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Publication numberUS1878475 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1932
Filing dateMar 14, 1931
Priority dateMar 14, 1931
Publication numberUS 1878475 A, US 1878475A, US-A-1878475, US1878475 A, US1878475A
InventorsCharles Driest
Original AssigneeCharles Driest
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Safety razor
US 1878475 A
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Sept. 20, 1932. c, DR|EST 1,878,475

SAFETY RAZOR Filed March 14, 19,51

ATio'R EY Patented Sept. 20, 1932 CHAR S DEIEs'r, or. MARLBORQNEW JERSEY SAFETY RAZOR Application filed March 14, 1931 eer-m. 522, 44. I

This invention relates to safety razors and particularly to devices of this class construct.- ed for limited use; and the object of the invention is to provide a razor consisting of a blade supporting bodyand a handle member attached to said body, the entire razor being of simple and economical construction, facilitating the sale thereof at a very low price, or in fact enabling manufacturers to use the device as an article to be. given awayin con junction with the sale of other commodities; a further object being to provide a razor of the class described, the handle member of which includes a flexible, tubular portion operating as a container for a predetermined substance with means involving a detachable cap at the free end of the handle member permitting the discharge of the contents of the container therefrom; a further object being to provide the blade supporting portion of the razor with a U-shaped'blade receiving portion in which a razor blade is adapted to be tensionally or frictionally supported, one side wall of the U-shaped portion forming a guard and the other side a guide surface controlling movement of the razor over the area of the body being shaved; and with these and other objects in View, the invention consists in a razor of the class and for the purpose specified, which is simple in construction, efficient in use and which is constructed as hereinafter described and claimed. 7

The invention is fully disclosed inthe following specification, of which the accompanying drawing formsa part, in which the separate parts of my improvement are designated by suitable reference characters in each of the views, and in which Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a razor made according to my invention.

Fig. 2 is a view similar to Fig. 1 show-' ing the contents of the chamber in the handle portion of the razor discharged, and,

F ig; 3 is a longitudinal, sectional view through the razor as shown in Fig. 1.

In carrying my invention into effect, I provide a blade supporting member 5 consisting of sheet material of any kind or class, one side edge of which is folded upon itself to.

form a blade receiving channel 6, one side PATENT: was: :i

wall 7 of which terminates afla-red guard 4 edge 8 arranged adjacent the free cutting edge 9' of a razorblade 10 'disposed'in' the" channel 6'and-frict'ionally or tensionallyheld therein between the wall 7 and the shorter wall 11 having a rounded lower surface 12 which is sospaced with respect'to-the sharpened edge 9 of the blade as to produce the propershavingoperation in moving the razor over the body surface to be shaved, it'bein'g;

understood that the wall 11 or the outer wall 13' will be arranged ataninclination to such surface. The wall 13 has centrally thereof,

an upwardly projecting portion l lto which the handle member 15 of the razor is attached.

In the construction shown, the handle member 15 is composed of a solid pin 16 of wood or other inexpensive material; 'to the end of which is-secured a cap 17 which is so passed through-an aperture in theprojection ltand is riveted over as seen at 18 to secure the cap to said extension. Arranged upon the .pin 16 and'cap 17 and extending over the extension 14 outwardlyin the pin'16 is a tubular body 19 of flexible material, preferably a material similar to that employed in flexible dental cream-and "shaving cream tubes, and the end of the tube 18 terminates in an outwardly projecting threaded studrQO forming a dis charge nozzle whereby a suitable substance 21 contained in the tube between the nozzle and the pin 16 may be discharged by compressionvof said tube. A closure cap 22 is mounted on the nozzle *20 and controls the discharge of the contents21; V The distinctive featureof: my invention resides in the provision of a complete. safety razor which can be manufactured at a very low cost, in fact so low that the entire device may be-given away in conjunction with the sale of other commodities; or' sold at a Very reasonable price, the intent and purpose being that after the edge 9 of the blade becomes dull, the entire device may be disposed of.

10 and insert a newblade'therefor, if-desired;

although it will be possible to remove the blade Another featurevof the invention resides in the provision of a flexible container at suitable substance may be stored for use. This container is primarily adaptable for a use in the storage of a shaving cream of any desired compound, and especially such creams as will be applicable to the face without the use of a brush. It will therefore be seen that brushes, equipment and cream tubes, and the further nuisance of having to care for cleanmg and packlng the same.

Many other advantages W111 beapparent by virtue of a razor constructed in accordancewith my invention, and while j I have shown certain details of construction for carrying my invention into effect, it will be Y apparent that I am not limited to these details, and various'changes in and modifica- I tions of the construction herein shown and described'may be made withinthe scope of the appendedclaims, without departing from the spirit of my invention or sacrificing its advantages. V I I Having fully described my invention, what I claim asnew and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

, 1. 'A safety razor ranged in one end portion of-said tube-for reinforcing the wallthereof and to providea rigid hand gripping portion for'said handle member, and means at said end of the handle porting body.

' 2. 'A safety' razor handle comprising an elongated tube of flexible material, means arhandle member, means at one end thereof for attaching a blade supporting body thereto,

a flexible wall tube extending from the other end of said rigid handle member to form beyond said handle member a chamber for receivinga suitable substance adapted to be discharged through an opening formed in the free end of said tube by compression of the walls of saidtube, and a detachable cap controlling saidfopening. Y 7 In testimony that as my invention I have signed my name this 3rd day of February, 1931.


I handle comprising .an

elongated tube of flexible material, means armember for securing the same to a blade supranged in one end portion of'said tube for V reinforcing the wall thereof and to provide a rigid hand gripping portion forsaid handle member, means at said end o f-the handle member for securing the same toa blade support! I ing -body,'said last named means comprising a coupling element to which said reinforcing means is attached. v

v 3. A safety razor handle comprising an elongated tubeof flexiblematerial, means arranged in one end'portion ofsaid tube for reinforcing the wall thereof and to provide a rigid hand gripping portion for said handle member, means atsaid end of the handle member for securing the same to a blade supporting body, said last named means comprising a couplingelement to whichsaid reinforcing means is attached, and the other end portion of the handle member having a chamber opening outwardly. through said last named end, the Walls of the tube forming said chamber being compressible to discharge a predetermined substance contained in the chamber through said open end, and a cap handle member,

4:. A safety razor handle comprisingarigid Iclaim the foregoing

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