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Publication numberUS1877808 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1932
Filing dateSep 29, 1930
Priority dateSep 29, 1930
Publication numberUS 1877808 A, US 1877808A, US-A-1877808, US1877808 A, US1877808A
InventorsJack Cagliostro Antony
Original AssigneeJack Cagliostro Antony
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Sugar dispenser
US 1877808 A
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Sept. 20, 1932. A. J. cAG'LlosTRO SUGAR DI SPENSER Filed sept. 29, 1930 Patented Sept. 20, 1932 i 1,877,8ee


SUGAR nrsrnnsnn Application :led September 29, 1930. Serial No. 485,229.

rlliisinvention relates to 'sugar dispensers and has for an obiect to provide a dispenser in which the is open throughout the bottoni to provide a filling orifice et great area so that the contents may be easily and quickly replenished, said orifice being closed by a flanged base whichforms a support for the ar and carries `integral therewith a measuring cup, the result of this construction being that the base and measuring cup asweii as ie interior ot the j ar may be easily reached or cleanino` so that the device may be kept in a sanitary condition at all times. i

A further object ofthe invention is to pro vide the j ar of the dispenser with a flattened 'portion having a central orifice and constituting a reduced neck to slidably receive the delivery tube, there being usting nuts on said `tube bearing against the flat inner and outer 'faces of thedelivery neck and adjustably securing `the tube to the neck so that theintake funnel thereof may be spacedras desired 'from the bottom of vthe measuring cup to facilitateany desired measuredA quan-- tity ot the contents being dispensed when the isinverted. 1

A still further'object of the invention to provide a dispenser having a one piece glass jar which is externally fluted and upon which the screw base is threaded, the fluting of the jar preventing slipping of the jar when grasped during u-nscreiif'ing of the base to replenish 'the contents of the Vlith the above and other objects in view the invention consists in certain novel details ot` construction and combinations of parts hereinafter fully described and claimed, it being understood. that various modifications may be resorte(t to within the scope of the appended claims without departing from the spirit or sacriicing any of the advantages of the invention.

1n the accompanying drawing forming Vpart of this specification Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional View through my improved dispenser, and

Figure 2 is a cross sectional viewl taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Referring now to the drawing in which like characters of reference designate similar parts in the various views, the dispenser is shown to comprise a jar 10 which preferably is formed of glass and is preferably formed Cylindrical in contour, the entire bottom of the jar being open to provide a filling orifice of great area and also to permit easy insertion of a cleansing tool for keeping the j ar in a sanitary condition. rlhe ar is provided with longitudinal fluting` 11 on the exterior of the wall thereof and is furthermore provided eX- ternally at the bottom with screw threads 12. The jar is flattened opposite the bottom to provide a reduced neck 13 which is lprovided with an axial orifice 14.

A disk base 15 closes 'the open bottom of the jar and forms a support for the jar. rlhe base is preferably formed of metal and is provided with a pair of concentrically disposed annular flanges 1G and 17 The outer flange 16 is formed with screw threads to engage the screw threads 12 of the j ar and removably secure the base to the jar. The inner flange 17 is of' greater length `than the outer flange and is of less diameter 'than the diameter of the jar. Said inner flange constitutes a measuring cup. By virtue of the measuring cup being integral with the base, when the base is removed the measuring cup may be conveniently kept in a sanitary condition.

Disposed axially in the jar is a tube 18. The tube terminates in a funnel 19 at one end, projecting loosely into the cup 17, and the opposite end of the tube is extended Athrough the orifice lll in the neck 18 of the jar. A pair of adjusting nuts 2O and 21 are threaded onto the last named end ot the tube and bear against the flat inner and outer faces 22 and 23 of the jar neck to adjustably secure the tube in the jar. By loosening the adjusting nuts the tube may be advanced or retracted to vary the distance betweenV the mouth of the funnel 19 and the bottom oi" the measuring cup 17 in order to increase or decrease'the quantity of sugar or othermaterial delivered by the measuring cup into the funnel when the jar is turned upside down. Y i

In operation, assume that the adjusting nuts 20` and V21 have been manipulated to loo j position the funnel 19, as shown in dotted vlines in Fig. 1. The jar may now be inverted whereupon the contents of the measuring cup 17 in the space between the throat 24: of the funnelaiid the bottom 25 ofthe measuring cup will be dispensed through the tube 18. Should a greater quantity of material be desired at each operation, it is simply necessary to manipulate the adjusting nuts 2O and 21 to position the funnel 19 so that the mouth 26 thereof is disposed near the open end of the measuring cup, that is, is spaced considerably from the bottom of the measuring cup; Now when the ar is inverted, the material in the' measuring cup to a depth extending from the bottom of the measuring cup to the throat 24C of the funnel will be dispensed through the tube 18.

