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Publication numberUS1880947 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1932
Filing dateOct 20, 1930
Priority dateOct 20, 1930
Publication numberUS 1880947 A, US 1880947A, US-A-1880947, US1880947 A, US1880947A
InventorsRichard Evans
Original AssigneeRichard Evans
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Stamp rack
US 1880947 A
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R. EVANS Get. 4, 1932.

STAMP RACK Filed Oct. 20; 1930 all H)a ATTORNEY- Patented Oct. 4, 1932 UNITE RICHARD EVANS, or HIGHLAND PARK, ILLINOIS STAMP BACK 7 Application filed October 20, 1930. Serial No. 490,068.

This invention relates to certain'novel 1111- port the stamps by receiving the handle- ,which places the stamps in an undesirable position as it makes it dificult to properly 7 view the identification labelin this position, causing difiiculty in selecting the desired stamp from a numberof stamps which may be supported on the rack. It is, therefore, the

salient object of this inventionlto provide a stamp rack'which will support the stamps in suchposition that the identification label on the stamps may be'easily read.

- "Another object of this invention isthe pro- 0 vision of an improved stamp rack forsupporting rubber stamps in a minimum of space and in such a manner that the identity of the stamp may be readily determined, that is, the'stamps may be so constructed that identification labels maybe provided on the bandle receiving faces of the stamps so that the labels may be readily read and so that time maybe saved in selecting the proper stamp from among a number of stamps when it is desired to use a particular stamp. Another object of the invention is the provision of an improved stamp which may be supported on any horizontal base or suspend;

:ed from any vertical support. An additionalobject ofthe invention is the provision of an improved stamp rack which is very simple in construction and very economical in manufacture. 1

- q Because rubber stamps are generally used 40 hurriedly, the operators frequently stamp them so that the impression is upside down, which ismost unsatisfactory as the misstamped impression cannot be easily eradicat-ed to permit proper restamping. Therefore, another object of my invention is to pro vide a rack which overcomes this objection because stamps can only be placed uponthe rack in. one and the same positionand conse- "ouently will be taken from the rack in proper position foruse. 7

.read the label which is very undesirable and V racks are almost always, for convenience 'po-,

Another object is to provide a rack which can be placed, either on a supporting surface such as adesk or table, or be hung from any other means of support. T

Another Object of y invention is t0 PrO- vide, in combination, rubber stamps and supporting rack, said stampswbeing; provided with recesses which will "fit correspondingprojections on the rack.

Other objects will appear'hereinafter.

The invention consists in the novel combination and arrangement ofparts tobe hereinafter described andclaimed. Y

The invention will behestunderstood by reference to the accompanying drawing; showing the preferred formof construction andin which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view depicting a pre-f ferred form of'construct'ion for my-improved stamp rack showing a stampmounted there-Q on:-

Fig. 2 is a perspective view'depicting a' typical stampadapted foruseon either the stamp rack depicted in Fig. 1 or on the modi-- fiedform of construction depicted in Fig. 4;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the stamp rack illustrated in Fig 1 as seen from the rear; Y. Fig. 4 is a perspective view ofa modified form ofconstruction of my improved stamp rack; and l 1 q T Fig. 5 is 'a sectional detail view taken sub- 7 stantially on the line 5'5 in Fig. depicting the manner ofmo-unting the stamp on the rack i the market, these are 'built'sothat the rubber stamps are supported by receiving the han dle of same which causes the stamp to be suspended by the handle, bringing the identiiication label, which is then uppermost, on a level plane making it necessary for those desiring to speedily select a 'certain'stampfrom a number ofstamps'so suspended to look: down at. them from above in' order .to

inconvenient in most instances due .to sur rounding conditions; for' example, stamp sitioned above desks or tables, or fastened to 71% a wallabove these, within easy reach, but i causing the identification label to be above or out of the line of Vision. In order to select the desired stamp under these conditions,

5 stamps aregenerally removed from and re-' v placed onto the rackuntil the desired one is 7 found which is very unsatisfactory and causes a lossgof time. Furthermore-the racks now commonly employed are more expensive 0 to manufacture and are soconstructedthat considerable space is 7 lost 7 when ,suppollii lg;

their maximum number iof stamps;

It is, therefore, among the several objects,

of this invention to provide a stamp rack r which accommodates amaximum numberiof stamps in a minimum of space because the stamps can be assembled in close fOT-IllttlOIl on the rack; while-it is salient amongthe objeots of thi's'invention to provide a'rack which permits the immediate selection of a certain "stamp from {thenurrrber of stamps assembled thereon Without necessitating the removal of a number i of stamps to identify the one it re desired to 7 use," becausefthe J stamps :are' sup ported on the rack in suc'h positionthatthe} iden titiicaition label is vertical plane and faces the operator. It is likewise ranfobj ectof thisinventionto pr c wide alstazmprack which is extremely s1mple in constructionand eco nomical in manufacture, while'belng ellicient inventiongithere is :provided at la main supporting frame in the form of a sheet ofzanysuitable material which is preferably thin sheet metal which may ibe stamped "out able uprightsupports ll zand l2 Joy-means of suitable securing elements '13," and the sup-g 6 ports ll -and 12,"ias :s'hown'inIFigsQl and-r3,

are substantially triangulaninlongitudinal.

