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Publication numberUS1878541 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1932
Filing dateJul 10, 1931
Priority dateJul 10, 1931
Publication numberUS 1878541 A, US 1878541A, US-A-1878541, US1878541 A, US1878541A
InventorsReinhold John J
Original AssigneeReinhold John J
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Advertising device for ordering dairy products
US 1878541 A
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Sept 20, 1932 J. J. REINHQLD ,878,5541


Patented Sept. 2G, 1932 unirse stares reisen JOHN J. REINHOLD, or MARIETTA, PENNSYLVANIA ADVERTISING DEVICE FOR ORDERING DAIRY PRODUCTS l Application filed. July 10,l

' The present invention relates generally to a device for ordering supplies, such as dairy products,.and more specifically to an advertising novelty serving that purpose.

The ordering of milk, cream, or other products from a delivery man, who makes deliveries at an hour when the ordinary'house'- hold is still asleep, has heretofore been attended with considerable trouble, inconvenience and uncertainty. Usually any change from the usual daily delivery quantity is made by writing the changed order upon a slip of paper and dropping it inan empty milk bottle. Ink some instances the slip is blown away before the milkman arrives, 1n

other instances the writing on the slip may be obliterated by rain, and again it may be entirely'overlooked by the delivery man, any one of which results in the order not being filled and inconvenience to the housewife.

Some of the objects of the present invention are to provide a simple and ecient device for givin@` an order; to provide an ordering device which serves also as an adverltising medium and can be given away by the advertiser; to provide a device in the form of a cap which is designed to .fit over and be supported upon the top of a milk bottle; to provide a cap having an attached insert adapted to be written upon and which permits the writing to be wiped olil or erased after use so that the surface of the insert can be used repeatedly; to provide a novel combination of order cap` and holder therefor; Vand to provide other improvements as will hereinafter appear.

In the accompanying drawing Fig. 1 represents a top plan of an o rder device embodying one form of the present invention; Fig. 2 represents a plan of the inside of the device; llig. 3 represents a side elevation of the device as applied to a bottle; Fig. 4c represents a section on line 4 4 of Fig. 1; Fig. 5 represents an elevation of the device as Amounted upon a novel holder therefor; and

1931.- Scrial No. 549,918.

Fig. 6 represents a side elevation of the holder with the .device-attached thereto.

Referring to the drawing one form of the present invention consistsof a cap l() preferably'of'circular contour and of a size'to fit snugly over the mouth of an ordinary milk bottle. 3 Of course the size and contour .of the cap will depend upon the articlewith which it is to be associated. The top face Vof the cover 10 serves to mount la label 11 containing Vpreferably an advertisement since the device isin thenature of a novelty to be bought in quantity by an advertiser Vand distributed to thepublic.

In order to use the cap 10 for-giving an order the inner face of the cap has Van attached l disc 12 made of asuitable material to receive lead, ink or other marks while allowing such marks to be wipedoff or erased to restore the mark receiving surface to its original blank appearance. rllhis surfacev has impressed therein or otherwise permanently displays a list of commodities with quantity receiving spaces 13 opposite thereto in order to receive a mark or marks indicating the quantity desired of that particular product. In' the present instance the commodities are dairyy products and the left side of the disc 12y showsa permanent list of milk grades, and cream, while substantially diametrically across thediscand twocolumns ofthe spaces 13 so arranged that two. spaces are horizontally opposite each different grade of milk. One column is identified by the abbreviation for quart and `the other column by the abbreviation for pint. At the right'of the disc 12 there is a space in which any message can be written and in this exampley it is used for notifyinga vdi ice until a 'noted date.v

Since theorder cap 10 can be used repeatedly and is designed for long use it is permanently shaped. It is also extremelydesirable to have it where it vcan be readily found and convenient for use. Also since it scontinuance of'` serv-v 85 is an advertising medium it should be mounted'with its advertising message in full view at all times. To 'these ends therefore a mounting element has been devised. consist ing in the present instance of a plate 14 of .circular contour `having a projecting pin or permanent circular contour slightly larger than said mouth adapted to rest thereon with a depending flange to overhang said mo-uth to prevent accidental removal of the cap, and an order disc attached to the inner face of the cap whereby the same is protected during use, said disc beingrof material to permit order marks to be washed or wiped olf.

Signed at Philadelphia, county of Phila delphia, State of Pennsylvania, this 8th day of July,`l931.


The plate 14 has a rearwardly extending rigi l id bracketv 1S for attachment toa wall 20 or:V

other support and the arrangement is such that the plate 14 is carried at anangle to" more effectively display the cap 10.

When the device is not in'use it is mounted upon the holder ring 14 where its angular position assures theadvantageous display of the advertising matter.

. When used it is removed from theholder ring 14 and thequantity of milk, cream and Y Y the grade of each is then indicated upon the blank column and the device then tte'd on the top of .a milkbottle. There it is seen by the delivery man who removes itv and looks at the inside thereof Yfor his order which is then filled and the cap placed upon a full bottle readyto betaken'in for, `use again. The order is nowwiped-'ot of thev disc 12 and the cap replaced upon its holder for use again.

It will nowV device capable of carrying out the desired function has been devisedwhich is simplel inA construction, easily used by anyone, and

extremely effective as an advertising Ine-" dium. While any form of, advertisement can be used with it thev more direct'type is that dealing with commodities which call for the use of milk and cream. Y

`While onlya single form ils shown inwhich this invention may bev embodied, it is to be understood that the invention is Anotlimited to any specific construction, but -inight be applied tol various forms withoutdeparting Vers beA apparent that an order,

froinfthe vspirit of the invention or the scope of the appended claims. Y y I Having thus described vmy invention, I claim:

1. Thecombination'with a milkibottle having a largeV openlmouthed top, of acap Vof permanent `circular contour slightly largerA K than said mouthadaptedto rest-'thereon with Y i a depending flangeto overhang said mouth to prevent accident-al removal of the cap, and an order disc attached tothe inner face of the cap'whereby the same is protected dur! ing use. Y Y 7 y Y 2. The combination with a milk Vbottle having a large open mouthed top, of a cap of

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U.S. Classification40/311, 220/694
International ClassificationG09F23/00
Cooperative ClassificationG09F23/00
European ClassificationG09F23/00