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Publication numberUS1885076 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 25, 1932
Filing dateMay 20, 1929
Priority dateMay 20, 1929
Publication numberUS 1885076 A, US 1885076A, US-A-1885076, US1885076 A, US1885076A
InventorsCesar Bustamante
Original AssigneeCesar Bustamante
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Advertising novelty
US 1885076 A
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Oct. 25, 1932. c. BUSTAMANTE- ADVERTISING NOVELTY ori inal Filed Ma 20, 1929 INVENTOR. afll/sfam dry/e BY WM- if fi/5 ATTORNEYi Patented a. 25, 1932 UNITED STATES CESAR BUSTAMANTE, OF NEW YORK, N. Y.

ADVERTISING NOVELTY Application filed May 20, 1929, Serial no. ac4,4oo. Renewed s in so, 1932.

' This invention relates to articles made primanly for advertising purposes, and its chief object is to provide an article of this class which can be made cheaply enough to be given away yet will be of such a useful nature as to cause it to be kept, instead of being thrown away after a glance like most advertising novelties.

A further object of the invention is to provide an advertising novelty of this character adapted to have a large amount of advertising space in small compass and so located as to attract the eye, yet notwithstanding without thereby impairing the efiiciency of 16 the article as a useful object or detracting from its attractive nature.

A particular object of the invention is to provide an article which will be at one and the same time an improved advertising 20 novelty and an improved applicator for applying lip-rouge in a more sanitary and daintier way than by use of a pencil lip-stick, withal without appreciably increasing the cost of production of the dual article over 2 ordinary advertising articles, such as matchbooks and the like.

The invention is illustrated by way of example in the accompanying drawing in which Fig. 1 is a perspective of the article, open and readv for use; I

Fig. 2 is a perspective of the article closed to be put away;

Fig. 3 is a detail of the preferred form of arrangement of the parts; and

Fig. 4 is a detail of another form. Referring to the structure in the drawing, the outside element of the article comprises a cover- 1 serving also as a base and backing and made of a single sheet of light cardboard, such as commonly used for match book covers. Held in the base part 1 of the strip 1 by suitable fastening means, such as staples 2, are a plurality of separate leaves or strips 3-3 of a thin but suitably stifl material of after spreading. The whole of the front face good quality. All the strips 33 lie'flat in the package against each other and against the backing, and thus have but a small compass in proportion to their numbers, sizes and areas. They are securely held together 5 and flat against the backing, compactly like leaves in a book, by the staples being passed through only the lower ends of the strips, and their upper ends are thus left free and easily separable from each other. To further aid in removing the strips one at a time from the book to use them, each strip preferably is perforated as at 8, just above the upturned front edge 1' of the cover strip 1, but other suitable means for rendering them detach- 5o able are also contemplated.

At the upper part of each of the strips 3 the material is cut or otherwise formed an sha ed at the strip edge 4;, into the general con guration of the normal feminine upper lip. On one side of each such strip, preferably the back, for a distance approximately equal to the thickness of the normal feminine lip, the strip is coated to a suitable thickness with a suitable cosmetic, such as a rouge of any desired quality, shade or flavor. In using the strips 3, the rouge is applied to the lip by first pressing the area 5 against the upper lip so as to transfer the cosmetic to the lip, and then using the same area, 5, of the sheet to spread the material to the desired shape. The rear face of the sheet below the line of rouge is left blank and clear to provide a clean space for wiping off any excess rouge is also left clear of rouge.

The other strips 3, comprising usually half the total number of strips in the book, are shaped on their upper ends 6 to the general configuration of the normal feminine lower lip, and are similarly coated on one side with lip rouge 7. These strips are applied to the lower lip and used in a manner similar to those for the upper lip. Each strip is thereby provided with a blank space on the side bearing the rouge; and a still larger blank space is provided on the opposite side, which is well adapted thereby to serve as an advertising medium. If desired, part of the rouge-bearing side can also be used for advertisements, and as the num ber of strips 3 3 in the article can be varied up to any convenient bulk, the repetition of the advertisements, together with their striking location, serve to effectively bring the commodity advertised thereon to the users attention. As at least two of the users fingers cover-the front side when holding it up to the lips, however, and as the back face is of course not normallyvisible in use, the fact that'it is an advertising article can easily be concealed by the user if desired.

