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Publication numberUS1885252 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 1, 1932
Filing dateFeb 2, 1931
Priority dateFeb 2, 1931
Publication numberUS 1885252 A, US 1885252A, US-A-1885252, US1885252 A, US1885252A
InventorsGaisman Henry J
Original AssigneeGaisman Henry J
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Cash register
US 1885252 A
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Nov. 1, 1932. H, J, GMSMAN 1,885,252

CASH REGISTER Filed Feb. 2. 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 ATTORN EY Nov. 1, .1932. H. J. GAISMAN CASH REGISTER Filed Feb. 2. 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 ATTORNEY ihPa tented Nov. 1, 1932 i U ED-E T yumm mensun'n, or. nmrsnam, NEW voax PATENT OFFIC cnsn am a Appiicatiorifiiedlebruary 2, 1931. Serial No. 512,850.

The object Iof-rny invention is to disinfect moneythat'is placed in a cash register so thatwhen themoney isp'ass ed out from the 43 register it will be ina sanitary condition.

means'jj-within a cash register to disinfect -jmoney,. e ther 1n the .form of come or bills, means to transfer the money from a receiv- Y m ,1 "position of access for distribution thereof.

In 'c' ariying out m invention I provide 'ing position tothe disinfecting means, and means toreturn the disinfected money to a f In theerample of my invention illustrated "I, the accompanying drawings I provide a cash register having a money drawer, disin- 5 fecting means withinf the register for the money,receiving'means for themoney, de-

vices operated by the drawer to move the re-' ceiving means with moneyto a position to I deliver the money to the disinfecting means,

the" drawer for" access thereto" for distribution of'themoney- "Myinve'ntion also comprises novel details of improvement thatwill be more fully hereinafter setforth and then pointed out in the claims;

Reference is to be had to the accompany,-

ing drawings, wherein,

c 1 Fig.1 is acrossfsection' offa cash register embodying my invention, taken substantially ion the linel, 1, in Fig. 3, showing the parts imposition to receive money to be disinfected;

2is a similar section showing the parts inposition for disinfecting money; Fig. 3 is 1 a, partly broken plan view ofv'the' cash register'; Fig. 4 is a detail view substantially on i line 4, 4,'in.Fig.;3; Fig.) 5 is a sectional detail. illustratingmeans to receive bills for disinfecting; Fig. 6 is' a plan View of part of Fig. 5 Fig. 7 is a sectional. detail illustrating delivery of a billto the disinfecting means, and Fig. 8 is a detail'view of gearing for the devices of Fig.7. a

The cash register maybe of any desired or well known construction, being shown" com- V prisinga casing or housing 1 provided. with a 7 money drawer 2 in a well known way. At 3 is amoney receiver, adapted to receive coins -A,as in Figs. 1, 2. and 3', or bills B, as in Figs. 5, 6' and 7. The coin receiver '3 is shown'proand means to guidejthedisinfected money to vided with a movable bottom or wall i'piv'otr edtothe receiver'at 5 and normally retained closed against a coin recess 3aby aspring 6 carried by the receiver. The coin receiver is ably andpivotally supported by a rod or pin 8 which is movably carried in guides 9,shown in the form of slotted members spaced apart, attached to the bottom 1a of the register.

carried by a movable member 7 that is slid- 66 Thedrawer 2 is shown provided with a pro- 66 between which rollers the money tobe disin- To fected may pass. The roller 12 may have an absorptive covering, such as of felt. Disinfecting fluid may be supplied in any desired way. I have illustrated anendless belt 15,

which may be of felt or other absorptive mate'rial, passing around the roller 13 and around a roller 16.journaled on a tank 17, carried by the casing land adapted to receive a. disinfectant material or fluid into which the belt 15 dips to transmit the disinfectant to the roller 12 and to the money passing between said roller and belt. Below the roller 12 and the belt 15 are a pair of rollers 18 and 19 adapted to receive between them and feed the coins or bills that pass from the roller 12 and the belt 15. Therollers 18 and 19 may comprise felt or other absorptive material tending to dry the money that passes therebetween. The rollers 12, 13, 18 and 19,

and thereby the 1belt 15, may be driven by a suitable train of gearing, indicated at 20 in Fig. 4:, so thatthe coins or bills will pass between the roller 12and belt 15 for disinfect: ing and, thence between the rollers 18 and 19 ing place. h V

