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Publication numberUS1882180 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1932
Filing dateJan 28, 1932
Priority dateJan 28, 1932
Publication numberUS 1882180 A, US 1882180A, US-A-1882180, US1882180 A, US1882180A
InventorsEdward Davidson James, Herbert Davidson William, Lawrence Davidson
Original AssigneeEdward Davidson James, Herbert Davidson William, Lawrence Davidson
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Cap or closure for receptacles
US 1882180 A
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Oct. 11, 1932. DAVIDSON ET AL CAP OR CLOSURE FOR RECEPTACLES Filed Jan. 28. 1932 'J. E 17a vzZZson vMl. H. .Za Viki-ken I Patented Oct. 11, 1932 soap, etc., and for though it is to be construction of the receptacle.

nce with the present invention, rovided with a shiftable valve member for controlling discharge of the contents of the receptacle. 1

The invention to jects and advantage from a study of t taken in connectio drawing, wherein;

Figure 1 is a side elevational view of our mproved cap, the same being shown, as aponal commercial flexible the cap is p plied to a conventi Figure 2 is a view similar to Figure 1, and showing the valve of the cap in closed condi- Figure 3 is a fra view through the tube illustratin valve member.

gmentary vertical sectional the cap and neck portion of g the two positions of the designated generally acter 5 consists cylindrical body convex surface 7 edge of a flange body 6 and eXte continuing to the peripheral th 8 formed integral with the Wear on P nding thereabout. The pe- When 113 1 8 desired to discharge the con ripheral edge of the flange 8 is knurled or tents portion thereof the ball valve 12 may DAVIDSON, OF WILLOUGHBY, OHIO 0A.? 0B CLOSURE FOR RECEPTACLES Application filed January 28, 1932. Serial No. 589,482.

the valve member l2.

by the reference charp-rovided adjacent the f with a concave recess 18 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE LAWRENCE DAVIDSON, JAMES EDWARD DAVIDSON, AND WILLIAM NERBERT This invention relates to caps or closures threads 10 continuing towards the body refor receptacles having particular reference mote from the flange 8.

s or closures as are usually proor opening at the upper end of the cap is exible tubes, such as are now comconcaved to provide a recess 11 within which (1 for holding tooth-paste, shaving is arranged a ball valve 12 for universal glass bottles for liquid, almovement. understood that the cap or The valve member 12 has a portion of the closure may be used with any type of recepperiphery thereof extending through a slot tacle within reason and as might be found 13 provided therefor in the upper end of the body of the cap and is also equipped with a In accordance with the present invention, step 14 readily accessible and serving to our improved cap or closure may be used with facilitate shifting of the ball valve. any such of the receptacles above mentioned, The ball 12 also has extending there- WltllOllt requiring material alterations in the through a, diametrically elongated bore 01' passage 15 through which the contents of the receptacle with which the cap is associated must pass upon discharge of such contents.

In the present instance we have shown our mproved cap used in connection with a conether Wlth Its y ventional and well known type of commer- S W111 be best understood cial flexible tube or receptacle 16, the neck he following p i 17 of which is preferably, but not necessarily, n with the accompanying The wall of the bore ree end of its bore forming a seat for In using the cap with this form of receptacle, it will be seen that the improved cap may be arranged on the neck 17 of the receptacle as a unit, the threads 10 of the cap engaging with the external threads provided on the neck 17, and the ball valve 12 being confined in the recess 11 seats or engages the seat 18 provided on the neck 17.

Obviously with the cap and its associated O parts so engaged with the neck of the recept i g i detal-l to the g tacle, the body 6 of the cap may be screwed 1t W1 8 seen at our Improve cap downwardly on the neck to increase or release pressure on the ball valve 12 thus con- 5 5 3 3 1 3: z ii gfi g trolling the ease of movement of the valve g pp 12 and also providing means for taking up otherwise formed as at 9 to facilitate placing be swung from the right to the left moving it therefrom.

the cap on the neck of the receptacle, and re- 1 thereby filming the Passage 15 with 'P bore of the neck 17. For closing the neck 17 The body 6 of the cap has an opening exthe ball valve 12 is swung from the left to tending centrally therethrough and provided the right in Figure 2 so that-the passage 15 :4, preferably for a portion of its length with thereof will be disposed somewhat obliquely 9 far as we are aware, receptacle caps employwith respect to the bore of the neck 17 so that a wholly solid portion of the ball valve 12 bridges or closes the bore of the neck.

As before stated and as is thought apparent, our improved cap may be used 'without altering the constructionof the mouth of the bottle to the extent of forming a seat such as the seat 18 herein shown, with the result that our vimproved cap is susceptible to use on many well known types of flexible tubes, bot tles and similar receptacles without requiring any alterations in the construction of such receptacle nor requiring any material alteration or departure from the principles of our invention other than for example a substitution of means such as slots and lug means in lieu of screw threads for effecting a positive engagement of the cap body with the neck of the receptacle. Heretofore, as

ing a ball valve structure have required that the receptacle with which it is used should be equipped with a particular type of neck in order to be properly and effectively associated with such type of cap.

Even though we have shown and described the preferred embodiment of the invention, it is to be understood that we do not wish to limit ourselves to the precise details of construction, combination and arrangement of elements'as herein particularly shown and described and accordingly claim all such forms of the invention to which We are entitled in view of the requirement of the prior art and the scope of the appended claim;

Having thus described our invention, what we claim as new is:

A valve cap for flexible tubes and analo gous receptacles comprising a body portion and a neck integral therewith and of a diam eter materially less than thediameter of said body portion, said body portion having a substantially semi-spherical recess provided therein in substantial alinement with said neck, and also having in the top thereof an opening concentric to said recess; a ball valve revolubly arranged in the recess and having a portion thereof projectingthrough said opening, said ball valve being also provided with a passage extending diametrically therethrough, and also having on the projecting portion thereof a manipulating pin extending at an acute angle to the longitudinal axis of said passage; and said neck also having an internal diameter substantially equal to .the largest internal diameter of said recess, and provided with internal screw threads terminating inwardly of said recess at the largest diameter of the latter.

In testimony whereof we afiix our signatures.




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International ClassificationB65D47/04, B65D47/30
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