I further show how a reamer 27 may be substituted for the eyelet 26 and used forreaming out thebore of the revolver. V y

From the foregoing description of the various parts of the device, the operation there of may be readily understood.

. It is obvious that the member 4 made a permanent part of the pistol l and in this instance the portion 9 of the pistol would; constitutethe member 4and would have the threaded part 5 projecting rearwardly therefrom. However, in. order tov make'the device adaptable to'pistols already. in use I providethe member 4 and the attachingmeans already described.

The, device may be used apart from the I pistol as a billy,because it is easy to handle and when using the device for thispurpose the member 4 may be detached from the tube 3 and remain fixed to the pistol 1. Normally, however, the device comprises the parts 3,

3. A pistol attachment having a cupshaped portion for snugly engaging with the rear and sides ofa pistol, said cup-shaped 'portion having two sides, one of which is longer than the other, and'a spring pressed pm carried by the longer 'side and disposed in that portion extending beyond the shorter side, Q I l 4; A pistol attachment having a cupshaped portion for snugly engaging with the rear and sides of a pistol,- said cup-shaped portion having tWo sides, one of which is longer than the other, and a spring pressed pincarried by the longer side and disposed in that portion extending beyond the shorter side and manually controlled means for moving the pininto retracted position.


4 and-22 connected together, and it may be carried on'the person :so as to be quickly ace:

cessible inc'ase of an emergency. The operator can quickly attach the device to a :pis- I tolso as to use the pistol'as a rifle, andthis may. be accomplished while the operatoris on 7 a run or in the actual act of firing.

embodiment of my invention "it is to be ,understood that the same is susceptible of Va -Although Ihave shown'and described one apart thereof and give the pistol, the ad vantage of a rifle, a spring pressed pin car ried by the attachment and entering the sock et whenrthe attachment is in proper position,

the peripheral wall of the pin contacting with'the'cperip'heral wall of the socket for preventing the removal of the attachment, and means for freeing the pin from the socket.

2. The combination with a pistol, of a gun stock removably secured thereto, means, for securing the stock to the pistol and including a pin and a leaf springbearing against the pin and having a cam portion, and means for freeing the pin from the pistol and including a manually slidable cam shaped member designed to engage with the cam portion on the spring.

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