In using the present article, the lip does not have to be applied more than once to the same rouged strip, nor is the same spot or portion of rouge contacted repeatedly, as in pencil lipsticks, for each strip, after having been torn out and used once, can only be thrown away,-a fresh clean strip thereby being exposed whenever the preceding one is torn out for use. The use, handling, and keeping of the article is hence much cleanlier and more sanitary than that of the lip sticks on the market at the present time in the form of solid pencils in holders. By this structure too, the present article is ready for use at all times without adjustments. As all the rouge can be got at, all of the rouge can be used up in the presentarticle, instead of leaving-a waste portion, like the stub usu- -ally left in the bottom of the pencil-lipstick holders. Each strip, bearing just that amount of rouge necessary to make the most desirable kind of coating on the lips, and being spread out in a natural lip form, the article is more efficient and easier to use than the ordinary pencil lipstick As, if desired a coating for the entire outline and area 0 the lip may be printed at one impression by merely arranging the area 5 congruent with the lip and pressing lightly with the strip 3, itis clear that the article approaches very closely indeed the maximum efficiency obtainable in applying lip rouge.

When the user has finished, the cover part of the strip 1 can be closed down and tucked under the turned up edge 1', much in the manner of a match-book, and the receptacle in which the article is kept is thereby protected from soiling by the rouge. Having a onepiece integral cover instead of a separate cap or top, prone to fall ofi,and being quite compact and flat, itis quite easy to carry and use.

It is preferred to form the article with a strip for the upper lip alternating with a strip for the lower lip, and each one bearing the cosmetic on the edge of the rear face only, as shown in Fig. 3, but, as shown in Fig. 4, it may also be made with a group of duplicate upper-lip strips alternating with a group of duplicate lower-lip strips, each of the strips in the bundle being formed with cosmetic at its upper edge on both sides, the space below the rouge on each side being adapted as an advertising medium.

Whether made as in Fig. 3 or as in Fig. 4, however, the books are equally well adapted to be manufactured in an ordinary matchbook-making machine, without necessitating any changes in the machine itself, other than providing suitable web mechanism for feeding to the machine, sheets from which the strips 33 are to be formed, these sheets having already been printed with rouge before being fed, the machine then functioning to produce the lip-stick book exactly in the same manner as it does to producematchbooks.

I claim:

1. As a new article of manufacture, a member having a portion configured to the human lip and bearing a cosmetic thereat, and having another portion below the first portion adapted for removing excess of said cosmetic from the lip.

2. As a new article of manufacture, a sheet lip-stick, comprising a piece of semi-rigid sheet material having one edge configured to the outline of the human lip and bearin a cosmetic thereat, the sheet below said con gured area being free from cosmetic and of a' width and length sufiicient to provide a grip for two fingers whereby a replica of the lip may be printed without the fingers contacting the cosmetic.

3. As a new article of manufacturefla. plurality of sheet members, each having the upper portion thereof bearing cosmetic and configured to constitute an applicator adapted to print a replica of the human lifp, the members eing bound to ether in bookorm.

4. A lip-stic book, comprising a. member constituting a cover and base, and a plurality of other members therein attached together to the base by one end, at least some of said members having opposite ends formed to constitute cosmetic applicators.

5. In an article of the class described, series of cosmetic-applicators for the upper-lip therein, and series of applicators for the lower lip alternating with said series of upper-lip applicators to form a book.

6. In a lip-stick book, a plurality of leaves, certain ones of said leaves having one end formed to fit the upper-lip'and bearing cosmetic thereat, the others of said leaves having one end formed to fit the lower lip and bearing cosmetic thereat.

7. As a new article of manufacture, a sheet of material having a portion thereof shaped to conform to the outline of the human lip irnd bearing a cosmetic on said outlined porion.

8. As a new article of manufacture, a sheet of material having its upper edge configured to the outline of the human lip, said sheet bearing a cosmetic on said end conforming in area to the area of the human 1i? 9. As a new article of manu acture, a supporting member having means therein shaped to the human lip for appl ing cosmetic to the lips, said instrumentahty eing located at one end of the supporting member and being integral with means for spreading the ap lied cosmetic on the lips and absorbing there om any excess thereof said second instrumentality being located at the other end of the supporting member.

In testimony whereof I aflix my si ature.


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