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Publication numberUS1880621 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1932
Filing dateAug 18, 1930
Priority dateAug 18, 1930
Publication numberUS 1880621 A, US 1880621A, US-A-1880621, US1880621 A, US1880621A
InventorsWilletts George H
Original AssigneeWilletts George H
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Tourist table and support therefor
US 1880621 A
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O t 93 G. H. WILLETTS 1,880,621

TOURIST TABLE AND SUPPORT THEREFOR Filed Aug. 18. 1930 Patented Oct. 4, 1932 Hit-til rice GEORGE E. VTILLETTS, OF BEAVER, FALLS, PENNSYLVANIA TOURIST TABLE AND SUPPORT THEREFOR ,Application filed August 18, 1930. Serial No. 476,047.

This invention relates to tourists tables and more p rticularly to improvedsupports for such tables intended for travellers in railway coaches.

The invention has for its objects, among others; first, to provide a table for facile packing and portability; second, to provide such a table adapted for facile and secure support on the wall of a railway car; third, to provide a support for such a table special ly adapted to secure said table against the wall of a railway car by means-o the curtainguidegrooves; fourth, to provide such a table and support capable of being folded into a compact portable form; fifth, to provide adjustablility for various designs of railway-car-windows; sixth, to provide a simple manual adj uscability; seventh, to provide such device ofsuitable strength and durability, but light in weight; and eighth, to provide such a device that possesses low manufacturing cost. Gther objects may appear as the description proceeds and the various elements of construction are set forth.

I provide a tourist table havinga horizontal tabie surface of appreciable area one end of which is adapted to rest against a vertical surface; a part is hinged tothe table and provided withtwo supporting fia ges having tabs that extend beneathathe table to support it; hook rods rotate in holes in the flanges at the rear of the vertical portion and are adjustable lengthwise with reference to each other, thus providing a .wide range of adjustability for the hook rods which are adapted to "cooperate with any" suitable support such as grooves, holes, contrary-angled surfaces and the hire, but. more especially with the curtain-guide-grooves placed at either side of a railway-car-win dow. My touristtable and support therefor are obviously particularly? adapted for the space between railway car chairs.

Reference is now made t the drawing, which is hereby made part of this specification, in which is shown one embodiment of my invention, like numerals of reference referring to like parts throughout hedrawing, in which 7 r r Figure '1 is a left perspective View showing my tourist table supported by means of one of the curtain-guide-grooves of a Pullman railway car, the other groove being not shown, r

Fi 'ure 2 is a left end elevation showin The table 1- is of wood or any suitable'ma' terial and is preferably one board of any'desired size and dimensions and suitable finish. Hinged-thereto at a point somewhat removed from the left endis a smaller board3'of the same width as table 1 but of a length of only six oreight inches. Two hinges 5 secure'the board 3 to the table 1 rotatably through an angle of ninety. degrees. On either end of board 3 is a metal flange 4 similar totheother except that the tab 6 is turned under in one direction and on the other is turned in the opposite direction, the two tabs 6 thereby forming stops preventing the board '8 being turned from the table 1 more than" afright angle or vice versa. Screws 20 secure the flanges l to the ends of board 3 and screws 22 secure'the hinges 5 to the table 1 and'the board 3. It is now apparent that I provide a table having a hinged part attached thereto which maybe folded flat against the table or movedinto the vertical position and that when in the vertical position the table itself a 7 and 8, which have right angled extensions 7 a and 8a which in turn terminate in hooked ends 76 and 8b as clearly shown'in Figures 2 and 4. A clamp 12 is provided with two transverse grooves 25 spaced about the same distance apart as are the holes24E-in one-0f the flanges 4L and rodf8 lies in the upper hole inc 24 of one flange 4 and the upper groove of clamp 12 and the rod 7 lies in the lower hole 24 of the opposite flange 4; and in the lower groove 25 of clamp 12. A bolt 23 passes through the center of clamp 12 and the board 3 and a flange 9, which is secured to board 3 by screws 21, and terminates in screw threads 10 on which is serrated thumb nut 11. It is apparent now that by turning the thumb nut 11 tight against the flange 9 the clamp 12 presses both rods 7 and 8 tight against the back of board 3 and therefore secures them against rotation orlengthwise motion. This clamping action is shown in Figure 5.

In Figure 1 there is shown the railway car Wall 14 and at the side of the window a curtain-guide-groove 15. Window casing 16 and glass 17 are shown in part also. To attach the table 1 on the wall at about the height of the window sill 18, board 3 is turned to a vertical position, rods 7a and 8a are also turned upward after loosening the thumb nut 11; then the hook end 7?) is placed in groove 15, and the part 8a is pulled away-so that the hook end 8?) may be placed in the groove of the adjacent window (not shown) after which'rod 8 is pushed back into normal position by grasping extension 866, after which the height of the table 1 is adjusted by the tourist as desired and thumb nut 11 is turned home to fix the arms? and 8 in position. At 13 is shown a cutaway end in table 1 sothat the end may be fixed more securely in case of an irregular wall 14 against oscil lation a horizontal plane.

To foldthe table the thumb nut 11 is loosened and one of the rods moved out to release its hookend from the groove and the board 3 is folded down and the rods 7 and 8 folded back to the position shown in Figure 4 in which it is seen that I provide a compact unit easily carried and packed for travel.

Although I have shown only one form of my improved tourist table I have contemplated and constructed many diiferent designs, and have provided additional extensions and supporting hooks andother appurtenances of convenience to the tourist, and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the .art within thev scope of my invention, so therefore I do not choose to limit myself exceptas in the appended claims.

grooves'of adjacent railway-car-windows- 2. In combination, atable comprising a part adapted to lie against the wall between adjacent windows, and. a: support attached to said part said support comprising two arms each of which has an angled extension, one to the right and one to the left and adapted to enter the curtain-guide-grooves of adjacent railway-car-windows, the distance be tween said arms being adjustable to different widths of wall.

3. In combination, a table comprising a part adapted to lie against the wall between adjacent windows, and a support attached to said part, said support comprising two arms each of which has an angled extension, one to the right and one to the left, and adapted to enter the curtain-guide-grooves of adjacent windows, the distance of said angled extensions from the wall being adjustable and the distance between said arms being adjustable, substantially as described.

4. In combination, a table comprising a vertical extension, two rods pivotally attached thereto, each of said rods carrying a right-angled extension adapted to fit in the curtain-guide-groove of a railway-carwindow, the extension on the left rod being angled to the right'and'the extension on the right rod being angled to the left, and means 5 for securing said rods in the pivotally adjusted position.

5. In combination, a table comprising a vertical extension, two rods pivotally attached thereto, each of saidrods carrying a right-angled extension adapted to fit in the curtain-guide-groove of a railway-car-window,ithe extension on the left rod being angled to the right and the'extension onthe rightrod being angled to the left, means for able, and =means for securing the angled extensions in an adjusted position 7 A portable table comprising two parts hinged together, a stop adapted to prevent said parts from being opened beyond a predetermined angle, rods pivotally connected with one of said parts, said rods having angled extensions adapted to mount said table on the wall by means of the curtain-guide grooves of adjacent windows.

Signed at Beaver Falls in the county of Beaver and State of Pennsylvania this fif teenth day of August, A. D. 1930. V


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