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Publication numberUS1877955 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1932
Filing dateMay 15, 1931
Priority dateMay 15, 1931
Publication numberUS 1877955 A, US 1877955A, US-A-1877955, US1877955 A, US1877955A
InventorsOttinger Nathan
Original AssigneeOttinger Nathan
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Original package
US 1877955 A
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N. OTTINGER 1,877,955

sept, 20, 1932.,

ORIGIML' PACKAGE Filed May is. 1951 IN VEN TOR. i JZZfid/Z fiffl'iycr BY 41% XW ATTORNEY closure means in its closed position.

Pmaiea Sept. 20, 1932 1,877,955

UNITED STATES PATIENT-OFFICE martian o'rrmcnn, or NEW max, at. Y. ORIGINAL racxaen Application filed Kay 15, Serial No. 587,565.

This invention relates to original packages, drawing, and subsequently incorporated in and more particularly to an original package the subjoined clalms. for cigarettes and other commodities, which In the drawing, wherein I have disclosed is so constructed that the cigarettes may be several slmple and practical embodiments assembled and the package or wrapper apof my present improvements, and in which plied by machines new used in this art, withslmllar reference characters designate corout necessitating any radical changes or rcspondlng parts throughout the several re-organization of such machines. V1eYS, v

It is one of the important objects of the Figure 1 1s aperspectlve view showing my invention to provide an original wrapper or mPI VB I'lglnal package in one practical 00 package particularly designed for use in the form thereof, as applied to the vending of vending of cigarettes having certain novel cigarettes, certain of the parts being broken v features of construction, whereby, the indi-' way; vidual purchaser or consumer may easily and g. 2 1 a slmilar vlew, showing the elequickly obtain access to the cigarettes within Sure me ns of the outer package or wrapper u the package, while such package may be com- 111 p n PP I I II; pletely closed so that the cigarettes are pro,- E g- 3 I a plan Vlew 0f the blank from tected against mutilation and the single whleh P k ge orwrapper 1s formed; cigarettes are prevented from displacement g- 4 15 3 VIEW 11 1 21 to Fig. 1 showing from the package, and together with tobacco e P ge pp e op 111 a IIIOiS- 7 particles loosely collecting in the pocket; ture and Proof eevel'mg of e p It is also a more particular object of the or other transparent F ll l, and inventionto provide an original package or Perspective Vlew, e Q the wrapper for cigarettes and similar commodi- Pe bemg t k y l g ties which is produced from a very simple shghtly fi q m 0f he lnventlom 'Il paper blank of such shape as to provide one Reten'mg m detell t the w g, and Side wall of the applied wrapper with an the present more particularly to Flgs. 1 to 4.

obliquely inclined edge extending across the thereof in accordance with the Well known package, and another part of the paper blank and generally followed Practice the Vendd1 b 1 h in of ci arettes the individual cigarettes 80 embodymgahmge ymova lee Oqure g: ln predet ermined number are first tightly for one endflof the package having a flcxid pp 1nd enclosed with.n an w p t' 1 r sectwn'or ap adapted for Inger Ion er per of tin foil or otherfiexible material 1nthe obliqu-e1y inclirted edgt of Said Sid-e dicated at 5 which is more or less impervious so that said flap Wlll partlally underlie said to the p g of air therethrough' This as side wall and thereby securely retain said nner wrapper or enclosure for the cigarettes is in turn completely covered and enclosed It is a fur-the! gengmill Object the inven' within an outer paper wrapper or jacket tion to provide an original package or wrap- Heretofore, t

he opposite side walls and the per for cigarettes, Wl'llCl'l is simple and lnexpensive in its construction, does not involve longltudmal edge walls of thls Outer wrap- 00 er were continuous and unbroken said pan material chan es in resent methods of p i a y D p per wrapper having parts at one end of the applymg Such wrappers t possesses package folded inwardly into overlapping advantages practlcatuseh relation, said parts of the package being W above f ,Other Oblects m d ummed to ether. The folded parts of the 06 the mvention conslsts 1n the improved orlg i wrapger at the other end of the pack P and m the term, constructlon age are secured by the internal revenue and relative arrangement of the several parts t th d f hi h are d t th thereof as will be hereinafter more fully deo o it id wall of the outer wrapper,

scribed, illustrated in the accompanying To extract the cigarettes singly from such 100 a package, it is the usual custom, to tear off a part of the folded parts of the inner wrapper at one end of the package. It is undesirable to open the entire end of the package, since this would greatly increase the liability of the individual cigarettes falling therefrom into the pocket, and also would increase the quantity of tobacco grains which would sift from the exposed ends of the cigarettes into the users pocket. Therefore, only a very limited portion of the end wall of the inner wrapper is removed so that a single cigarette may be withdrawn through the opening thus provided.

