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Publication numberUS1879341 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 27, 1932
Filing dateJul 21, 1931
Priority dateJul 21, 1931
Publication numberUS 1879341 A, US 1879341A, US-A-1879341, US1879341 A, US1879341A
InventorsMortimer Lapham Ralph
Original AssigneeMortimer Lapham Ralph
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US 1879341 A
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Sept. 27, 1932. LAPHAM 1,879,341


Filed July 21, 1931 WITNESSES INVENTOR Ral h .Mgz 'fimerLa vhanz ATTORNEYS Patented Sept. 27, 1932 RALPH MORTIMER LAPHAM, OF GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK VEST Application filed .Tuly 21, 1931.

This invention relates to wearing apparel, and particularly to an improved vest for shermen, hunters, hikers, and other persons, the object being to provide an improved construction wherein pockets and other attachments are presented at a convenient place easg of access at all times.

i nother object of the invention is to vide a vest which is proparticularly adaptable v to fishermen wherein the parts are arranged to receive different articles desired by the fisherman and also wherein part of the article receiving means acts to hold a fishing rod while leaving the hands free.

A further object, more specifically, is the provision of a vest having an attachable neck piece and carrying members adapted to extend around the waist for clamping the vest in place to prevent shifting so that a ready access may be had to the pockets at all times, and the closure means for the pockets may be actuated for opening and closing the pocket without shifting the vest.

In the accompanying drawing- Figure 1 is a perspective view showing a figure with a vest embodying the invention applied thereto. a

igure 2 is an enlarged front view of the vest shown in Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a fragmentary sectional through Figure 2 on line 3+3. 7

Referring to the accompanying by numerals, -1 indicates which is shown as tapering somewhat from the top edge 2 of pockets 3 and 4 to the front end of the garment. A notch or neck openview drawing ing 5 is provided at the front end of the body 1 and a neck strap 6 is secured to one end of the body permanently, and adjustahly connected with the opposite edge of the body. Buckle 7 is used to secure the desired adjustment, said buckle being provided with a loop 8 adapted to loop over the hook 9 whereby the bucklemay be readily and quickly engaged and disengaged from the body 1. Preferably the body 1 extends downwardly to the bottom edge 9 of the pockets 3 and 4 and these pockets are superposed on the body, and separated by a line of stitching 11. Talon fasteners12 and 13 are provided for the body of the vest Serial No. 552,212.

closing thesepockets, the same being of the usual slide fastener type now in common use.

Arranged at opposite ends along the top edge of line 2 are straps 14 and 15 which are adapted to be passed around the body and tied. v

As illustrated in Figure 1, the parts are so proportioned that the entire vest is above the hips and by reason of the straps 14 and 15 the parts are tied firmly in place and cannot move about bends. This is very desirable in that the parts are held in place while the fasteners 12 and 13 are actuated or while any of the other fasteners are actuated. Above pockets 3 and 4 are arranged pockets 19. These pockets, as well as pockets 3 and 4 are adapted to contain any desired articles as for instance envelopes of fiies'or fish hooks, in case the device is being used by a as the person using the same 16, 17, 18 and fisherman. The pocket 19 is especially deslgned to receive smoking material, as for instance cigarettes, while the pocket 16 is particularly designed for waterproof matchbox, though it will be understood that these pockets could be used for other purposes.

piece of sandpaper 20 is arranged in pocket 17, which pocket has a window 21 so that the sand paper will present a good surface on which to scratch the match. Pocket 18 is preferably closed by a slide fastener 22 and may carry any desired article, as for instance a box of film. Inregard to pocket 19, it will be noted that the same is provided with a flap 23 to which an elastic loop 24; is secured. This loop is passed over the. metal hook 25 when the flap is in a closed position,-but when the flap is to be used as a rod retaining member, the loop 25 is slipped over the metallic hook 26 as Figure 1. With the butt end of the rod 27 in pocket 3, and the flap 23 held in position as shown in Figure 1, the rod 27 is held in a desired position, thus leaving the hands of the fisherman free. then use both hands in for any other purpose.

\Vhen the fishing is to be resumed, the rod 27 is of course released and held by one or both hands in the usual way.

changing the fly or illustrated in The fisherman may While the invention has been described in connection with a fisherman, it will be evident that it may be used for other purposes without departing from the spirit of the invention and without changing the structure.

I claim:

1. A vest of the-character described including a body, means for clamping the body in position on a person, a pocket carried by the body near the lower part thereof, and a swinging member near the upper part of the body including a loop for clamping a rod to the body, said pocket acting as means for receiving one end of said rod.

2. A vest of the character described including a body provided with a plurality of pockets, means for clamping the body on a person using the device, one of said pockets having a flap provided with an elastic loop and means arranged above the last mentioned pocket adapted to receive said loop, said flap and loop acting as clamping means for clamping a rod against the vest, one of said pockets also acting 'as means for receiving the end of said rod'whereby said last mentioned pocket and loop structure act as means for holding the rod in position against said body.

3. A vest of the character described including a body having a substantially rectangular front section extending from the shoulder to the waistline of the person using the device, means 'for clamping said body to saidperson, and a plurality of means for clamping a rod to said body, said means including a pocket located at the lower part of the body and at one corner of said rectangular front section, and means including a pivotally mounted pocket flap with an elastic loop extending therefrom and means for receiving said loop, said flap being positioned in a diagonal direction from said pocket whereby said rod will extend over one shoulder of said person when the end of the rod is in said pocket and part of the rod is held by said flap.


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