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Publication numberUS1877940 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1932
Filing dateOct 30, 1931
Priority dateOct 30, 1931
Publication numberUS 1877940 A, US 1877940A, US-A-1877940, US1877940 A, US1877940A
InventorsMorgenstern Nathan, Tascher Joseph
Original AssigneeMorgenstern Nathan, Tascher Joseph
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Eye flickering means for toys and the like
US 1877940 A
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Sept. 20, 1932. I 1,877,940

Nl MORGENSTERN ET AL EYE PLICKBRING MEANS FOR Tours AND THE LIKE Filed Oct. so. 1931 Patented Sept. 20, 19312 l UNITED STATES PATENT OFI-Ice EYE FLICKEBING MEANS FOR TOYS AND` THE LIKE Application med October 30, 1931. Serial No. 572,014.

This invention relates to animal or any eye bearing toy figures, and has for one of its objects the provision of a toy of the character referred to provided with means to produce a twinkling effect of the eyes.

Another object of the invention is to produce a toy of the character described, having one or more glass eyes, an electric lamp or bulb to the rear thereof, a pulsatoi` operatively connected thereto and to an electric source of supplyI so as to produce a twinkling effect of the eyes when the pulsator is actuated.

A further object of the invention is to produce such a toy figure in which a component part thereof forms the connecting means betvlveen the pulsator and source of electric sup- P Y A still further object of the invention is to make the ulsator adjustable so as to vary the twinkhng effect of the eyes.

Another object is to produce a device of the character described in which the maximum simplicity of construction and operation is secured.,

Other objects and advantages will appear as the nature of the improvements is better understood, the invention consisting substantially in the novel arrangement and co-relation of parts herein fully described, and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein similar reference characters are used to describe corresponding parts throughout the several views, and then finally pointed out and specifically defined and indicated in the ap ended claims.

he disclosure made the basis of exempli ying the present inventive concept suggests a practical embodiment thereof, but the invention is not to be restricted to the exact details of this disclosure, and the latter, therefore, is to be understood from an illustrative, rather than a restrictive standpoint.

The inventive idea involved is capable of receiving a variety of mechanical expressions, one of which, for the purpose of illustration, is shown in the accompanying drawing, in which- Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view through a toy figure showing one form of our invention as applied thereto.

means of a plug 35 Figure 2 is a perspective view of the eye and electric lamp casing and Figure 3 is a diagrammatic view of the electrical connections or circuit.

Referring now to thevdrawing 'in detail 5 u indicates a toy; figure in the present instance that of a stuffed dog, and comprising an outer covering 6 made of any suitable material such as a textile fabric, the said covering being filled with a suitable stuing material 7.

Located in the head portion 8 is a casing 9 having a front cover 10 which is secured to the cover material 6 by means of a pair of eyelets 11 passing through the said material and openings 12 in the plate 10. A pair of 65 glass eyes 13 suitably colored and having a preferably black pupil 14, are secured to the casing 9 y means of a rod or wire 15 im-' bedded in ea h of the eyes and passing through openings in the rear wall 16 of the 70 casing 9 and then bent over against the said Wall, the eyes being located in the eyelets 11 against which they are held by Wires 15.

Secured to the back wall 16. and extending inwardly of the casing is an electric lamp or 75 bulb 18 which is supplied with electric current by vmeans of a lead wire 19 secured at one end thereof to the wall 16 and at its opposite end to a metal wall 2O of a casing 21 housing abattery 22. The said casing is made 80 of any suitable non-conducting material and l is provided with the usual spring 23, between the Wall 20 and battery 22, and a metal socket 24 at the end opposite the Wall 20.

Located at the lower front portion of the 35 toy is a casing 25 housing a pulsating device 26, comprising a fiat spring .arm 27 secured at one end 28 to the casing 25 and provided at its opposite end with a weight 29, and a bent portion 30 intermediate said. ends. Directly 90 beneath the said bent portion 30 there is provided a screw 31 which passes through the bottom wall of the casing 25 and a metal plate plate 32 secured to the said wall. A return wire 33 connects the casing 9 and the pulsator 95 arm 27, and a wire 34 connects the plate '32 and the socket 24 which socket is brought into electric contact with the battery 22 by Aforming a part of the tail, 36.

When the toy is patted or otherwise vibrated the arm 27 will swing up and down and the portion 30 will make and break contact with the screw 30 causing the lamp 18 to flicker and give to the eyes a twinkling effect.

It will readily beseen that the toy may be set into vibration by vibrating the support upon which the toy may rest, as for instance, by tapping the said support, or by setting the said support into a quivering vibration in any manner whatsoever.

It is to be understood that if desirable we may provide a separate casing and lamp for each eye, and instead of using a battery, the regular house current may be used as a source of supply. l

It will also be readily understood that our invention may be incorporated in numerous other vforms, outside of the one shown and described. I

Likewise it will readily be seen that by moving the screw 3l up or down flashes of varying durations may be obtained, and that by screwing the said screw up far enough the eyes may be kept lit constantly.

From the foregoing it will be seen that we have provided a toy that may be made to twinkle its eyes at the slightest vibration and one that will greatly amuse children as well as grown ups.

Having described our invention what we claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. An animal toy figure comprising a body, a casing therein, a glass eye in communication with the interior of the casing, an electric lamp in the casing in operative relation to the eye, a compartment in the rear of the toy, a battery in the said compartment in electric circuit with the lamp, a pulsator in circuit with the said lamp, and a removable member closing the said compartment and forming a tail for the toy figure and also orming a connector between the battery and pulsator.

2. In a toy figure adapted to rest upon a support and having a transparent or translucent eye, an electric lamp in operative relation thereto and Yconnected to a source of electric energy, a pulsating device interposed between the lamp and source of electric energy, the said pulsating device including a resilient contact arm adapted to be set in motion to make and break the electric circuit by a quiv erin ^vibration of the toy support, and a mem er removably mounted on the toy figure forming a tail therefor and also forming a connector between the source of electric energy and the pulsating device.


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