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Publication numberUS1885747 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 1, 1932
Filing dateJan 7, 1931
Priority dateJan 27, 1930
Publication numberUS 1885747 A, US 1885747A, US-A-1885747, US1885747 A, US1885747A
InventorsAlfred Maurer
Original AssigneeAlfred Maurer
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Drawing apparatus with pivotally movable lips for the manufacture of cellulose filmsof various thicknesses
US 1885747 A
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DRAWING APPARATUS w1 OF cnywuosz FILMS OF Filed Jan VARIOUS THIGKNES v 7, 1931 Patented Nov. 1, 1932 UNITED STATES PATENT orricr.

mm mummy; or miimimnr nnnwme-nrm'rus wrrn rrvormrirovmn Lire ron ran mnuc'ruar or cmumsn rnarsor vnmous' rmcxnnssns Application fled lanuary'l, 1831, Serial No, 507,241, and in France January 27, 19.

In the ordinary drawing apparatus having a bottom slot for the outlet of the aqueous cellulose solution the adjustment of, the thichioss of the slot is efl'ected by means of 6 shutters, that is to say b means of the two lips forming the slot. ne lip is movable,

and is moved nearer toward or on the shutter-like movable lip. The lip is to very wide up to one meter or more) end it will he res. ily understood that, with such a width, in order to work in at proper menner, the lip should have also a at len h.

However, it is not practicable to fix this length at too. great a value becouse the edjustment wou d become nearly impossible owing to the fact that the shutter is working in acids. des, the movable lips forming the slot must be made of inonidizehle metal.

2o Accordinglyilthere results from the construc-;

tion end met od of edustment of the present lips used in the menu actors of the cellulose -1 we, r. heevy weiht, u. very delicate edjustment, end u very r: igh cost of the s 95 thwe objections ere note by the present invention which essentinl'ly consists in the feet that the movuble lips no lon or are shutters end that the udjustment of lue slot thic no longer is efiected through to a shutter but hy causing the stid well wch carries the lip to pivot ehout s pipe or e cylin cel pivot, the sold pipe or cylindrical pivot ot the e to securing the tightness of the drowing npperstus on the side opte the slot.

order to facilitate the description of the principle we shell refer to the eccornr; drnwing which 'illuru,'only hy enple end not oftution, two

y r of the movable-lip drewing epto Tor-u the subject mutter-oi the invention.

Fig. l is e cross on sho w r t i npporotue in nly closed condition.

e- 2 ing npporetus in open condition. Fig. 3 is n c section sho e mfied construction in w condit on. Fig. dis a cross section show the mewey from the other by means of a. set of levers acting,

: it or i is sup lied by a preferably circular duct orfimge between the cylindricnl pivot end the e following description refers 1 to the construction according to Figs. 1 and 2. The verious parts forming the two u-w ere indicated with the same reference numhers when the perts concerned perform the some duty in hoth'constructions.

In Fig. l. the cellulose solution nrrives through the circular here 1 of the pipe 2 end passes through the holes 3 into the slot t. The well 8 is tired to the cylindrical pivot by .studs 5; the bolts 6 secure the wall 9 to the cylindrical pivot. The bolts 6 ere fitted with to o hell head 7, and the'bnll centercoincides with the center 1 of the cylindricol pivot. 0n the stationary wall 8 alihewise stationery lip 10 is fined by rnennsof screws, the seid lip being mode of sold-proof motel. 'lo the movable well 9 the second lip ll, likewise of acid-proof metal, is t ed by meons of screws. I

e top end of the well .8 has one or more extensions 12 cost in one with the piece 8. 1: movnble well 9 has similer extensions 13. e two ends of the esions 12 end L? ere interconnected by an justment device operable by menus of the hendwheel 15. The

- screw-threaded spindle 14.. if thehnndwh 15 is revolved in c direction hr :1 r; mg the two.

ends-12 and 13 nearer to eech oter, the well 9 obviously begins to revolve shout thecylinon is u c M section show the wdricel pivot 2. The wall 8 remains ststionery' on the cydricel pivot 2, being prevented from revolving hy the studs 5. In this case the oi 'the slot 4 will beincrl H dwheel .15 is revolved in the up- .3

formed, I declare that what I through the 1 then become unnecessary.

*facture of cellulose ite direction, the thickness of the slot will decreased.

What has been described above, however, is but an exam le of embodiment of the subject matter of t e invention, and it is obvious that the arrangement of the adjustment handwheels 15 and screw-spindles 14 may be varied according to width of the drawing apparatus.

For instance, if the apparatus is very wide, several screw-spindles and be provided. In this case, all-the handwheels may be interconnected by means of toothed wheels, shafts or worms etc., for the purpose of enabling all the handwheels to be operated simultaneously and from the same place. Further, with the screw-spindle and handwheel adjustment, any convenient quick acting contrivance may be combined for quickly opening the drawing apparatus for cleaning purposes.

Where all the handwheels are interconnected by a common operating device, a movable coupling device might be p handwheels may rovided which iacture of cellulose cylindrical pipe ada ted to contain the cellulose material, a we inte a second wall rotatably pipe, with respect to said first wall forming a 8 0t at their extremities, a pluralit of apertures disposed in said pipe,- an a comisposed upon said municating chamber formed in said walls intermediate said apertures and slot. .4. In a drawing a paratus for the manulms comprising two c0- operating walls designed to form a slot, 9.

pp y in said walls extending to said slot, and means for rotating at least one of said walls with respect to the other for adjusting the thickness of said slot.

5. In the combination claimed in claim 4 wherein said last mentioned means comprises 3 pivoted joint disposed above the supplyduct for the cellulose material formed- 1 with said pipe,

5 Signed at-Bern, Switzerland, this 24th day of December, 1930.


would permit of disconnecting any of the handwheels along with its spindle and of adjusting it relatively to the other handwheels, and of connecting it up again after completion of the adjustment. The cylindrical pivot 2 (Fig. 1) may be made integral with the wall 8. In sucha case the wall 9 would slide directly on the cylindrical pivotal surface of the wall 8. The bolts or studs would The cylindrical pivot might also be designed as shown in Fig. 3. Also the said pivot and the wall 8 mightbe cast as two separate parts. Finally, the adjusting contnvance need not be arranged in the position shown in Figs. 1 and 3; it may be arranged in any other the size and arrangement paratus in the machine.

Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my said invention of the drawing apposition according to and in what manner the same is to be perclaimis:-

1. In a drawing apparatus for the manu facture of cellulose films, a cylindrically sha pipe, two cooperating" walls associated wit said ipe formm a slot, at least one of said walls ing rotata le on said pipewhere-. by the thickness, of said slot maf'y be adjusted.

2. In a drawing a paratus comprising a hollow to contain the cellufacture oi cellulose cylindrical pipe adapted lose material, a plurality of apertures longitudinally disposed in said pi two cooperat- 1 ing walls mounted u on sai pipe'forming a wit said apertures, at least slot in alignment being rotatable on said pipe one of said walls r the manuwhereby the thickness of said slot may be adjpsted. Y 3. IiTaTdrawing apparatus for the manu-

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