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Publication numberUS1880354 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1932
Filing dateJul 30, 1931
Priority dateJul 30, 1931
Publication numberUS 1880354 A, US 1880354A, US-A-1880354, US1880354 A, US1880354A
InventorsHerman C Mueller
Original AssigneeHerman C Mueller
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Fluid gun
US 1880354 A
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Get; 4, 13932.- H. c MUELLER 880,354

FLUID GUN Filed July 50. 1951 INVENTOR 7 W2 4. I

JATTORNEYS 50 edtofreethoparis Patented on. 4', i932 our-rec Agipllcatlon allied l'nly so,

to provide a novelfluid gun in which liquid or as will be hermetically sealed in a, certri go from which it may be ejected by pressure exerted manually by the operator throu h a tubular needle forced by such pres-' sure tirough the well of the cartridge and as used to direct the (lischerge stream.

The invention is applicable to fire extingnishers as Well as to guns used for protection to blind sufiocate or otherwise incapacitate an attocker.

in the drawing:

Figure l is a vertical, exiel section of the gun fimlwdleil in the invention.

. ,Fignrefil is s; similar view of e modified embodiment of the invention.

Figure 3 is a similar view of e, further ified embodiment of the invention.

Like ports are identified by the some reference characters throughout the severel views. t 'lhe liluid to he used in the gun is hermetically seelecl in a manually collapsible certriolge. ln Figures 1 end 2 the cartridge 5 is oi cylindrical form enfl many he mode of soft metallic alloys or of paper or of rubber, no or of eny other materials snitelole to 'retnin its contents permanently in condition for use. @ne of the ieqnirements of the clevioe is thet the cartridge or cs sole conteining the linicl to be ejected from t e gun shell lie soft enough to permit the menuel collepse of the cartridge.

cc mod The cartridge 5 is received into s chamber e of complemenlory cross section which has n hsnclle grip 7 projecting heneeth it. The chamber *8 is closed at one end and contains 2:; piston 8 slidsbly eng geehle in the chamber to exert PRGEHKG on the certrirlge.

in the Figure 1 construction the piston is comet/ed by an em 9 connecting it with e. slide lllreciprocsble into e. hollow portion of grip '3. A trigger 11 has e torsion spring pressed into engagement with c notch'in chnmber fitm revent accidental movement of the parts. en the trigger is manipulatfor reciprocation the hand reel. serial no, emcee;

oi the operetcr gripping the slide and hendle grip 'l' is capable or exerting considerable pressure on the cartridge or capsule 5.

. In order to open the cartridge and at the seine time to guide the escape of its contents l provide n tubular ductl2 terminating in a needle point 15. In the Figure l construction this duct is formed in the plunger 8. A gasket is preferably provided ch16 to insure the delivery of all of thecontents of certriilge 5 throngh the duct. Clhe needle point readily penetrates the soft material of the cartridge and communicates with the tu'bnlsr duct through which the contents of the certridge ere expelled and guided during the continued pressure of plunger 8 upon the certrirlge.

In the construction she in Figure 2 the tuhuler rluct 3.2 m1 needle oint if as well as cssket 16 are associated with the relatively ed encl of? chamber *3. Plunger 8 is opereted by e hsnrl lever 1'3 pivoted et l8to the grip l and st 19 to plunger 8. Slot 26 provides s lost motion connection for actuating the verticel component of movement between lever 17 end plunger 8,

in the Figure 3 construction plunger 8 is;

actuated by e powerful compression spring 21 normally held under compression by e detent releasable to roenipnlstion of trigger 23. in this constrnction the tulauler duct 12, the needle point l5 end gasket 16 are e$0cietecl with e. lonrrel 25 st onintegrel cop portion 26 in threerled connection with chamber 6.

in Figure 3 the. certriclge or capsule is else distinctly clifierentlromthose previously disclosed in that it is made in the form of e, hollows es shown st 27 we is mode refillelole through the provision oi e pins 28 which holcls n memhrene'filg readily perloreble by the hollow neerlle l5 end lisposecl in the path thereof. Where the bellows construction is" nsecl the cartridge my be made in o well moot n menner from copper or light meteriels end the membrane 29 may he mole either of the materials heretolore disclosed or may he a sheet of foil of copper, aluminum, fin or lend, or any of the precious motels.

ltvvill he observed that regardless of the particular construction employed I have proioo.

vided a means for permanent storage of liquid or gaseous fluids in hermetically sealed cartridges or capsules available for instant use, and I have further provided means whereby the initial compression of the capsule will open it and establish communication between its contents and a tubular duct through which the contents maybe expelled and guided. g

In any of'the constructions disclosed replacement of the capsule is readily effective and in the construction shown in Figure 3 the identical capsule may'be re-charged, sealed by a new membrane such as that shown at 29, and used repeatedly.

, I claim:

1. A device of the character described comprising a deformable cartridge, cartridge compressing means guided for relative movement and a duct terminating in a hollow point carried by one of said means in a position to penetrate said cartridge in the course of such movement. 4 v

2. A device of the character described comprising a cartridge holding member, a cartridge compressing member, and a tubular duct terminating in a hollow needle point carried by one of said members and directed to penetrate a cartridge positioned between said members whereby to receive and direct the discharge of a cartridge compressed be tween said members. I

3. In a device of the character described the combination with a cartridge receiving member, a cartridge compressing member, handles connected with each of said members and positioned to be gripped byan operator, and a fluid directing tube terminating in a hollow needle point and connected with one of said members in a position to penetrate a cartridge inserted therebetween.

4. Ina device of the character described,

' the combination with a cartridge receiving chamber, of a cartridge compressing plunger reciprocable in the chamber to substa'ntially completely collapse a cartridge contained therein, a tube providing a hollow needle point projecting into the chamber in position to engage and penetrate a cartridge compressed therein and means manually directing said tube vand controlling the movement of said plunger.

5. The combination with cartridge compressing means and a hollow needle positioned to penetrate a cartridge compressed thereby, of a cartridge positionedadjacent said needle for compression by said means and having an attenuated wall subject to penetration by said needle and to-,collapse upon pressure by said means.

6. A device of the character described comprising a cartridge receiving chamber member, a plunger.memberreciprocable therein,

a collapsible fiuid' filled cartridge within said chamber and subject to compression by said plunger and a tubular needle adapted to penetrate the wall of said cartridge for the release of its contents and the direction thereof under compression of said plun er.

7. A device of the character descri ed com the combination with a chamber member provided with a handle, of a plunger member provided with an interconnected handle and having a discharge duct and tubular needle, said handles being in such proximity that they may be gripped by the operator to reciprocate the plunger in the chamber to move said needle into communication with a cartridge in said chamber and to guide the dischargeof contents through said needle and said duct.

9. In a device of the character described the combination with a'chamber provided with a tubular cartridge-penetrating needle having a discharge duct, of a cartridge-compressingplunger reciprocable in the chamer and handle means for said chamber and plunger relatively movable for the reciprocation of the plunger in the chamber during the control of'the direction of said duct.

10. In a device of the character described, the combination with a chamber member and a plunger member, vof a tubular needle provided with a fluid escape duct connected with one of said members, a handle connected with'oneof said members for the direction of "said duct and a detent releasably controlling the reciprocation of said plunger member with respect to said chamber and provided with a trigger associated with said handle.

plunger member in direction to actuate it in said chamber towardsaid needle.

12. In a device of the character described the combination with a pair of cartridge compressing members, of a deformable tubular needle carried by one ofsaid members and a cartridge positioned between said members and provided with a penetrable wall in the needle.

path of said 4 I HERMAN C. MUELLER.

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International ClassificationF41B9/00
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