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Publication numberUS1882477 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1932
Filing dateAug 2, 1929
Priority dateAug 2, 1929
Publication numberUS 1882477 A, US 1882477A, US-A-1882477, US1882477 A, US1882477A
InventorsDavid Bonsall Charles
Original AssigneeP H Murphy Co
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Car roof
US 1882477 A
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Oct. 11, 1932. C, D, BONSALL 1,882,477


This invention relates to all-steel rivetedup car roofs wherein metal roof sheets extend from side to side of the car and have overlapped side marginal portions that are riveted to the lateral sheet supporting flanges of channel-shaped carlines.

The invention has for its principal objects to provide improved means for securing an insulating lining to the underside of roofs of the above type, to increase the strength of the carlines, and to provide for simplicity and cheapness of construction and ease of application. The invention consists principally in securing to the sides of the carlines nailing strips that cooperate with the carlines to increase the load carrying capacity thereof and constitute means for suspending the insulating lining from the carlines. The invention also consists in the parts and in the combinations and arrangements of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawing, which forms part of this specification and wherein like symbols refer to like parts wherever they occur. Y v

Fig. l is a plan view of a portion of a car roof embodying my invention, l

Fig. 2 is an enlarged transverse section through one-half of the roof on the line 2-2 in Fig. 1; and

Fig. 3 is a vertical longitudinal section through the roof at the ridge on the line 3-3 in Fig. 2.

The present roof comprises Z-bar side plates 1 that are connected by carlines 2 of substantially channel-shaped section with outwardly projecting lateral top flanges 3, which serve as supports for the side marginal portions of metal roof sheets 4. The Z- bar side plates 1 are preferably arranged with their webs horizontal and with their inner flanges projecting upwardly. The carlines 2 are deepest at the ridge and gradually decrease in depth towards the eaves where they are provided with depending end flanges 5 that overhang and are riveted to the outer faces of the upstanding inner flanges of theA side plates l.

The roof sheets 4 are provided with downturned eaves flanges 6 that overlap the upstanding inner flanges of the side plates 1 and the ends of the carlines 2 and are riveted thereto. VThe side margins of the roof sheets are lapped and rigidly secured together and to one of the lateral top flanges 3 of the carlines 2 by rows of rivets 7. The sheets are also secured to the other lateral top flanges. of the carlines by rows of rivets 8.

Running boards 9 extend longitudinally of the car at the ridge and aresupported on the lateral top flanges of angle-.shaped running board saddles 10 whose vertical flanges eX- tend downwardly and are bolted at their ends to the upstanding flanges of angle-shaped brackets l1. The lateral base flanges of the brackets 11 'rest on the roof and are rigidly secured thereto by the rows vof rivets 7 that secure the lapped margins of the sheets to j lateral top flanges 8 of the carlines 2.

Reinforcing strips 12, preferably of wood, extend the full length of the carlines and cooperate therewith to strengthen and stiffen the carlines and thereby increase the load carrying capacity thereof. The carline reinforcing strips 12 are preferably arranged one on each side of a carline 2 below the outstanding top flanges 3 thereof and are shaped to snugly lit the angle formed by the side and top flanges of said carline. The woodenreinforcing strips 12 are secured to the carlines preferably by means of a 'series of horizontal bolts 13 that are spaced apart longitudinally of the carline and pass through regisv stivfl'en'and strengthen the carlines and thereby increase their load carrying capacity; but they also serve as a means'for attaching an insulating lining 14 to the underside of the roof. As shown inthe drawing, the insulatinglining `preferably comprises tongue and groove boards that extend longitudinally of tend to i the roof beneath the carlines and are secured 771%.

t. the head room.

the bot-tenis of the Wooden carline reinforc g strips l2 preferably by means of nails 15. An important advantage of the hereinbefore described arrangement is that the increased carline strength obtained by the use of the reinforcing strips enables the depth of tl e carline to be reduced Without reducing its carrying capacity, thereby enabling the insulating lining to be used Without decreasing Another advantage of the' foregoing arrangement is that it permits the Acombined nailing and reinforcing strips tov se quickly and easily attached to the carlines' and readily removed and replaced Without disturbing the carlines or roof sheets.

lV hat l claim is:

l. A car roof comprising side plates connected by channel-shaped carlines, roof sheets arranged with their side margins overlapped, said sheets beingv secured to the respective carlines by two rows of rivets along opposite sides of the channel, the rivets of one row extending through both sheets, Wooden reinforcing strips extending substantially from end to end of said carlines on opposite sides thereof, bolts extending through registering holes provided therefor in said strips said carlines at the neutral axis of the latter for clamping said strips to the sides of carlines, and an insulating linlocated beneath said carlines and secured to said reinforcing strips.

2. A car roof cojznprising side plates connec-ted by carlines of substantially channelshaped cross-section, roof sheets arranged with their side margins overlapped, said sheets being secured to the respective carlines by tivo rows of rivets along opposite sides of the channel, the rivets of one rovv extending through both sheets, reinforcing strips eX- tending from end to end of said carlines eX- teriorly thereofy and rigidl,T secured to the sides thereof, nd an insulating lininglocated beneath said car roof and secured to said reinforcing strips. 1

3.` A car roof comprising side plates connected by carlines, roof sheets supported on and rigidly secured to said carlines, Wooden reinforcing strips extending from end to end of said carlines on opposite sides thereof and rigidly secured to the sides thereof, along `the neutralaxis thereof, and an insulating lining located beneath said car roof and se- ,.d to said reinforcing strips. 1l. A car roo-f Vcomprising side plates con- -ce-rl by channel-sh aped carlines having outj flanges at the upper edges of their .Y i Walls, roof sheetssupported on and rigidly secured to the lateral top flanges of said e Wooden reinforcing stripsV located on opposite sides of said carlines and fitting thev anp-fle between the side Walls of the carlines the top i'ian ges thereof and extending sub-Y stantiallylfrom end to end of the carlines with their bottoms Vflush With the bottoms thereof, means for securing said reinforcing uit'

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