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Publication numberUS1882012 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1932
Filing dateDec 6, 1929
Priority dateDec 6, 1929
Publication numberUS 1882012 A, US 1882012A, US-A-1882012, US1882012 A, US1882012A
InventorsEdgar Hires John
Original AssigneeScott Paper Co
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Paper roll
US 1882012 A
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Oct. 11, 1932 H Es 1,882,012

PAPER ROLL Filed Dec. 6, 1929 lnvnfar Jab/1 E. Hires.

I Mffomey.

, 10 same time, apply glue or paste to the paper is thus of-a more .or less dense glued con- 60 130 are formed. ing with the mandrels, and a glue applying .the corrugated winding mandrel and p erence to Figs. 3 and 4. Such machines com- 85 Patented Oct. 11, 1932 v i l r 1 2 012 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE JOHN EDGAR HIRES, or ARDMORE, PENNSYLVANIA, ASSIGNOR T SCOTT PAPER COMPANY, A CORPORATION OF PENNSYLVANIA PAPER. Rom

Application filed December 6, 1929; 'Serial NoQ412,142-.

My invention relates to that class of toilet tionof a slitting and perforating-machine to paper roll inr which the central core of the which my improvements are applied. roll is formed integral with the continuous The paper'roll shownin Fig.1 comprises web wound about the core, whereby the core a corrugated core/2 of multi-ply construction and roll is formed from a continuous length and produced by winding a pasted web upon of paper and at a single operation. itself While supported upon'a corrugated In carrying out my invention, I wind the mandrel and pressing the pasted web= into advancing end of a paper web between rolls corrugated relation by a squeeze roll 4 shown having corrugated peripheries and, at the n Fig. 2. The corrugated multiple ply core web so that the same is wound upon a corstruction which, while having reasonable plirugated mandrel and. pressed into a multiability, retains its shape and thus provides ply corrugated core upon which the web may a core member within the body of the combe continuously wound but without the appleted roll. Whenthe corrugated core is replication of glue, with the result that a finleased from pressure of the squeeze roll and ished toilet roll package may be produced the application of-glue, the further rotawith a corrugated core. tion ofthe mandrel will cause the fiat web In the manufacture of paper of this char-. of paper to be wound ,cylindrically about and acter, the wide web may be slit into a pluupon the corrugated core and as a continuarality of narrower webs and these narrower tion thereof, as shown at 3-and as will be 7 webs simultaneously wound upon the same understood by reference to Fig. 1.. The diammandrel in producing the-finished roll with eter and length of the roll may be varied to the corrugated core. suit the. requirements offlthe manufacturer.

A roll of paper formed in this manner In the commercial manufacture of rolls may provide a continuous unperforated web of the character her in: set out, I -may slit structure or it may be perforated at intervals and transversely perforat a w b of a er in g its e g t0 p m t it t0 be r y a machine of well known construction and divided into sheets, similarly to the manprovide the same with suitable corrugated 11 1' in which ordinary toilet paper rolls mandrels,apressureorsqueeze-roll cooperat- 0 My improvements in resp ct apparatus mechanism movable into or out of gluing may be employed in an ordinary sli i g position with respect to the mandrel which and perforatlng machine ofany Sui b may be in action in forming the corrugated character adapted to feed the slitted webs to (gore, all f whi h will b u der t od by r fing'and forming devices, such as hereinafter prise ll Supporting frame 5 f hi h described. V 7 the web is deliveredto transverse perforat- My invention also cons sts of the complet- 1 apparatus 6 i i g li d 7 ed toilet roll package having the corrugated b t hi h th paper w b i id d b id core of special construction described here- 11 8 d 9 d upon whi h th b i inafter and m re particularly defined 1T1 perforated by perforating cutters 10, the the claim. same being operated in the usual manner. My nv n 11 W be b j undeFstood by After the paper web has been perforated reference tofihe pe, 111 which: F gtransversely at intervals along its length, the 1 ll elld'VleW Of a 1 8 l pap p web is slit longitudinally into narrower webs age embodying my improvements; Fig. 2, of" commercial size by theslittin cutters 11. is a side view of the same; Fig. 3 is a side The plurality of perforated We s thus proview illustrating the winding mandrel, glue vided are guided over a-roller l2 and are then applying means, and squeeze or press roll; received upon the core mandrel l3 and the 50 and Fig. 4 is a diagrammatic representapaper brought into contact-withaglueapplyion Y drel by a suitable lever manually operated or otherwlse, as pre-o I thermore, less material is requ1red in forming I press rolli 4 to the For convenience,

