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Publication numberUS1882624 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1932
Filing dateMay 21, 1931
Priority dateMay 21, 1931
Publication numberUS 1882624 A, US 1882624A, US-A-1882624, US1882624 A, US1882624A
InventorsJackson Henry R
Original AssigneeJackson Henry R
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Shampoo chin rest
US 1882624 A
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Oct. 11, 1932. JACKSON 1,882,624

SHAMPOO CHIN REST Filed May 21, 1931 Patented Oct. 11, 1932 4 UNITED STATES HENRY R. JACKSON, OF NEWARK, NEW JERSEY SHAMPOO CHIN REST Application filed May 21,

p This invention relates particularly to a rest or support for the chin of a person during a shampooing operation, one object of the invention being to provide a novel and improved rest which can be separably attached to a lavoratory basin to support the chin of a person while his hair is being shampooed.

Another object is to provide a chin rest of Q this character which shall be comfortable and sanitary.

A further object is to provide a novel and improved construction and combination of a soft pad or cushion for the chin, and a lavatory basin, whereby a sanitary cover, such as tissue paper, may be removably applied to the pad or cushion and easily and quickly secured in position between the pad and the basin, so that the pad can be repeatedly used for a number of patrons and a separate sanitary cover can be used for each patron.

Other objects are to provide a novel and improved construction and combination of a cushion or pad and a lavatory basin, wherein the basin or pad has a rib or groove to cooperate with a corresponding groove or rib on the other part; to provide in a shampoo chin rest novel and improved means for separably connecting a cushion or pad to a lavoratory basin whereby accidental displacement of the pad during a shampooing operation is prevented; and to obtain other advantages and results as will be brought out in the following description.

Referring to the accompanying in which corresponding and like designated throughout the several the same reference characters,

Figure 1 is a top plan view of a shampoo chin rest embodying my invention;

Figure 2 is a transverse vertical sectional view, on the line 22 of Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view, on the line 3-3 of Figure 1, and

Figure 4 is a bottom plan view of the cushion-or pad.

Specifically describing the illustrated embodiment of the invention, the reference character A designates a lavatory basin in gen- 85 drawing,

parts are views by 1931. Serial No. 538,894.

eral of the usual construction, 1 and the usual bowl 2.

On the top of, the rim 1 of the basin, and preferably at the front side of the basin, is 7 provided a groove 3 the sides of which are preferably undercut at 4 and converge inwardlytoward each other from the edge of the rim to the bowl 2, asvshown in'Figures 3 and 1, respectively.

A cushion or pad B is removably mounted in said groove 3, said cushion or pad being shown in the present instance as consisting of a sponge rubber body 5 having a base or rib 6 of relatively hard material of a shape and size corresponding to the groove 3. This base 6 may be molded integrally with the body 5, or may constitute a separate piece secured to the body as. maybe desired. The pad 5 is preferably of such a size that its sides extend beyond the sides of the base 6, as clearly shown in Figure 4 of the drawing.

In use of the chin rest, the base 6 of the pad B is slipped into the groove 3 from the front side of the rim A with a wedge action, so that the undercut sides 4: of the groove hold the pad against vertical displacement, while the convergence of said sides toward the bowl limit movement of the pad in that direction.- The relative sizes of the parts are preferably such that when the pad is so mounted, the bottom side of the pad project ing outwardly beyond the side edges of the base 6 is in close relation to the top of the rim A.

After the pad has been so arranged, a strip of tissue paper or other suitable flexible material 7 may be placed over the top of the with its ends tucked between the pad and the rim A of the basin, as clearly shown in Fig ure 3 of the drawing. The pad being resilient, and the underside thereof being arranged in close relation to the top of the rim A, the ends of the-sheet 7 arethus removably and frictionally clamped so as to hold the strip against displacement. To remove the strip it is merely necessary to pull the ends 8 thereof outwardly from beneath the pad.

With, this construction, it will be observed that a comfortable, secure and sanitary rest for the chin of a person during a shampooing including a rim operation is provided, having a minimum number of parts which are simple in construction and operation. There are no metal or other parts to cause injury; the pressure 5 of the chin on the pad during the shampooing operation tends to force the base 6 of the pad into tighter engagement with the walls of the groove 3 so=that possibility of displacement of the pad by pressure upon the head of the 10 person, is reduced. The pad can be easily and quickly applied toandremoved from the basin, and a separate sanitary covering for the pad may be easily and quickly provided for each patron. The groove 3 easily can be kept clean, and does not materially alter the basin.

' While I have shown and describedthe in- *vention as embodied in certain details of construction, it should be understood'that this isprimarily for-illustrating theprinciples of the invention, and that many Y modifications and 'changesmay be made in the details of construction without departing from the spirit or scope of the invention.

1% Having thus describedthe invention, what I claim-is: v

1, The combination of a lavatory basin having a rim, ,a resilient chin pad, means for securing saidchin pad onsaidrimwith a portion ofsaidpad in close-and resiliently movable relation to said rim, and-a cover for said pad having ,portions clamped between 7 said pad andsaid rim to-se'eure said cover in position on said pad.

2. The comblnatlon of a lavatory basin having at rim, a'- chin pad, one of said parts, chinpad and rim, having an undercutlgroove and the other ,part having-'a rib-to fit said groove for securing saidpad-on said=rim, said 7 10 pad having resilient parts-proj ecting beyond said rib and groove and overlying said rim :in closerelation, and a cover iors'aid pad having :portions clamped between said pro- ,jectingportionsof the :padand-said rim.

3. The combination of a lavatory basin haV-inga rim, a chinpad, said rim and said chin -pad having cooperating parts for removably mounting said pad onsaid rim, said pad having parts in resiliently movable close relation-to said -rim,-and acover for said pad having :portions-cl-amped between said resiliently movablep'arts- Offset-id? pad" and said rim to remov'ably secure said 'cover in positionon said pad.

' 4t. The-combination of a resilient chin pad anda-support-therefor, said-chin pad being secured on said support with-aportionofsaid pad in close and resiliently movablerelation to said support, and a cover for said-pad having portions clamped-between said padand said support to secure said cover :in position on said pad. 7


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