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Publication numberUS1879105 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 27, 1932
Filing dateNov 15, 1928
Priority dateNov 15, 1928
Publication numberUS 1879105 A, US 1879105A, US-A-1879105, US1879105 A, US1879105A
InventorsPeter Corigliano
Original AssigneeBright Star Battery Company
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Shipping and display box for dry cells
US 1879105 A
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Sept. 27, 1932. p coRlGLlANO 1,879,105

SHIPPING AND DISPLAY BOX FOR DRY CELLS Original Filed Nov. 15, 1928 2 Sheets-sheaf, l

Se t. 27, 1932. P. CORIGLIANO 1,379,105


This invention relates to boxes or containers for dry-cells, and provides improvements therein.

The invention provides a box or container for cells, adaptable and serviceable for shipping, display and service purposes.

The invention further provides a container admitting of the ready testing of the cells contained therein, and also admitting of the ready connection of two or more cells to form a battery. It further provides a device of the character described, which may be cut from a single sheet of paper-board, folded and set up, and thereby provide a box which is readily assembled and which may be stored in flat condition until required for use.

Two embodiments of the invention are illustrated in the accompanying drawings,

three dry-cells in line. The box 10 is preferably formed of paper board such as used for folding boxes, and its sides 12, 13, 14 and 15 are formed of a single piece of paper board, creased and folded at the four corners. One of the sides may be provided with a flap 17, which is folded so as to lap an adjacent side, and by means of which and suitable fastening means (as an adhesive) the sides of the box are joined. The top 20 and the bottom 22 of the box are formed preferably of flaps integrally attached to three of the sides and creased and folded over one another at top and bottom of the box, the top comprising the flaps 24, 25 extending from o posite sides, as the sides 12 and 13, and a ap 26 on a third side, as the side 15.

The flaps 24, 25 each preferably extend the entire length of the box, so as to completely cover the top when the third flap 26 is not folded down over the top. The top flaps 24, 25, 26 are each provided with openings 28 and 29 registering with the terminal posts (or other terminal connections) on the contained dry cells, and through which said terminal parts may project for the purpose of testing said cells without removing the cells from the box, or removing the cover, and also for the purpose of readily connecting the cells together to form a battery if it is desired to use the whole number of cells or a plurality thereof together. Moreover, in the case of cells'bearing a label, the openings 28, 29 provide for insuring the placing of the cells all facing one way in the box.

In order to display the cells while contained within the box 10, said box is provided with one or more display openings in one or more of its sides. As shown in Fig. 1, the side 14, is shown as having one opening 30 long enough to display the three cells contained in the box. This opening is preferably in the side opposite that to which flap 26 is attached, and said flap 26 is conveniently provided with a tab 31 which may be inserted.

within the box at the opposite side 14 to that to which it is attached, so that when the flap 26 is folded down over the other two 24. 25, and the tab inserted in the box, all of the flaps are held in closing position over the top of the box.

The tab 31 may be and preferably is made long enough to cover and close the opening 30, when inserted in the box. Moreover, the tab 31 may be provided with an intermediate crease 33 which permits it to be folded and inserted in the box on the same side at which flap 26 is attached, to provide a display background, as shown in Fig. 1.

Where, for instance, the cells are to be used as a battery, the outer wrapper usually placed around individual cells may be omitted, as shown in Fig. 2, and simple strips 35 of cardboard placed between adjacent cells to keep the zinc of two cells out of direct contact.

As shown in Figs. 4 and 6, display openlugs 37, 38, 39 may be provided for each individual'cell, and the flap 26 may be hinged or attached to the same side (15) of the box as that in which the openings 37 38, 39 are formed, so that tab 31 will not close said openings when the flap 26 is closed andtab 31 inserted within the box.

The bottom 22 of the box is preferably formed of three flaps. 41, 42, 43 integrally attached to three sides of the box, as the three sides 12, 13 and 15 to which the top flaps are attached. Flap 43 is conveniently provided with a tab 45 which is inserted in the box at one side, and when flap 43 is folded over the other, tab 45 holds all three flaps in closing position over the bottom of the box.

As heretofore st-ated,.the entire boxmay be made out of one sheet of paper-board, and only one adhesive or similar joint made,'and the box may be stored fiat until required, and then set up by simply folding the flaps over one another and inserting the tabs, first at bottom and then at the top, and the said box serves the several purposes of a shipping container, a display box, and aservice container where a plurality of the cells are to be connected as a battery.

What is claimed is 1 1. A display container of the folding box type for a plurality of dry cells, comprising two long sides and two narrow sides, a display opening in a long side, and flaps on said sides adapted to fold over the open top of the container and form a top cover flush with the upper edges of the sides, said flaps having separate openings therein in position to register with concentric and peripheral terminals of cells in the container, in the closed position of said flaps.

2. A display container according to claim 1 wherein there are three fiaps on the top which overlie the entire top and which have terminal openings in each vflap.

3. A display container according to claim 1, wherein said terminal openings are positioned to receive the terminals in one position of the cells in said container with relation to said display opening, whereby to present a predetermined part of said cells to view through said display opening.

4. A display container for a plurality of dry cells, comprising two long sides and two narrow sides, flaps on said narrow sides and on a long side, said flaps on the narrow sides adapted to fold over the open top of the container, one at least entirely across the top, and present a closed appearance to the container when the flap on the long side is raised, for display purposes, said flaps having openings therein in position to register with the terminals of cells in the container in the closed position of the flaps, said flap on the long side having a tab thereon of greater width than the distance across the top, whereby said tab in the raised position of said flap to which it is attached, may be folded back upon said flap and cover the terminal openings thereon on the side presented to view.

5. A display container according to claim 4 wherein said tab has an intermediate fold thereon on which it is adapted to be folded when the tab is folded back on said flap.

6. A container according to claim 1 wherein said flap attached to the longside has a tab thereon long enough to cover said display opening on the side in the closed position of the flap to which it is attached.

- In witness whereof, I have hereunto signed my name.


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