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Publication numberUS1882040 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1932
Filing dateMar 8, 1930
Priority dateMar 8, 1930
Publication numberUS 1882040 A, US 1882040A, US-A-1882040, US1882040 A, US1882040A
InventorsRoehm William A
Original AssigneeRoehm William A
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Suction-massage apparatus
US 1882040 A
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Oct. 11, 1932. w. A. ROEHM 1,882,040

SUCTION MAS SAGE APPARATUS Filed March 8. 1930 avwemtoz Will/am R0 ehm,

Patented 001.11, 1932 wILLIAM A. nonnn, or LYiiBnoox. new Yonx SUCTION-MASSAGE arriinhrns.

Application filed. March 8, iesof, s'era1': 34,a3

My invention relates to massage devices and has for its main object to provide an 7 apparatus whichnot only massages the skin but also creates a suction thereon which opens a) and cleans the pores, stimulates the blood cir- J culation, and exercises the muscles. Another object is to provide an apparatus ofsanitary and light construction which is easy to manipulate and which requires very little lopower for its'operation. A. further object is to provide an apparatus of simple construction, consisting of few parts, andcomparatively inexpensive to manufacture;

These and other objects and advantages will be readily understood from the following description and from the accompanying drawing of a preferred embodiment, but it will be noted that certain modifications may be made without departing from the scope of the invention. In the -drawing:. 1

Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the apparatus; Fig. 2 another side elevation, taken on line 22, Fig. 3, and showing certain parts in section; r Fig. 3 a cross-sectional view, taken on line 33, Fig. 2;

7 Fig.4 another cross-sectional view, taken on line 4+4, Fig. 2; and

r Fig. 5 a plan view of certain parts of the apparatus.

'Referring to all the views simultaneously, the apparatusconsists of two semi-circular, side casings 1O and11 and a collar 12 which is threaded on the front ends of the casings.

two pins 13, but may be assembled in any other suitable manner. The casings form a cylindrical chamber 1 1- and a hollow handle member 15. I

The casing 10 is provided with bosses 16,

17, and 18, while both the casings arepro able source, such as an electric motor, for ex- I ample.

50, The worm drives a wormgear 27 the shaft The casings are'shown riveted together by 28 of which-rotates in a, bearingin-theboss 16; The direction o'f rotation ofthe worm andworm gear is such that the side thrust of the wormgear is against the boss. -A crank" pin 29 is secured eccentrically on the face of the wormgeararicl-engages in a slot -30 formed in the cross slide a 31. The: cross slide, which is guided in the two grooves formed by the guide-strips19 and 20, has-a forwardly extending arm 32 whichtermi-nates' in a round, threaded stud-33.- "A washer3 1, a flexible dia-' phragm 35, another-washer'36 and a flexible v-alve disc 37 areall clamped on this stud be tween" a small iwasher 38anda nut 39. 1 The washers'34: and 36, as well 'asthe-diaphragm, 6

are. all perforated witha' plurality of air holes 40,. as plainly shown on Fig.5.. I The diaphragmy is clamped against the front edges of the side casings by a flange 41 which is formed on the cap 12 and held in "2 place by the collar 12. The frontiof the cap. terminates in a nozzle-43' on which a'suction cup44 is detachably mounted: I v f The operation .of'the apparatus will now be described: When thewormgear is turned-the pin 39 reciprocates the 'cross slide 31 and consequently moves the. diaphragm back and" forth" betweenthe" two extreme; positions shown in Figs.- 1 "and 2. When the suction cup 'is used for-massaging the skin a partial vacuum is formed as the diaphragm moves to its rearward position. The suction thus appliedto the skin opens the pores-and cleans them of foreign mattersat the same time stimulating the blood circulation and-giving a certain amountof exercise to the smaller muscles, particularly whenapplied over the" muscles of the face.

Byusing large washers, such as 34:and 36, a much larger amount of air isdisplaced 90 than if the diaphragm were to assume the conical shape it would take were small washers used. .To further increase the suctionthe large washers and thediaphragm areperforated and the perforations coveredwith the'fiex ible'flap valve 37. As the diaphragm moves forward the valve assumes the'position shownat 45,,in'Fig; 1, and allows the air to;-

. passthrough the holes 40. On the rearward movement the valve "disc closes the holes. t

7 The suction cup 44 is preferably made with member mounted in the body member and an outer metal shell 46 to reenforce the relatively soft rubber lip 47, which is of the shape shown.

Having described my invention and its operation, what I claim as new and wish to protect by Letters Patent is: V

, 1. Ina device of theclass described,a -body.

member consisting of a housing and an opcrating handle, a shaft passing axially connecting the diaphragm with the gear for reciprocating it when said member is rotated, means for causing the diaphragm to assume a cupped shape at each end of its reciprocation, and a suction cup massage-applicatorsecuredon the cap.


through said handle and rotatingly mounted l therein, a diaphragm secured in said hous- 7 ing transversely thereof, a worm secured the, end of the shaft, a worm gear mounted in i the housing and engaging with said worm, a connecting rodsecured to said diaphragm and actuated by a stud on-the wormgear, and a cap provided with as-suction cup massage applicator closing the open end of the I housing.

2. In a device of the class, described, abody member-consistingofa housing and a handle, a shaft passingaxially through said handle and rotatingly mounted therein, a :diaphragm secured transversely in the housing, a, worm secured on the end of the shaft, a

worm gear mounted in the housing and engaging with said worm, :a slotted T-shaped connect-ing rod secured to thediaphragmoand guided by slides formed in the housing, a stud secured on the worm gear and engaging in the slot of said connectingrod, a .cap placed over the Open end of the housing, and a suction cup massageapplicator removably attached on said cap.

a :3, In a-device of the class described, a body member provided with an operating handle,

said body member and handle formed oftwo substantially similar halves, a flexibleshaft rotatingly mounted'in the handle member, one member of a pair .of-speed-reducing gears secured on the end of the flexible shaft,ithe

other gear member ,rotatingly 'mou-nted in the body member, a cap placed on the open end of the body member for clamping it together, a cupped diaphragm placed over the end of the body-member and held by the said cap, means .foriconnecting the diaphragm with the gear, member mounted in the body member and for reciprocating it when said member is rotated,,and "means-provided on the cap for securing-a suction cup massage applicator thereon. f V

4. In a deviceof the class described, a body member provided with an operating handle, said body member and handle formedoftwo substantially similar halves, a flexible shaft rotatingly mounted in the handle member, one member of a pair of speed-reducing gearsi securedon the end of the flexible shaft, the other gear member rotatingly mounted in the bodymember, acap placed on the open end of the body member" for clamping it together, adiaphragm placed over'thfe end of the body member and held by, the said cap, means for

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U.S. Classification601/6, 604/315, 601/10
International ClassificationA61H9/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61H9/005
European ClassificationA61H9/00P