Having thus described the invention, I claim: y

1. A dispenser comprising aljar openat the bottom, a removable diskbase for the jar closing the open bottom thereof, an annular measuring cup integral with the base and of less diameter than the jar, said jar having an integral pouring neck opposite the bottom, a pouring tube removably disposed vin said neck, nuts threaded on the tube and engaging the inner and outer ends of the pouring neckV for adjustably securing said tube to said neck, and a funnel carried by the tube projectingintofsaid measuring cup.4

2. A dispenser comprising a jar having an open bottom and a longitudinally fluted side` wall, a disk base for the jar screwed onto the exterior of said side wall, said fluted wall permitting of the jar being grasped without slipping during unsere-win 0` of the disk base to replenish the contents or thejar, an annu.- lar measuring cup integral Vwith the base and of less diameter than the jar, said ar having an integral short pouring neck opposite the bottom, a pouring tube removably secured in said neck at one end and terminating at the opposite end in a funnel projecting loosely into said measuring cup and adjusting nuts threaded on-the stem and bearing against the opposite ends of the pouring neck for effecting longitudinal adjustment o-f the tube in vthe jar to adjust the funnel with respect to the measuring cup.

3. A dispenser comprising a jar having an Y open 1 bottom to provide a filling orii'ice of large area, said ar having a reducedpouring neck opposite the bottom, a screw/base closing the bottom of the ar and forming a support for the jar, ameasnring cup integralwith the inner face of the base, a pouring tube remov ably disposed in the jar and extending through said neck, said tube terminating remote from the neckin a funnel'projecting into said measuring cup,`the mouth of the funnel being spaced both fromthewall'and from the bottom ofthe cup, and a pair ofv nuts threaded on said tube andbearin'g against the opposite ends of said pouring neck for adjustably securing the tube to said neck whereby the tube may be moved longitudinally in the jar to vary the space between the funnel and the bottom of themeasuring cup.

ll. A dispenser comprising a jar open at the bottom to provide a filling orifice of great area, said jar having a thickened portion opposite the bottom provided with a central orifice and forming a reduced pouring neck, a tube removably disposed axially in the jar and having a threaded portion fitting in said opening in the neck,nuts on said threaded portion of the tube bearing against the inner and the outer ends of the neck and adjustably securing said'tube to said neck, a screw base closing the open bottom of the jar and forming a support for the jar, a measuring cup on theinner face of said base, and a funnel integral with the tube and extending into said cup, manipulation of said nuts permitting of the tube being adjusted longitudinally of the jar toivary the space between thefunnel and the bottom of the measuring cup.

5. A dispenser comprising a jar open at the bottom and having Vscrew threads on the side wall at the bottom thereof, a base forming a closure for the bottom of the jar and forming 4a support for the jar, said base havim'v ing concentric annular anges integral therewith, the outer flange being threaded to engagetlie threads ofthe jar vand the inner flange being spaced from the wall of the jar and constituting a measuring cup, said jar having a flattened portion opposite the bottom provid-ed witha centralorifice and forming a pouring neck, av tube disposed axially in the jar and having a threaded'portion fitting in said orifice in theneek, a pair of adjusting vnuts on said threaded portion of the tube bearing against the inner and the outer endsV lof the neck and adj ustably securing said tube to said neck, and a funnel integral with the tubeand extending into V'said cup, manipulae` tion of said nuts permitting of the tube being moved longitudinally of the jar to vary the space between the funnel and the bottom of the measuring cup. Y

In' testimony whereof I afhx my signature. Ail'TOYJACK CAGLISTRO. [I,.. S'.]

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International ClassificationG01F11/10, A47G19/34, A47G19/00, G01F11/26
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