roller 14 journaled in and receiving glue from a reservoir 15. The glue reservoir 15 is suitably guided at 16 so that it may be brought into and out of contact with the paper on the mandrel 13 and may be shifted into and out of cooperation with said man- 17 which may be Zing ferred.

The glue applying'jroll 14' is preferably made of corrugated form so as to cooperate with the mandrel roll 13, and while thesaid glue applying roll will not'only apply the glue but will also being formed upon the mandrel, I prefer to employ an additional corrugatedroll 4 arranged above the mandrel 13 and having weight sufficient to insure the I corrugation and press the paper into theglued recesses todensify the multiple-plyroreduring its formation. The corrugating orpress roll 4may be journaled ina hinged frame 18 which will insure proper-presentation of the mandrel 13, or permit it to be turned upout of theway after the core has been formed and during the winding of the cylindricalweb 3 about'the core. it is customary to provide a pivoted mandrel frame 19 in which a plurality ofthe mandrels 13 may be journaled, so that said mandrelsmay be successively brought into operative relation with the glue applying roll and press roll; The

mandrel may be driven inthe usual manner by a friction drive (not-shown) which will permit compensationforthe' different diameters of the roll being wound. The general character of a slitting and roll winding ma.-

\ improved mandrel and chine suitable foruse in connection with my corrugated core making devices may be found-in Patent No. 999,- 375, dated August 1, 1911, and alsoNo. 886,-

i 332, dated April 28,1908, and reference 1s made thereto by way of explanation of details which it is not thought necessary'to illustrate in the present application.

When the multi-ply'core' has been completed by thecooperation of the mandrel 13,

' glue applying roller- 14, and press roll 4, the

said glue applying roll and press roll'are moved out ofv cont'aetwith the mandrel or core and thereafter the roll is completed by the uncorrugated portion of the web as at 3 in Fig. 1. When the proper diameter of roll is formed the-mandrel carrying frame 19 is shifted to bring anew mandrel into operative relation with the web and, at the; sametime,

to move the completed roll to the rear as 'shown in Fig. 4: 9

ing roll 14 and the press roll 4 is returned to cooperative relation with thenew mandrel V and the paper web is r Thereuponthe glue applyuptured at the point 20 between thenew mandrel and-the finished with the cylindrical core,

tend to corrugate the core:-

amount of elasticity or which may be resorted toas the multi-ply core thanwould'be required because the celllike formation between the core and the cylindrical portion of the roll gives a bracing effect with a lesser quantity of paper web than would be required in a cylindrical core of the same strength. Furthermore,.the corrugated form of the coregives a certain yieldingness at its points of internal contact than when threadedlupon a cylindrical support and, moreover,

may be rotatable upon saidsupport but normally positioned thereon without objectionable looseness. It will be understood that this elasticity of the core may be utilized to impart a reasonable drag thereon when withdrawing the web of paper therefrom, so that th'ere'will be no unnecessary tendency to spin and obj ectienably unwinding the roll.

No claim is made; in this applicationto the and the rolls means or apparatus employed in the manufacture of the improved paper roll, the same l constituting a separate 'inventionwhich will be the subject matter of anotherapplication.

I have described my improved article and themeans formaking same 1n that particularity which-I deem to be the best exposition of my invention and that which I prefer in commercial practice, but I do not restrict or confine myself to the minor or secondary details, as such are susceptible of modification,

matters of mechanical skill and without a departure from the spirit of the invention.

I claim: I r

An improved roll of paper in web form which consists of a core of corrugated cross tions of a continuous'web of paper firmly glued together into a yielding multiply structure of corrugated form and about which the JOHN EDGAR mans.

roll. mThereupon the free end of the web is I section comprisedof a plurality of convolu-

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