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Publication numberUS1880089 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 27, 1932
Filing dateMay 11, 1932
Publication numberUS 1880089 A, US 1880089A, US-A-1880089, US1880089 A, US1880089A
InventorsM. Heidecorn
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Indicating device
US 1880089 A
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Patented Sept. 27, 1932 rssaose UNITED STATES Parser MAX HEIDECORN, OF MOUNT VERNON, AND CHARLES J. MILLER, OF BRONX, NEW YORK IND'ICATING DEVICE Another object is to provide an indicator in which each of a plurality of slides is associated with indicia representing different articles of clothing and the like and wherein each slide is adjustable so as to indicate the number of articles that have been sent to the laundry.

The above and other objects will appear more clearly from the following description .when taken in connection with the accom panying drawings which illustrate preferred embodiments of the inventive idea.

In the drawings Figure 1 is a front elevation of one form -of indicator constructed in accordance with the invention.

Figure 2 is a fragmentary horizontal section therethrough.

Figure 3 is a vertical section on the line ..3.-3 of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a view similar to Figure 1, partly broken away, and showing a different form of the invention.

Figure 5 is a horizontal section through the indicator of Figure 4.

Figure 6 is a fragmentary rear elevation.

Figure 7 is a fragmentary vertical section through the device of Figure 4, and

Figure 8 is a view similar to Figure 7 showing another alternative construction.

In the form of the invention shown in Figures 1 to 3 the indicator comprises a base 10 made of heavy cardboard or other suitable material and upon which is mounted a front plate 11 of light metal or the like, the ends of the plate being bent as indicated at 12 to Application filed May 11,

193%. Serial No. 610,548.

engage the base 10 and maintain the same in cooperative relation with the plate. For a major portion of the length of the plate 11 the'same is provided with a series of longitudinally extending slots 13 and each two adjacent slots combine to form a strip 14 having numerical indiciathereon preferably arranged progressively throughout the length of the strip. On the plate 11 at the left of the series of slots 13 the column of indicia 16 is printed or otherwise applied, this column containing the nam s of various articles of clothing and the like and each name being disposed substantially opposite one of the strips 14 so as to beindividual thereto. A11 indicating slide 17 is mounted upon each of the strips 1e and is grooved along its upper and lower edges as indicated at 18 to receive the edges of said strip whereby the slide is held in position thereon. A sight opening-is formed in each slide so that the numerals on the strip are visible as the slide is adjusted to register the opening therein with one of the numerals 15. A fingerpiece 20 extends laterally and forwardly from each slide 17 so as to afford a grip whereby the slide may be moved along its strip. Thus in assembling a wash to be sent away to laundry the slides corresponding to the various articles con-- tained in the wash are adjustedalong their respective strips to register the openings 19 in the slides with the umerals on the strips, thus indicating the number of each of the. articles sent away so that when the contents are returned the same may be recounted for the purpose of checking for possible missing articles.

In Figure 4 the device is shown as comprising a base 21 upon which is mounted the front plate 22 and a backing 23; the base and s 2 front plate being spaced slightly from each other. In the ri ht hand portion of the base 21 the same is provided with a plurality of slots at and co-extensive with said slots and arranged adjacent thereto is another series of slots formed in the plate 22. Also formed in said plate at the left hand extremities of the slots 25 is a single elongated opening 26 which extends transversely -;of said slots and the purpose of which will presently appear. A column of indicia 27 similar to the column 16 is applied to the plate 22 at the left of the opening 26 and each word of said column is opposite the space between two adjacent slots 25.

Associated with each of the slots 25 and mounted for sliding movement upon the base 21 is an elongated slide 28 which is disposed in the space between the base and front plate. Each slide is provided adjacent one end and along its longitudinal edges with lateral flanges 29 which extend into adjacent slots '24 formed in the base 21 so as to support the slide for movement on said base. At the exgo tremity of the slide adjacent said flanges the same is provided with a forwardly extending fingerpiece 30 which projects through the associated slot 25 so as to afford a means whereby the slide may be moved back and 25 forth. Numerical indicia 31 are printed or otherwise applied to the front face of each slide 28 and after the latter is adjusted the numerals thereon will appear through the sight opening 26. Thus the slide individual 30 to any one of the articles indicated in the column 27 may be adjusted to show through the opening 26 the number of such articles which have been sent to a laundry.

In the form of the invention shown in Figure 8 the front plate 22 and the slides 28 are of the same construction as described in connection with Figure 4. However, the base 21 and backing 23 of the latter embodiment are dispensed with and in their places there is substituted a base plate 32 which is provided at intervals with longitudinally extending ribs 33' that engage the rear face of the plate 22 and thus cooperate therewith to form channels in which the various slides 28 are movable.

What is claimed is 1. An indicator including a base having longitudinal slots therein, a front plate spaced from said base and also having longitudinal slots adjacent the slots in said base, said front plate also having an opening contiguous to the slots therein and extending transversely thereof, indicia on said plate substantially opposite said slots, and a plurality of slides disposed in the space between said base and plate and each having guide flanges engageable in adjacent slots in said base, each slide being provided with indicia visible through said opening and with a fingerpiece projecting through a slot in said plate. 7

2. An indicator including a base having spaced longitudinal slots formed therein, a backing secured to one side of said base and 'closing said slots onsaid side, a front plate signatures.


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