My invention is designed to eliminate the necessity of thus tearing or mutilating the inner and outer wrappers, and to, at the same time, enable a cigarette to be easily and quickly removed and thereafter maintaining the package in a completely closed condition while the package is carried in the owner s pocket. To this end, I provide an outer wrapper or package for the cigarettes which is die stamped or cut from a single pa er sheet into substantially the form shown 1n Fig. 3 of the drawing. This paper blank includes a part 6 of substantially rectangular form constituting one side wall of the cigarette package or wrapper, the part 7 constituting a portion of the opposite side wall thereof and the part 8 adapted to cooperate with the part 7 in the manner hereinafter explained to form the other portion of the latter wall. The parts 6 and 7 are connected with each other by the part 9 which forms a section of one longitudinal edge wall of the package, the other section 10 of which is integrally formed as a lateral extension of one side edge of the part 8. These parts 9 and 10 have obliquely angled edges 11 and 12 respectively, which are adapted to come into substantial meeting engagement with each other in the closed condition of the package. The part 7 of the blank also has an obliquely inclined edge 13 joining the edge 11 at one end of the latter and extending at an angle of less than to the edge 11. The parts 6 and 7 at their lateral edges are provided with the integral lateral extensions 14 and 15 respectively, adapted to be folded in overlapping relation to constitute the other edge wall of the package.

The part 16 of the blank which integrally connects the parts 6 and 8 forms one end of the package or wrapper, and as indicated, I may, if it is desired to reinforce this end wall or section, provide the lateral extension 17 thereof to be folded on the outer side of said end wall 16 and gummed thereto. For the same purpose, I may provide the end of the part 12 with a tab or extension 18 to extend upon the inner side of the wall 16 and be gummed thereto. The Various broken lines 19 between the several parts of the blank indicate the lines upon which these parts are folded by a machine operation.

From the above description, it will be readily understood that after the cigarettes have been assembled and the inner wrapper 5 applied thereto, ed around this inner wrapper. The Wrapped cigarettes are thus placed upon the part 6 of the blank, and the parts 9, 7, 14 and 15 then relatively folded around the inner wrapper, the part 15 being suitably gummed on its inner face so as to adhere to the part 14 upon which it is overlapped. The parts 17 and 18 are then relatively folded with respect to the part 16, and the part 12 folded at right angles to the part 8. The part 16 is then bent upwardly at its junction with the part 6 and the part 8 then bent inwardly at right angles to the part 16 and the end of said part 8 suitably flexed so that it will enter beneath the obliquely inclined edge of the part 7 and between said part and the'surface of the inner wrapper 5. Thus, the completely wrapped package is produced in the form shown in Fig 1 of the drawing. The usual revenue stamp indicated at 20 may then be applied over the exposed folded end portions of the inner wrapper 5 and securely gummed to the parts 6 and 7 of the outer wrapper.

As indicated in Fig. 4 of the drawing in the machine application of the wrapper, if the package is to be finally enclosed within an outer envelope of transparent sheet material such as cellophane as is now being done in some instances, the section 8 at its free end nee d not be inserted between the wall section 7 of the outer wrapper and the inner wrapper 5, but may remain in an outer overla ping position relative to the wall section extend- 11%,; over the obliquely inclined edge 13 there- 0 It will be evident from the above description that in the use of such a cigarette package by the individual purchaser, he may readily obtain access to the cigarettes by simply withdrawing the end of the closure flap or wall section 8 from beneath the inclined edge of the wall section 7, and swinging the same together with the end wall section 16 outwardly from the hinged connection of the latter section with the side wall section of the package. By then unfolding the folded end parts of the inner wrapper 5, the ends of all of the cigarettes in the package may be exposed and one or more of the cigarettes withdrawn therefrom. Thereafter, the foldable end parts of the inner wrapper may again be folded to closed position, and the hingedly movable parts 8 and 16 of the outer wrapper then moved inwardly from the position shown in Fig. 2 and the free end of the flexible wall section 8 again inserted beneath the inclined edge of the wall section 7 of the wrapper. This closure forming section of the wrapper is thus securely held in its closed the outer wrapper is then foldmark is formed thereby position, and the cigarettes contained in the package are preserved against mutilation or falling from the package into the pocket while the users ocket is also kept free from accumulations of tobacco grains siftin from the ends of the cigarettes. Any esired printed matter may be placed upon the various arts of the wrapper, and as a unique advertising feature, parts of the trade mark may be printed upon the two sections 7 and 8 of the wrapper so that the complete trade only when the movable closure means is in its closed position.