The rollers and belt described may be driven by an electric motor, at 21, coupled to the shaft 12 of roller 12 Fig. 3. An electric power line 22 maybe connected toone for drying, whence they will pass to a receiv- 9 Dbl &

* df'tfie motor, a ndjcondutbr 23 ex-' gushe d away and the coin will-bedePosfitbd l from the, other terminal f th mot r M v etwen the roller 12.nnd the belt 5 to'afbontacflficarried by and will now be rotated by the motor to Said-contact is the coin to be disinfected in its passage 4.; Ito en ahipfiing post or contact tween said roller and belt and to be by ans in alfiated tram the' pasing-J etween therollers 18 and 19 for'deliyggy? pgbyjt kd a pop thpgdz awer 2,, through g chqte v f it i hmQmcvm-tp mtby, t s mm" $12-5 w 5 circuit'ef I motor at 24 25 whegfi1 qzygms pulled outwa 1 ,a bill B is pheed I gnmbril' 'tionshowhihfigs.f11pdn fllet'eceiven 3', the member 7 andtocg W Qijheleimdifi misl-iibeieredeifi'mhnd the bill willbo ghqnlnidvmemberis'lomredfl l" m fiffi fi n theioller 29, to be p t t r & e disinfiecting dgvices and the -P '=Q F@?WQ HJ I M- '1. ym em su b t.

Y Q 17 the may be madginthe'a that-is in gash mg -Ester canzbei "p'ull anfthe mppgyiin isi n f; 1

,ijj money', means to present the money to the disinfecting means, and means to guide the disinfected money to a position for delivery.

10; A jcash register provided with a ,drawer,fa member pivotally and slidably supported and provided with a money receiver adapted to extend over the drawer,

I 'money disinfecting means, and means coop- I erative between the drawer and said member tooperate the latter to present the receiver in positi onto deliver money to the disinfecting means. r a p -11. A cash register as set forth in claim 10 in whichthe means cooperative between the fconn'ected'with said means, means cooperativebetween the drawer and the member to operate the latter by theformer, said member having a money receiver, and disinfecting means located in position to receive money from said recelver when the drawer is pushed inwardly to operate said member.

131 A cash register as set forth in claim 12provided with means to guide disinfected 1 money tothe drawer.

14. A cash register having a drawer, a

movable member having a money receiver adapted to extend over the drawer in the out- 'ward position of the latter, roller means to i receive money from the recelver, and means to supply the roller means with a disinfect- 7 ant.

"15. A cash register as set forth in claim 14 provided with an electric motor, means to operate the roller means by said motor, and a circuit for the motor having a contact, said 7 member having means to control the contact to control the operationof the motor.

16. A cash register having means to disinfect money, a money receiver provided with a movable bottom, means normally retaining the bottom, closed against the receiver, a pivotal member carrying said receiver, means to operatethe member to present the receiver in position'to deliver money from the receiver to the disinfecting'means, and means in position to be engaged by the said bottom to release money from the receiver when the member moves the receiver adjacent to the disinfecting means.

17. A cash register as set forth in claim 16 --.-provided with means to receive the disinfected money to dry and propel the same, and

means actuated by the motor to operate said lastnamed means V 18; A cash register having means to disinfect money, a money receiver having means to retain a bill thereon, a member carrying said receiver, means to operate the member to present the bill to the disinfecting means, a roller to engage said bill to advance It to the disinfecting means, and means to actuate said disinfecting means and said roller.

19. A cash register as set forth in claim 18 provided with roller means to receive a disinfected bill, and means to actuate said roller means.

20. A cash register as set forth in claim 18 provided with a belt and a guide to receive disinfected money, and means to actuate said belt to move the disinfected money to a position for delivery.


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