. extent so that the sheetil O is inclined at 'an angle to'the werticalfiv Attached to thesupport or leg 11 :by means of a suitable securing:

element such asflcrew lei, is-a'folda-ble, swingf ing foot 1:55. a Sl'l'IllilflIiffObll 16 "is attached to the leg 12 by means of a screw 17 or'tlie like. These feet 15 and 16am toldable toward.

each otherintothe dotted lini position 'of Fig. 5O 3;so thatjiny improved stamp rack generically jindicated at 18 may be suspendedon any-suit:

V able Wiertical==support= by means of nails or theglike mounted avverti'cal Wall and, extended throughithe openings 19 in the isheet lOor myimprovedstamp rack 18 may be' 'sup ported'on theffeet i5 and. 16 when these-feet 7 are extended into:the'furll line position of i Figs 1 and 3; thereb-yholding the rackil81in V tilted position to'permit easy reading of'the ce labels on the stamps; e 1

' v .f-ln tegrallwith the sh'eet 1'0 atthev bottom thereof isia shelf or flange The outer end of the flange 21' is bent upwardly and-folded back upon itself to "provide an. upstanding '6 elernen-tfor; purpose of .:which iinrany suitable size and shape; The sheet 10, in the'present instance, is' attached to suit 1 ,sso,947- j will made apparentpresentlyr Continuous with the outer side and at the-lower end of the ridge 22 is a projecting lip 23. x

In the use of my improved stamp rack 18;

the stamps to be supported thereon; such as the stamp genericallyindicated at 24, are" provided with a slot 25 in one end of the body 26v of the stamp so that the :st-a-mpssuch as 24 may be mounted on my improved rack 18 byrarranging the stamps as shown in Fig; '1, wherein it will loe seenthat the ridge 22 m. jects into the slot 25. This manner of mountestamps 24 arranges the stamps so that the long sides 2'1 are parallel to each other which perm-its a maximum number of the stampsto be mounted on the ridge 22 ina min- 1m ofspacei It isparticularly to be noted,

further that thisfar'rangement enables an identifying label "disposed on the front side 28 of thestanip toloe readilys'e'en so thatwlien 7 itis desired to use a'particular stamp the same A may be located in a minimum-amount creme and without the necessityjof handling anumber'ofgstamps before finding the desired one tamp racks used as: "is necessary 7. with the heretofore in the art;

remi 4 there is depicted a modified form of constructionand instance, thereis provided a hacker supporting frame29 of;

stamped sheet nietal in which areprov ided holes such as BO and 31-50 that myimproved ra'clr illustrated inFigg t, and generically indicated at'32; may be'hungupon nails orfthe" kfi ll i Yfirtica'l support such as the ll f 'a-room. I a

shelf which terminates in an upstanding 'Integral with the ibae1i;29, ;is a flange el 5' lip 8e; A plurality ofspacedapart holes 35 f p are provided in the flange 33 andremovably inserted "through these holes are screws36 on the'threaded portions 3b ofwhich'are threadedlymounted upstanding elements in 5 the form of small"'cylinders '37 preferably made of metal and hereinafter to be called pegs; "which can' also be" cone shaped or;


There isprovided in one endlof thefbody' portion 26 of the stamps24ltha't" are adapted p for use with my improved stamp rack 32 a 1 substantially cylindrical bore. 38 into which] one "of the pegs 37 is adapted to fit when the stamp '241 is mounted in position on the'rackwhen it is desired to use a particular stamp the same may be quickly'located and withdrawn off its peg 37.

While it is manifest that it is not necessary to provide both the bore 38 and the slot 25 in the same stamp it is apparent thatthis may be done to accommodate the stamp for use on either the rack 18 or the rack 32.

It may be seen, therefore, by referring to Figs. 1 and 4, that the labels on the back 28 of the stamps 24 being arranged in the order of the indicia formed by the characters on the printing face 39 of the stamps the chance of hurriedly grasping a stamp and stamping the impression upside down is minimized since a very vertical movement is employed in lifting a stamp 24' ofi from the ridge 22 or one of the pegs 37, this movement consisting of lifting the stamp by means of the handle 40, giving it a quarter turn to the right and then pressing it down to stamp the impresmember, a shelf projecting from said body member at the bottom thereof, an upstanding ridge on said shelf, and supporting means for said rack, said means including upright members connected to said body member, and

movable feet connectedto said upright members at the bottom thereof whereby said feet RICHARD EVANS.

sion which is a quicker movement than that necessary with the racks heretofore used in the art while this movement also minimizes the risk of mis-stamping the impression which frequently occurs when stamps are suspended by the handle. 7

From the foregoing description of my invention it is apparent that I have provided improved stamp rack constructions which permits ready reading of the identification labels on the stamps and thereby facilitate the identification of a stamp'when it is desired to use the same while it is likewise apparent that rubber stamps or the like may be supported on my improved racks with a maximum economy in space. It is further apparent that my improved racks while accomplishing the several other objects pointed out hereinbefore are extremely simple in construction and, therefore, economical in manufacture. i V

lVhile I have illustrated and described the preferred form of construction for carrying my invention into effect, this is capable of variation and modification, without departi ng from the spirit of the invention. I, there fore, do not wish to be limited to the precise details of construction set forth, but desire to avail myself of such variations and modifications as come within the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention what I claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:

1. A stamp rack comprising a supporting frame, a shelf extending substantially horizontally from said frame, and an upstanding member on said shelf, said shelf being adapted to support a stamp having a recess in-the

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U.S. Classification211/39
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