In Fig. of the drawing, I have indicated a slight modification of the device as above described, in which, the relatively foldable end portions of the inner wrapper, at which the closure means of the outer wrapper is located, may be omitted. Since this tin foil inner wrapper provides a very smooth surface, the complete opposite side walls thereof are retained so that the flexible 'flap or part of the closure means which moves under the inclined edge of the part 7 of the outer wrapper may be manipulated and inserted beneath said fixed part 7 of the wrapper with ease and facility. In this case, I have shown the longitudinal edge wall 9' of the wrapper as of continuous uniform width throughout the length of the package while the flexible part 7 forming one section of the closure means is provided along one of its lateral edges with a narrow longitudinally extending flap 21 which, in the closed position of the closure means overlaps upon the side wall In this case also, the reinforcing parts 17 and 18 for the end wall 16 of the closure means, are omitted. This construction provides a very simple wrapping or original package for the cigarettes, which together with the enclosing envelope or covering 0 transparent material protection for the contents of the package, and at the same time, retain all of the other advantages of the device in the use of the cigarette package by the consumer, as above explained. It will be understood that if desired, in either of the constructions referred to, at the end of the package opposite the end provided with my improved closure means, I may close the end of the outer package or wrapper by providing the parts 6, 7, 1 1 and with relatively foldable flaps or extensionsto be held in folded relation by the revenue stamp 20. On the other hand, 1 may, if desired, gum these parts together and more or less permanently close this end of the outer package or wrapper, and apply the revenue stamp to the parts 7 and 8 of the wrapper along the obliquely inclined edge 13 of the part 7 so that in order to obtain access to the contents of the package, it wouldfirst be necessary to break this sealing stamp.

From the above description considered in connection with the accompanying drawing,

'ties, and the practical use will provide adequate the several described embodiments of my present improvements, as well as their a vantages in the packaging of such commodithereof by the consumer, will be fully understood. It will be seen that I have devised an original package or wrapper for cigarettes and similar commodities which, while involving only slightvariations from the present forms of such'wrappers and therefore, which do not necessitate any radical departure from the present machine methods of applying the wrappers, will be of material benefit to the consumer, thereof, is kept in neatform and condition, as well as affording complete protection to the contents thereof against possible mutilation or loss and preventing the tobacco grains from sifting from the ends of the individual cigarette tubes or wrappers. While I have particularly plication and use as an original wrapper or package for cigarettes, it is more or less apparent that it may also be applied to other commodities by-resort to more or less obvious changes in the size, shape and form of the various parts. Accordingly, it is to be understood that I practical and desirable embodiments of my present improvements, the essential features thereof might also be incorporated in various other alternative embodiments without departing from the spirit or scope of the ap pended claims.

I claim:

1. An original package for cigarettes and the like, comprising an outer paper wrapper formed from a blank having relatively foldable parts providing opposite side walls and longitudinal edge walls, one of said side walls having an edge extending obliquely from one end thereof adjacent one of the edge walls to a point intermediate the ends of the other edge wall, and said blank also including closure means for one end of the package embodying an end wall hingedlyconnected with one end of the opposite side wall of the wrapper and a part extending in angular relation to said end wall and adapted to be flexed relative thereto for insertion under the obliquely inclined edge of said first named side wall of the wrapper to extend longitudinally between said wall and the contents of the package.

2. An outer wrapper for a commodity package having a side wall only partially covering one side of the package and provided with a free edge extending obliquely across the package from one corner thereof to a point on the relatively opposite side edge of the package intermediate of its ends, and said wrapper also including an opposite side wall entirely covering the other side of the package and provided with an integral extension foldable over one end of the designed the invention for aphave herein disclosed several in that the package during the use package and having a part to extend over'the uncovered side portion of the package and adapted to be flexed for insertion under the inclined free edge of said first named side all to releasably h'old said extension in closed position upon the package.

In testimony that I claim' the foregoing as my invention, I have signed my name hereto.


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